5 Incredible Facts That You Need To Know About Content Marketing For Your Business

The importance of content marketing is more apparent today, especially as people are searching for more and more content on the internet. From a business perspective, content marketing can be used as a good way to establish your brand and improve the loyalty of your customers. This is because the more your customers consume your content, the more they will trust your brand. But, there is more. Here are 5 incredible facts that you need to know about content marketing for your business:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

1. Content Marketing Is Best For Preselling

Compared to other types of marketing, content marketing is the best method to pre-sell your products, which means to give your audience an introduction about your product and attract their interest in it. Itís not a method that is fit for hard selling, just like PPC advertising or any other common marketing strategies. With content marketing, you try to educate and inform your audience about the topics related to the product that you want to promote, and then lead them on to take a look at your product.

2. Big Businesses Use Social Media For Their Content Marketing

Content marketing can be done in various ways, and many big businesses are using content marketing in conjunction with social media marketing. Social media is in fact the best platform for content marketing, since it can spread the word about your content quickly. What big businesses try to seek with social media marketing with content is that they want to make their content go viral on social media, and attract more views and engagement with their audience in this way.

3. Content Marketing Brings Higher Conversion Rate

With content marketing, you donít just tell your audience about your product, but you also educate and inform them about various things related to the product. For instance, if you want to promote a weight loss product, you canít just tell your audience about your product with content marketing. Instead, you give your audience some tips to lose weight, or some essential guides to lose a few pounds a week, before you actually lead your audience toward your product.

4. Companies Use Their Blog As Their Main Content Marketing Channel

For many companies, content marketing is done directly within their official website. Usually, they will create a blog section on their company website to publish regular content for the website. This is where they usually do their content marketing campaign. Usually, before publishing or spreading their content to other channels like social media platforms, they will publish their content first on their website blog. So, this shows how important for a business to have their own blog.

5. YouTube Is A Big Part Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is not just done with writing content in the form of articles. It can also be done in the form of videos. In fact, many companies or businesses have their own YouTube channel to build their subscriber base where they can publish new video content for their audience regularly. Since YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet, it only makes sense that you expand your content marketing campaign on this platform as well, as it is full of potential customers for your product.

Those are some incredible facts that you can learn about content marketing for your business. Big businesses and companies are using content marketing all the time, and they use different strategies to attract more audience into their business. You have to do the same if you want to make a successful content marketing campaign for your business.

The Top 3 Secrets to Influencer Marketing

We are now the denizens of a world where the Internet is the connecting fabric of all of us. It influences us every decision and in fact most of our purchases begin here as well. While it has been decades since online marketers have been trying to harness the collective buying power of the Internet.

Recently though their efforts have been met with some strong opposition as traditional methods of advertising like banner ads or even media ads like rich text content or self promotional videos have been tanking. The people on the Internet do not trust brands anymore and traditional forms of digital marketing are being affected by Ad Blockers.

Influencer Marketing

So what is the way forward? Well a new form of disruptive marketing is taking the world by storm. Influencers are the new age celebrities and while traditional celebrities like footballers and film stars have a sizeable influence, there is a new crop of social media celebrities on the rise.

The young audience especially 70% of the teen demographic trust YouTube stars and are willing to base their purchase decisions off their recommendations. And 86% of women count on social media for their buying choices as well. So now that you understand how powerful influencer Marketing can be for you, let me just let you in on a few industry secrets so that you too can reap the rewards from this new powerful tool!

Celebrities are not always the best choice

Influencer Marketing scares many people away because they assume that he brand will have to spend big bucks and rope in a huge celebrity to endorse their product. However that is something that rarely works out in reality. Sure for a giant brand like Nike with a colossal marketing budget, it may be a good idea but for a brand that can afford something like 10,000$, spending it all on just one Instagram post may not be the best decision.

Microniche Influencers Get the Best Conversions

In fact, while getting a million eyeballs on your product is a good start, it doesn’t turn into profits unless you have a good conversion rates. This is specifically where micro niche influencers shine! Although their social media following may only reach into the thousands, they have through their content and interaction built up a devoted community around them which if tapped into wisely can provide a lot of value for the brand. Also working with smaller influencers is easier on the wallet as well.

