10 Affiliate Marketing Blog Themes to use in 2017 

Hey guys , This is one of the most interesting question what is the best theme for an ideal affiliate marketing blog, The answer is never simple and has been always very difficult to answer, As there are many themes and choosing a few of them is a very difficult task and also you can use any theme you like for the affiliate marketing purpose so this really doesn’t matter.. SO lets see which ones are my favorite affiliate marketing themes.

wordpress Themes for affiliate marketing blog

wordpress Themes for affiliate marketing

1. Optimize press

Optimize press is old, There might be many alternatives but I always loved this product and still love and use it, This is one of the most affiliate friendly themes making our life a lot easier. I have been using Optimize press for years and never had any problems, I even Used Optimize press with Super fast traffic from PPV traffic networks as well. It makes an affiliates life easy by providing your opportunity to build Landing pages, Squeeze pages, Sales pages in fact you can easily build whole funnel using this theme and that’s the reason it’s always my number 1 choice.

2. Geo deo

Specially build for affiliate marketers it allows you to include special discount codes, deals and coupons. Its easy to manage and has its own theme options panel to make your customization tasks easier.

3. Clipper

Clipper is another affiliate marketing theme which allows you to include deals , discount codes and coupons but the biggest plus is that it also offers you link cloaking and tracking which can be very helpful.

4. Echo

Echo is another great theme with a lot of flexible options, It can be a great theme for advertorial style CPA campaigns  and also its responsive and retina ready design with multiple SEO options is a great plus.

5. Games Zone

It could be a great games review niche blog for gaming enthusiast affiliates. One of the best themes available for gaming niche, It is highly customizable and can be used to create an authority review blogs/websites.

6. Smart Passive Income

As its name suggests it is a good theme to start your own affiliate blog and earn 8. Smart Passive Income using this theme for building in all kind of niches, However specially this one can work great in Business opportunity niche. Its based on Genesis framework and has responsive design with lots of customization options .

7. Compass

Compass is another great theme which can be used for Advertorial style blogs and affiliate marketing , It’s a great theme which can be used to create viral affiliate sites and websites for advertising on Native ad networks.

8. Locales

It can be a great theme for local directory style blogs and affiliate campaigns, For example city based blogs targeting a specific city, Both for affiliate marketing and PR purposes. It also contains directory system so that’s another plus and can be used to build a regional PR giant as well a successful Affiliate Marketing Blog too…

9. Alpha

It’s another great theme specially for amazon review style websites which can be used in any niche. It comes in news site style and magazine style so you can easily change how you want your blog to look like.

10. aReview

Free theme which can be used and customized to full fill your needs, Its super awesome theme for promoting affiliate programs like amazon or comparison blogs where you can review and compare different products.

Stop Using Fake Reviews Now!

For many marketers, creating made up reviews of the products you are promoting is a very effective way to get the attention of potential customers.  There have been many studies done over the years that show that people are much more likely to buy a product after they read a positive review from what they believe to be actual customers, so this method of marketing makes a lot of sense.

time for review concept

The problem, however, is that it is also illegal in many cases.  In addition, you may end up facing a lawsuit from Amazon.com.  In fact, Amazon has recently filed suit against several companies that write and publish fake reviews.  They filed the lawsuit in the King County Superior Court, which is in Seattle, against BuyAzonReviews.com as well as BuyAmazonreviews.com, BayReviews.net and BuyReviewsnow.com.

Amazon claims in their lawsuit that, “Defenders are misleading Amazon’s customers and tarnishing Amazon’s brand for their own profit and the profit of a handful of dishonest sellers and manufacturers.  Amazon is bringing this action to protect its customers from this misconduct, by stopping defendants and disrupting the marketplace in which they participate.”

The majority of reviews produced by the defendants are used to make ‘Amazon Affiliate’ sites where the owners of the sites promote specific products sold by Amazon.  Whenever a sale is made through their link, of course, they get a cut of the profits.  This can be a very profitable way to make money if you can get a steady stream of traffic to your site.  Converting that traffic to sales is made much simpler with high quality reviews that cause the visitor to believe that actual people bought, and recommend the product.

Legally Using Reviews

It is important to point out that there are legal (and ethical) ways to use reviews to promote products.  In the event that you have actually purchased or used a product, you can write up your own experiences.  It is also permissible to write a review of a product based on what other actual reviewers have said.

This is a type of aggregated review.  The important thing about this type of review is that you have to make it clear in the review itself that you are writing about the actual opinions of other people, and not based on your own individual experience.  These types of reviews can still be extremely effective when done properly.

As affiliate marketers, reviews are always a powerful tool.  This lawsuit from Amazon shows, however, that it is very important to make sure you are in line with all the laws and regulations involved.  While the defendants in this case are larger companies, Amazon may very well begin revoking the affiliate status of those who are using fake reviews in the future.  It is much smarter to use an approved marketing method that will still produce results, but without the risk of a lawsuit or even a ban from Amazon or other Affiliate networks.