13 Ways to improve your Site’s Visibility on Mobile

We all understand the importance of mobile visibility, yet many brands are still struggling to optimise their sites for multiple devices.

As phone usage climbs and consumers become increasingly comfortable with purchasing from their phones, adapting your site to various screen sizes and load times is paramount.

Check out the tips below to help pinpoint some quick changes you could implement to improve your mobile visibility.

Mobile friendly website

Understand your mobile users

A mobile user’s intentions will differ from those on desktop, so start by looking at your analytics data to see how your visitors are engaging with your site on a phone.

The mobile segment in Google Analytics includes traffic from tablets too, so you might want to create a custom segment for a more accurate representation.

Focus on mobile-friendly keywords

Mobile users are pushed for time, which means they search differently to those on desktop.

Long tail keywords are less common, so optimising your mobile site for mobile-friendly keywords will help you to rank.

Keep title tags concise – to around 40-60 characters – and track mobile and desktop keywords separately to monitor your progress.

Keep it concise

Content needs to cater to a mobile audience, in terms of topic and length, so shorter pieces are more likely to engage those on a phone.

When optimising for mobile, don’t be afraid to cut content you don’t think will be as relevant to your audience.

Mobile users are likely to be on-the-go, so a store locator, for example, would be useful to them. An extensive ‘contact us’ form? Not so much.

Ensure resources are crawl-able

Avoid using robots.txt to block bots from crawling essential files that help render a page – this includes ads.

If access is restricted to resources, like CSS or images, they might not detect your site is mobile friendly, therefore restricting its visibility.

Focus on user experience

Poor user experience can cause visitors to bounce and Google to demote pages.

Unplayable videos are a big example. Google suggests using HTML5 standards for animations, embedding that’s playable across devices, and including video transcripts for any instances where media can’t be played.

Reduce amount of text entry

Wherever possible, opt for drop down menus, lists or pre-populated fields to minimise issues for your users when typing on a smartphone.

Avoid interstitials

You might think pop-ups are a great way to encourage email or app sign ups, but they seriously hinder user experience on a mobile.

These ads are difficult to dismiss and, since mobile screen real estate is limited, seriously impact experience.

If you’re not willing to drop them altogether, try tidy banners on your site instead.

Make your site responsive

Google recommend a responsive design, as it’s easier for users to share and link to a single URL. It also helps their algorithms accurately assign indexing properties.

Minimise loading speeds

Visitors are easily frustrated with slow sites, particularly if encountering them on mobile when time is restricted.

Using a responsive site can help with this, by eliminating the need for redirects to device-optimised views, keeping load times down.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to detect any issues with your load times.

Avoid Java or Flash

Apple products don’t support Flash and aren’t likely to in the future. They also make up 30% of the smartphone market, which is why it’s best to avoid Flash altogether.

Similarly, some phones don’t support Java, which can also increase load time.

Use the right redirects

If you have a separate mobile site, over a responsive design, ensure mobile users are redirected to the correct pages.

If a user searches for something specific, but is then taken through to your homepage, they’re far less likely to engage or convert.

Allow visitors to access your full site

We understand you worked hard on your mobile site but that, unfortunately, won’t stop some users trying to find information you’ve chosen to hide.

Ensure the option to return to the full site is available on multiple pages.

Optimise for local searches

Users are far more likely to visit a store after conducting a local search on mobile than if searching on desktop or tablet.

Unique pages, optimised for each location, will increase indexing, and your likelihood of appearing in search results for targeted keywords.

With mobile usage continuing to rise, it’s too easy for brands to fall behind by becoming too desktop focused.

Start tackling areas for improvement sooner, rather than later, and make sure you keep a regular eye on mobile performance.

Important Dating Lessons That You Can Apply To Your Blog

I know many of you at some point might have worked with dating niche, and now if you are running  any blog in any niche this post at kjrocker.com is for you. Attracting more traffic to your blog is more or less similar with the way you date a woman. If you do it wrong at first, you might lose the chance to date her further. That’s why you can always apply the lesson that you get from dating a woman to the way that you run your blogging business. Here are 5 important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog:


The Most Important Thing Is The First Impression

If you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you need to build a good rapport first. That’s true for your blog as well. If you want to make your readers fall in love with your blog, you need to build a good first impression for your blog. A good first impression can be built by adhering to two simple rules. First, your blog needs to have a good visual (Theme ). Second, your blog needs to have an interesting content. Those two fundamental rules should be adhered by any blogger who wish to have a likeable and popular blog. It’s a matter of first impression, and you only have few seconds to convince your readers that your blog is great. In other words, you only have very little time to create that positive first impression before your readers decide to leave your blog.