Influencer Marketing is Highly Scalable

Once you get some traction with Influencer Marketing most brands are scared that they will not get much more returns even if they invest into acquiring more influencers. At the same time working out individual contracts with several influencers can be tedious and disrupt scalability. However just for this express purpose are several platforms like Viral Nation and Ninja Outreach that act as the medium between brand and influencer and helps scale brand influence and popularity way more easily.

If you had been afraid or on the edge about Influencer Marketing till now, after reading this, you have the inside edge to go out there and get your brand the publicity it deserves!

How blogging helped me to understand the rules of business!

Hey guys, 

It has been a long time since I have written something for my blog, So I thought I should put up a piece for you guys to read!Let me know your thoughts; whether you agree or disagree with me by making comments below!

So what have I learned from running DxbBlog?

First of all as I stated in my earlier posts it was never a serious project for me, instead I just love to write about stuff and always love to create platforms where I can share my experiences. For example, Dubai blog I created because I needed a platform where I could share my experience openly, and if you have been following my posts you might know that I started this blog after being turned away a forum (in 2011), where I posted a negative post about a CPA Network, and it was deleted. So I decided to create my own platform, so thank you warrior forum for that! Anyway, so to share my experience about Dubai I created this blog as a side project, but then slowly it things started getting bigger and better. 

Today I want to share what I learnt from it!

Social Skills

How blogging helped me to understand the rules of business!

My Recent Picture during one of the reviews!

I am not a very social person at all, I am the kind of person you will find sitting in the corner alone whenever there is crowd around/ As I am kind of shy/lonely, and I like it that way. Some would say I am an introvert?  This blog helped me to improve my social skills, provided a platform to socialize and get to know people. I am still and anti social person, but I feel and improvement in myself, in terms of socializing and the willingness to communicate a bit more!

Quality is better than Quantity

As Lucius Annaeus Seneca a Roman philosopher says “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” This quote relates to our industry a lot. Many bloggers and affiliates worry about Quantity rather than Quality, We always worry about traffic volume instead of traffic quality, When I started writing DxbBlog I always hesitated to contact companies and businesses just because I didn’t have enough traffic. But slowly I realized, it’s never about traffic volume its more about the quality of your traffic and your approach. You will soon find me working with tourism departments of different countries and yes I still don’t have much of an impressive traffic volume on the blog but because my traffic quality is what I pitch when I approach companies, they are more willing to work with me!

Build relationship with brands

This is something I truly learned when I started meeting with the companies and businesses in conferences, meetups and one on one meetings. I made mistakes at the start by bluntly selling them off in my very first meeting, and later I slowly started learning and built relationships first, before pitching them anything about my blog. I also started using the “first foot in the door” approach, Where I would not sell them anything instead I asked them if they have a PR list for Bloggers / Media and if they could include me in the list so that I can stay updated with their events and from there onwards I built relationships and  still learning more and more every coming day!

You don’t need to have thousands of followers…

Again same as traffic volumes, you don’t always need to have thousands and thousands of followers on your social media platforms to become an influencer on the internet. Look around, a few online platforms buzzfeed, entrepreneur.com and many other related website, You will find many of their contributors having a few hundreds of followers. In order to succeed you will have to approach the right people and ask them how you can contribute. 

Build PR connections, relationships, then act.

This is one of the best pieces of advise I can give you no matter what you are doing, Build your PR write about topics of your interest. Whether you are an employee, or a entrepreneur, your personal PR is a must. Share your knowledge about your topics of interest with others! Be it a newspaper or a blog, this will help you a lot. Or an example relating to myself, DxbBlog.ae isn’t at a stage where it can generate advertising revenues for me, so in a way its unprofitable, But that’s what you think! Actually as an affiliate it has provided me great opportunities to work with a few amazing services which not everyone can promote and even that in the UAE (Lowest competition and huge profit margins). Also lets not forget the awesome 5 star treatment i get when I visit different businesses for blogging 😛

So there you have it, a few things I learned. I hope you enjoyed reading my article, if you disagree please let me know why and if you agree still let me know by making comments below. And yes, start writing today!

MyAdMarket – Ad Serving Platform with the X Factor

What is MyAdMarket?

