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Box of ads is a tool i always use and also recommend it to people looking for spy tools or those having difficulty with finding the perfect targets for their PPV Campaigns. Recently they have updated their Display tool which was launched a couple of months ago , With this new update Now Box of ads is no less then any other media buying competitive intelligence tools. In fact Box of Ads is much more cheaper in price and easy to use and much more detailed as compared to its competition. When i was informed about this new update by the Lukasz Jasiak i was very excited and started testing their new features . And they did n`t disappoint me at all ..

boxofads media buy spy tool

I started my test with searching for into search bar and it turned out with the list of their advertising URLs and sub-domain . Being a scrapper BOA also scrapped some un related websites as well and on asking BOA team they told me they are working on it and will update once they fix it  ..   As seen in screenshot above the Spy tool displays information about three things, Display ads used by the advertiser or the banners, Text Ads and it shows list of publisher websites a website is being advertised on and finally the landing pages being used for the campaign.

box of ads display ads

In display ads section, The tool will get all of the banners being used by the advertiser on his campaigns and also show its stats and how well this banner has been performing and where, on which website this banner was advertised as well. This way it provides a very detailed information about banners being used by an advertising and what kind of banners are being successful. With information about landing pages which were used as well as the countries most of traffic came from and top performing keywords for that banner . Which makes this tool a very powerful source for the media buyers where they can get info about what kind of banners their competition is using, What kind of website they are targeting as well as information about their landing pages also.

box of ads text ads

In Text ads section,The tools will scrape the text ads being advertised all over the internet and shows information about top publishers , top networks used to advertise text ad,Top 50 keywords ,Weekly trends with list of publishers  also including the number of clicks they generated as well as the landing pages used for the campaign and the number of clicks sent to that landing page.  Also this section shows they countries from where the advertiser is buying traffic most.  This is a great tool for the PPC advertisers as well as they can exactly know what kind ads their competition is running while showing about their ad copies, keywords , Traffic networks  and landing pages they use in fact this tool will get all the data related to your competition and put it in front of you ..

Over DISPLAY PRO is a great tool for not only Media buyers but also for the PPC advertisers and also PPV advertisers can take benefit from it as well and find a list of URLs of  the advertisers in their niche driving paid traffic . As compared to other Media Buying and PPC Spy tools Box Of Ads DISPLAY PRO is a much more cheaper solution and provides same information as other major tools in the industry . They are offering this amazing tool for only $147/month

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Box Of Ads Is Actually Box Of Money!

Yes, you read it right , Box of Ads is Box of money! So many times I have been asked kj what is the best competitive research tool for PPV advertisers which helps you to stay ahead of the competition. A PPV Spying tool, which will help you to determine what’s working on PPV and what landing pages are being used.

Where Box Of Ads can help ?

If you are starting a new campaign and looking for ideas where to start this is the best tool which will help you to determine.

  • What type of sites you should target
  • How your landing pages should look like
  • What PPV Network is being used
  • What offers are working well

Or if you are looking to spy on your competitors by using box of ads you will be able to know

  • What type of landing pages your competitors are using?
  • What keywords your competitors are using.
  • What offer you’re your competitor is promoting.
  • What else your competition promote.
  • Duration of ads since they are live
  • And on what date they started and ended campaigns.

Features of Box Of Ads

Ok so that was all what box of ads is about now let’s have a look at its features .

Here is how it looks like when you are logged in .


Click to show full image

As you can see it not only offers you to target Using targets (keywords ) , Trackers  but also by landing page (offer lp ) and also lets you select which ppv network you are looking to spy on Traffic Vance or Lead Impact . And also lets you choose start and end date so you can only get those campaigns which are currently being run.

 box of ads review

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In above screenshot as you can see I typed in warriorforum and it s showing the advertisers on PPV who are targeting warrior forum .

Here is how it looks like when I click on one of those campaigns

 box of ads ppv spy

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  1. As you can see here It shows targets (keywords/sites) advertiser is targeting.
  2. Other campaigns being run by the advertiser (owned)
  3. Date and Time when campaign data was captured
  4. Traffic source
  5. Age of campaign (also notice above it start and last seen  date )
  6. Target
  7. Landing page url
  8. Tracker link

In advertiser campaigns tab it shows all the campaigns like this

 box of ads spy tool

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And this is how target tab looks where you can see what targets advertiser is targeting.


ppv target spy tool box of ads

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Enjoy !