Your First Date Can Affect Your Relationship Further

If you ruin your first date, you shouldn’t expect for the second or third date. That’s a common truth in dating. It is also true for your blog as well. If you can’t catch your readers’ attention the first time they see your blog, you might not come back to your blog again. So, again, it is important for you to be able to engage your first-time blog visitors and to lower your bounce rate. You should at least provide enough guidance for the first-timers on your blog so that they are not lost within your blog conversation. Remember that if you already have lots of content posted on your blog, your first-time readers may have difficulty to know about where should they start reading your blog. As a blogger, you should point the right direction for your first-time visitors so that they don’t feel lost and disappointed with your blog.

Keeping Your Date Engaged With You

When you are dating a woman, it is important for you to keep her interested in your conversation. It is important for you to build really meaningful conversation with her. For your blog, it is also important for you to build meaningful conversation with your readers. So, your role as a blogger is not only to produce good content to read, but also to keep your readers engaged in your conversation. You shouldn’t only become a content producer, but you should also become a conversation starter as well. With your blog post, it is important for you to encourage your readers to discuss it further via the comment section within your blog. In this way, they will keep their engagement with your blog, and you will keep attracting new readers to your blog.

The Importance Of Grooming

Can you go to your date with dirty clothes and an ugly appearance? Of course, you can’t. You will ruin your date if you do so. It’s the same with your blog. What will happen when you use ugly template on your blog? Will people read your blog anyway? Most of the time, your readers will leave your blog if they see that your template is not clean enough. If you clutter your blog with ads all over the place, then who will want to read your blog? The answer is that most people will not want to read it, since it is so cluttered with ads and so uncomfortable to read. It is important for you to install a good template for your blog, as well as to avoid cluttering your blog with ads. Make your blog as clean-looking as possible. It will help you to build reputation and authority on your blog.

Nervousness And Other Things That May Ruin Your Date

Some things like nervousness, shyness, and fear can inevitably ruin your date. Why? That’s because those things will make you to act like someone who is not interesting and not desirable at all. That’s why if you want to keep your date interested in you, you have to learn to deal with your nervousness, shyness, and fear. It’s the same with your blog. If you are writing your blog content as if you are afraid of something, such as being afraid that your readers might not like your writing, then you will usually come up with a crappy piece of writing. Nobody will want to read it because it is full of unclear ideas and grammatical errors everywhere. You don’t want to ruin your readers’ satisfaction with low quality content. That’s why you have to fully express yourself and your ideas without fear while writing your blog content. This will create a great impression on your readers’ mind, and help your blog to be recognized as an authority blog simply because you have high quality content to offer.


Those are some important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog. The success of your blog will depend on the application of those dating lessons on your blogging business. So, the next question is: Can you do it? Let me know what are your thoughts and about blogging and dating going together by making comments below.

Content Marketing Strategies that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you want to boost your blog traffic, you have to focus on the quality of your blog post. Writing quality content for your blog is important to attract more readers to your blog. But, this is not the only way to do it. Writing content for your blog is only the one side of the traffic building coin for your blog. The other side is to write content to other blogs and websites in order to promote your blog. If you can do this right, you will have a perfect channel to drive massive traffic to your blog. Here are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic:

1. Keyword-optimized blog post

This is your main strategy to win more traffic to your blog. By writing keyword-optimized blog post, you will be able to enhance your search engine ranking and gain passive traffic from the search engines. Setting your blog for this kind of strategy requires you to do two steps. The first step is to write high quality blog post with keyword-optimized content and publish it in your blog. The second step is to write similar article optimized for related keywords and submit this article to article directory or other blog. This article should be linked to your blog post specifically, not to your blog home page.