MyAdMarket is an all-in-one ad serving platform that offers everything that ad networks, advertisers, publishers and affiliates need, to run a successful advertising business. MyAdMarket’s integrated ad serving solutions enables them to manage, report and optimize all of their online advertising campaigns. All of this is done with MyAdMarket’s attractive and clear user interface. MyAdMarket enables easy monitoring all of relevant campaign information in real time on a customizable dashboard.


myadmarket dashboard

myadmarket dashboard

What Makes MyAdMarket the Best in the Business

MyAdMarket not only offers a great interactive interface, but it has innovative features that will allow you to offer flexible services to your advertisers and affiliates, while allowing you to ensure the quality of the traffic on your network.

Ad Media eXchange (AMX)

Does your network have too much traffic and too few affiliates/publishers, or vice versa?

MyAdMarket makes connecting and buying from other ad networks a simple process. MyAdMarket can connect your ad network with other ad networks through the Ad Exchange feature, where the network can look for ad buyers and/or ad sellers without creating multiple accounts or searching on multiple platforms. It’s all done through our system.

  • Hassle-free connection with ad buyers and/or ad sellers
  • Easy centralized billing system for all ad buyers and ad sellers
  • Import offers through 3rd party systems within one platform
  • Centralized reporting for ad buyers and ad sellers
  • Add buyer or seller suggestions to network by ad format or geographical statistics
myadmarket Adexchange

myadmarket Adexchange

Cost Per X-Metric (CPX)

Has an advertiser or affiliate that is very particular about their ROI and/or ad dimensions?

MyAdMarket allows your ad network to set its own price points and cost metrics. You’ll be able to advertise any cost metrics in any combination.

With MyAdMarket you won’t have to limit the options for your advertisers. MyAdMarket supports all cost metrics in online advertising, and allows you to mix and match the different options to design the best campaign for your customer. This will make it easier to meet specific ROI goals. MyAdMarket also accommodates affiliates’ preferences for campaigns with ads in specific formats.

  • Combine cost metrics according to advertisers’ ROI goals
  • Create campaigns to accommodate advertisers’ needs
  • Flexibility to target/untarget specific cost metrics for affiliates
  • Optimization using Big Data for all cost metrics
  • ROI conversion tracking for advertisers and affiliates for all cost metrics
myadmarket cost metrics

myadmarket cost metrics

Traffic Quality IndeX (TQX)

Want to run an ad network that advertisers and affiliates can trust?

Ad networks can use the built-in Traffic Quality Engine to measure and manage the network’s overall traffic quality. This large built-in database of audited and scored traffic is included with the platform.

Build good relationships with your advertisers by providing transparent and easily understood auditing for your affiliates’ traffic. MyAdMarket has a built-in traffic quality engine that provides a Traffic Quality Score. This system rates the traffic of each impression on a scale of 1 to 100 in terms of quality. MyAdMarket also provide traffic quality report which allows you to understand the overall traffic quality. Ad networks can view the quality of their traffic sources to significantly improve traffic acquisition costs and monetization.

  • Deliver higher quality traffic to advertisers
  • Protect and strengthen direct advertiser’s relationships
  • Easy investigation into advertiser’s complaints
  • Third party auditing to quantify advertiser benefit
  • Real-time traffic auditing
Traffic Quality Engine

Traffic Quality Engine

Other Convenient Features of MyAdMarket

  • Compatible with all ad formats – MyAdMarket supports all media, including graphical banners, text banners, inline text, pop-under, video, interstitial, etc.
  • User Friendly Advertiser/Affiliate Login/Management – Advertisers get access to their own account page to check campaigns and reports at any time.
  • User-Friendly Affiliate Login/Management – Publishers can get access to select offers, get ad tags and check traffic/earning reports at any time.
  • Advertiser Whitelist – Separate the wheat from the chafe with this convenient feature. Advertisers can whitelist affiliates with great traffic to build up a stable of reliable affiliates.
  • Bookmark Accounts – Users can bookmark accounts to get quick access of regular accounts.
  • Campaign Caps – Set traffic caps to specific campaigns for optimization.
  • Customizable Dislay and Layout – Change personal skin preference and move widgets according to preference.
  • Third Party Integration – Quick access through API to retrieve new offers from third party networks on different platforms.
  • Real-Time Traffic Reporting – These reports are available in real-time: hourly report, daily report, advertiser report, campaign report, affiliate report, site report.
  • Unlimited Number of Advertisers and Affiliates – Ad networks can have an unlimited number of advertisers and affiliates within their network, running all/any cost metrics.
  • Hardware Targeting – Target to all types or specific types of computing hardware.
  • ISP Targeting – Target or untarget specific ISPs within the campaign.
  • Language Targeting – Target to all or specific languages, such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, or Korean.

