AffLanders has Landed! A Great PPV landing page Creator

I am back again with a fantastic product for you guys…

It’s time to boost those PPV landing pages! Create something out of this world for your affiliate campaigns!

All it takes is 3 simple steps;

1. Select (your template),

2. Edit (as per your campaign)

3.  Export (Ping! It’s ready.)


AffLanders is a fantastic way to lure in conversions, create a beautiful PPV  landing page in minuets! The key features of this fantastic software are:

–          No programming is required (This means you don’t need to know all the logistics behind coding and building etc, because everything is there and reading for you)

–          Templates are ready (You just need to customize them to your campaign: New ones will also be added monthly.)

–          Easy Editor (No odd looking or complicated tools

–          Quick to customize and Deploy (Go back and edit and design as much as you want! Then when you’re done you can export it to your computer to use where you wish)

So let me put the product to practice and tell you about how affiliates have used this in the past. AffLanders was made to help those who struggle with landing pages and those who don’t know how to build or make them. They specialize in PPV landing pages because PPV landing pages are amongst those top lead generators in the landing page family. Affiliates use PPV landing pages because they connect the product with the targeted audience, so you are not making random encounters… You are grabbing the people that are likely to generate those leads for you, targeted traffic, in three simple steps.


Sound good? Why waste time on programming when you can get hands on into it and get the results you want to achieve?




Give yourself a break 🙂

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increase affiliate commissions with 5 simple website tweaks

Do you know that little website tweaks can help you to boost your affiliate sales? Your website is your tool of presentation, and interesting presentation can enhance your product sales. That’s simply because if you give interesting presentation about your affiliate product, people will become more interested to find out about it. Thus, you will feed their curiosity and persuade them to action more effectively. To make your affiliate promotion more interesting, you just need to tweak your website a little. Here are 5 simple website tweaks that will help you to make more affiliate commissions:

1. Switch To Professional Theme

First of all, take a look at your website theme. Is it good enough to present your affiliate product? Are you well-pleased with the theme of your website? If so, then you don’t need to follow this first tweak. The first tweak is to switch to professional theme. If you’re still using free template, you have to remember that most free website themes lack of customization option. And they have really similar look with each other. They don’t have any uniqueness. So, it is recommended for you to switch to professional theme so that you can make your website look way better than before. By simply changing your theme, you’ll improve your readers’ experience in your website. Personally i love 3 themes Genesis Framework ( i am using on this blog ) , Thesis Framework by DIY themes  and even Optimize press can be used a a professional blog with Optimize press you can also create launch pages , Sales pages and squeeze pages and membership pages too which is a huge plus.

2. Give More Clean Space In Your Landing Page

Don’t make your landing page look crowded. Make more free space in your landing page. Make it clean. It will improve your landing page presentation. A clean landing page will look more professional and trustworthy. A messy landing page will look unprofessional and scammy. So, you can tweak your landing page to show more white space in between the texts. This is important to enhance the look and feel of your landing page.

3. Beautify Your Copy With Professional Graphics

Can you imagine reading a sales page without any graphical presentation? Can you imagine reading a sales page which consists only of texts and texts, without any images? That would be boring, isn’t it? And of course, it will affect your conversion rate negatively as well. So, to make your copy more interesting to read, you should put some professional graphics that will beautify your copy. Not only that, professional graphics will help you to communicate your message more effectively.

4. Use Smooth And Clean-Looking Fonts

Believe it or not, your font choice will affect your audience’s experience toward your landing page. Some fonts are not comfortable to read and some others are very comfortable to read. That’s why it is important for you to choose the right font for your landing page. My suggestion is that you should take a look at some good landing page copy that you can find online. Make sure that those landing pages come from popular websites with successful product in it. Then, take a look at the fonts that they’re using. You can use the same fonts for your landing page to enhance the comfort of your audience in reading your copy.

5. Minimize Your Banner Advertisements

Be sure to avoid placing too many clutters in your landing page, especially banner advertisements as well as unnecessary links. This will only confuse your readers and make them want to leave your landing page immediately. This is important especially if you have your landing page on your blog. You have to minimize the distractions as much as possible. Focus on promoting one product at a time.

Those are 5 simple website tweaks that will help you to earn more affiliate commissions. If you follow the simple tweaks above, you can make your landing page more compelling and improve your conversion rate significantly.

Web Design Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion

Let’s remember something for a while. When you see a landing page, do you consider its design as an important factor that will affect your buying decision? When you see a landing page with outdated web design, do you think that the product worth a look? Do you feel more interested toward buying the product if the landing page design is appealing? Try to remember these things. What’s your answer? If you agree that a landing page design can affect your buying decision as well as your perspective toward the product, then we’re on the same league. You need appealing design for your landing page because it will affect people’s buying decision when they read it. In other words, the more appealing your website design, the higher your conversion rate will be. Here are a few web design tips to boost your landing page conversion:


 Install a good landing page template

If you are using WordPress platform, there are a handful of good landing page templates that are designed specifically to raise your conversion rate . So, if you haven’t done so, you should buy one of such templates so that you can tweak your template easily (I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes). If you want to use a HTML or CSS template for your landing page, make sure that you also install a good landing page template for your website, preferably a premium template. This is a good first step to make your landing page more appealing.


 Font optimization

The next thing that you need to take a look is your font, especially your overall font, your headline font, and your subheading font. A good rule of thumb for choosing a good font is that the font should be comfortable to read. If your landing page font is not comfortable to read, then readers will not want to read your copy. That’s for your overall font. Then, you need to make your headline and subheading fonts appealing as well. For those fonts, you should experiment with font type, size, and color. Choose what you think are the best and most appealing for your readers.


 Cleanliness of your design

A clean design will make your landing page look more professional. When people see your landing page and they think that your landing page is professional-looking, they will trust you more. If they trust you, they can easily be persuaded into buying your product. That’s all because you have a professional landing page. And in order to make your landing page look professional, you have to make it clean from clutters. Clutters like ads and scattered images can break your conversion. That’s why you should make it clean from such clutters. Also, you can change the spacing and margin of your paragraphs to make your landing page cleaner and more comfortable to read.


 Professional graphics

Your landing page can look much more appealing if you put professional graphics in it. The quality of your graphics can affect your landing page conversion. That’s why you need to make sure that the quality of your graphics is excellent. Think of your landing page as a good presentation for your product. A good presentation should incorporate high quality graphics that will enhance the quality of your presentation. Your message can be delivered more effectively with the use of enticing graphics. You can also enhance the perceived value of your product if you put a good eCover for it. So, you definitely need to add professional graphics to your landing page to increase your conversion rate.

Those are a few  web design tips to boost your landing page conversion. If you have low conversion rate, try to examine your landing page first. Does it look appealing? If not, try to tweak your website design according to the tips above and see a significant increase in your conversion rate.