2. Selective guest posting

There are hundreds of blogs that will accept your guest post. But, do you want to write a guest post for all of them? I guess not. You have to be selective in choosing your host blog. By choosing a really high quality host blog, you will be able to boost the power of your guest post manifold. Why should you write a high quality blog post in low traffic blog? It won’t give you any power up in the search engine. You should select only blogs that are popular as well as relevant with your niche. In this way, the link that you put in your guest post will be considered as authority link, and search engines will value this link highly.

3. Active video marketing

Be active on your favorite video-sharing websites. Yes, it can be YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, or other video websites that you like. However, most bloggers will choose YouTube for their video marketing plan because it is easier to use and it will apparently give them good result for their promotion. By being active in YouTube, for example, you can build a separate audience there. Not all of your viewers will visit your blog, but you have a new opportunity to promote your blog there. And of course, you will get more additional traffic coming to your blog via your videos.

4. Sharing infographics

This is what many bloggers have done recently. Sharing infographics is apparently becoming a trend in many popular blogs to attract more traffic to their blog. If you don’t know about infographics yet, it is an image which tells you a lot of information inside, all packed within one image. For instance, you can share information about a basic online marketing process in just one image. Not only it will be more interesting to learn about it, but also it will have a good potential to become viral on the internet. That’s why sharing infographics is considered a new way to share your content online, which has a big potential to become viral. Thus, it is also becoming an effective viral marketing strategy for your blog.

5. Blog content syndication

Blog content syndication is not the same as regular guest posting for your blog. When you write a guest post, you are writing for one blog only. But, when you write content for syndication, your content will be spread to many websites all at once. This is usually a good way to put many external links for your blog. However, you have to be sure not to write spam content for this purpose. Search engines will give you a great penalty if you do this.

Those are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic. Apply those strategies if you want to get more readers to your blog.

Preparations you should do before launching your new blog

For some people, launching a new blog seems a kind of easy task to do. You just buy your domain, prepare your web host, install WordPress, and publish your first content. That’s it. Now, your blog is up and running. But, is it really that easy? Yes, if you want to launch a blog for your hobby, then it will be as easy as that. But, if you’re about to launch a blog for your business or for the purpose of making money online, do you think it’s that easy? No, there are some preparations you need to do to ensure successful launch of your new blog. Here are 7 preparations you should do before launching your new blog:

Press release

When you launch a new blog and spread your press release about it, it will help you to gain good interest from your audience. The purpose of your press release is to make sure that people know that there is a new blog that they should take a look. Also, it will help you to establish your SEO power at the start of your blog’s lifespan.

Bunch of content

Do not launch your blog before you have at least 5 pieces of high quality content to post on your blog. Why? When you publish your blog and there is nothing in there, search engines will have difficulty to index your content. Thus, they might become reluctant to check your blog often. Also, a bunch of content ready in your blog will make you able to attract traffic to it even if it’s brand new.

Professional theme

Don’t disappoint your first time readers by giving your blog a free or non-professional theme. If you are using free theme, be sure to choose the best theme for your blog. However, this is rare and you might not be able to find it so easily. The best bet for you is to use premium theme for your blog because this is the most certain way to make your blog look professional and credible.

Appealing layout

The way you organize your blog’s elements should amaze your visitors. There are blogs out there with boring layout. You just don’t want to be one of them. You have to make your blog interesting by making your layout as appealing as possible. Make it look professional, yet make it easy to access. Do not confuse people with your jumble blog layout.

Social media accounts

If you want to gain quick audience for your blog, you definitely need to gather them in various social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others should be your partners in traffic building from the start. That’s why it is good for you to create social media accounts for your blog even before its launch date because it will help you to spread the word about your blog quickly.

About us and contact page

Be sure to put necessary about us and contact page in your blog. Why? That’s because those pages are necessary to let people know more about your blog. Some people don’t know what your blog is all about. That’s why you need to create an about us page for your blog. Also, you might want your audience to contact you easily by creating a contact page. This is particularly important if you’re creating a blog to promote your service such as web design, copywriting, link building, and so on.

Promotion plan

A blog without a solid promotion plan will wither away very quickly. How will you promote your blog later? Building a blog is one thing, but attracting traffic to it is another thing. You have to have a solid promotion plan in place so that you will know exactly what to do on a day-to-day basis regarding how you can attract traffic to your blog.

Those are 7 preparations you should do before launching your new blog. Remember that good preparation is always more important than having to fix all of your mistakes later. So, follow the tips above to make your new blog a success.