5 Smart content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is something of the past for many but something that I consider the past, present AND future. It is a topic that never goes out of season. I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to give my readers something valuable for my “return”.

I have recently been working on a number of things from other blogs, to consultancy, various campaigns and my offline-online career, but something that I always push people to perfect is content. Now I don’t just mean what, how and why you write things, content isn’t just what is written, but it is also important to take care how you present it, support it, share it, your investment and frequency of publishing. So here are a few FRESH tips to Refresh the old saying of content is king!

Content Marketing


This is something that people have been doing for a while now, but it has been a hot strategy this year and is set to continue. Consumers love to read about the how a product was created, the who behind the product and the what makes this product better than the rest. It has always created a sense of trust within buyers and that is set to continue my friend! However, a little change I have noticed is that words can be replaced my pictures, captions, symbols and weird of all…emojis! A picture tells a thousand words has never been so relevant! So don’t feel you have to write out a long ass story in just words, use your creativity and imagination!

Know your audience

This is NOT stressed enough in todays content marketing; it is one thing to know WHO your audience are but to KNOW your audience is a completely different cattle of fish. Just having a target audience isn’t going to cut it, you need to stalk these people, find out what they want, what are they currently searching, browsing and buying? What influences them? What else do they like? These are the types of tests and preliminary research questions you should be asking and answering. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in their shoes and search like them, be your audience to know your audience.

Be needed, not needy

My next tip is something that should be common sense but need and needed can cross over SO EASILY… You want people to take action because THEY need to, you don’t need them… I once attended a seminar that used Maslows hierarchy of needs as a basis for this, you can heck out the theory HERE, but it basically suggests a pyramid hierarchy of a persons needs, it’s a famous theory in psychology, focus on the psychological needs of the theory.

Be bold

Something that will never get old fashioned is how brave you are about your content, don’t play it safe with your old tricks, mix things up a little and explore the wider world beyond your usual subject matter. For example, if your blog or site is a photography blog, showcasing your work and the work of others, move beyond photography. Maybe you could write about the news in a city you photographed, talk about the locals and the great places, without going crazy out, bend the rules a bit. If you are already mixing it up, be bold and STICK to one subject matter for a few months. It is a two-way road my friend

Budget, Budget, Budget

As more and more bloggers turn to blogging and the online world for an income or a passionate hobby, more and more bloggers are investing in their content, because ROI right? There has been an up-rise in SEO, although it has always been an up down market, this generation is definitely keeping it up. More and more bloggers are also using social media to promote their content, a few made the mistake of using social media as their sole content, but that phase soon died and the bloggers were back on the road baby. Social media and SEO are great ways to shoot your content out to people, even if you are not selling, traffic is good in the online world right? (Another post for another day)

Tools and Resources That Will Add Expertise to Your Writing

Content that is well-written is appreciated in any business interaction. The opposite is also true, i.e. content that has spelling errors, which is not easily understood or seems misleading in any way, could mean doom for your business profitability, image, and trust-worthiness. This is why your writing skills need to be at an expert level to make the best first impression.

Now writing can be tough for those who don’t do it for a living or write regularly. But there are two ways to get better at writing – to the point of being an expert. One, with some amount of discipline and the will to learn, almost anyone can be a good writer. And second, using tools and resources that will add expertise to your writing, could make writing less intimidating for those who wish to up their writing ante – in a shorter period of time.

Let’s focus on the first way, first; there are a few basics of writing, giving importance to which can easily make your content look professional and almost flawless.

To be an expert writer – the first way forward

  • Write to communicate, not to reach the assigned word count: It’s quite grimacing to read all those fluffed-up pieces; feels like I’ve wasted my time on such a web page when I should’ve just gone over to the more trusted ones. They know what they want to communicate, and write to the point. Their passion for communication leaks through the content and that’s what your writing should be about too. If you find yourself feeling gloomy about a particular piece, set it aside and do some more research instead; but don’t just write because you have to.


  • Help another writer: If research isn’t your thing or you simply don’t feel like having it on your plate right now, go ahead a help a fellow writer and editing their work instead. Believe it or not, I’ve always learned more about my own writing when I’m sitting there, editing their work.


  • Write something for yourself, every day: Call it a therapy or call it what you will, writing every day and only for yourself will help you let out a lot of steam. When you find it challenging to focus on other work, doing this can help you realign yourself, regroup and then come back full force to work on what you need to!


  • You don’t need a pen or a keyboard to write: There will be times when instead of writing, you’d want to do the dishes, or tidy up your desk. Well, it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time; apart from the joy of having clean dishes and a clean desk to work on, you can actually spend that time phrasing out your work in your head while you do the chores.


  • Join a group: Being in the company of other writers, sharing your work, getting feedback, giving feedback is, all in all, a learning experience – especially if you are just starting out. There are ample opportunities to correct your work before you get reprimanded by your editor, client, teacher or mother.

To be an expert writer – use tools and resources to improve your style

Whether you write for a living or not, writing is an integral part of any business; take email, for instance, the content for it also needs to be error-free and make complete sense to the reader. Good writing goes beyond just good spelling and grammar, though.

As is the case with everything else, we now have apps and technology to help you write easily and efficiently. When you start using these tools and resources, you no longer need to spend half your day carefully drafting that email or days working on that blog post.


  • SkyWord: If you were considering outsourcing your writing jobs, then Skyword could be a very useful resource. They have over 2000 writers associated with their community and the editors at Skyword carefully handpick the writers that are best suited for your projects or assignments. Skyword already has a plethora of big-time clients such as Lowe’s, Transunion, among others so you know that this is a trusted company to be associated with. If you are a writer, then this platform is one of the best paying in the industry. You could join them for free, create a profile and wait for them to send you ‘programs’ to work with. The industry experience working with high-flying clients could help you improve your writing style and enrich your existing portfolio.


  • Atomic Writer: This app has five-star reviews and over 1500 users so far. It is a very useful tool that corrects your content before you hit publish and ensures that the content resonates correctly with the target audience. It gives you instant feedback on how easy or hard the readability of your content is, the language of course and the level of engagement your content currently has. It also has a free chrome extension that prompts you about these corrections instantly.


  • Cliché Finder: Clichés can be a good thing to communicate to a broader audience, but when used too much, makes your content seem less original. As writers, we could use clichéd phrases over and over, without even being aware that we’re doing it. Well, readers can easily spot the not’s – that is if you haven’t proofread your content thoroughly before publishing it. Cliché Finder is a very useful tool to spot those overly used phrases, even if they are just a few in your work, or too many.


  • Dragon Dictate: This tool makes you write much faster than you would usually, how? Well, it’s a dictation app where you can recite what it’s in your head, and it uses its voice-recognition skill to type what you have to say. You may have to go back and make some edits, of course, but overall it can save you a lot of time.

Tools for RESEARCH:

  • InboundWriter: If you were unsure if your content can really hit the mark or not, you can use this tool that helps you identify whether your content is capable of generating enough traffic, and ultimately find you some converts. You don’t just need long content in the hopes of creating traffic; you can generate much the same and even more, with less content – using this tool. Well, this tool helps you identify the right content before you create it. This application will scan your website and select the content that stands out. Then it can give you insights on what kind of content would work for your website!


  • Paper Writing Service: Even the most diligent and the smartest students have been guilty of sing an essay writing service at some point during college. It’s the fact that these students simply have a lot of essays to write. These services have professional writers who can comply with any kind of assignments, on a myriad of subjects.


  • Scribe: This is a very useful tool that helps you write content that can be really successful, even before you write it. Once you’ve written the content, according to their recommendations, Scribe also suggests a wide array of topics and keyword phrases that can be really successful. Apart from the research help, Scribe will also analyze your current site and suggest changes that will only move your content forward. They also off link building services and helps you identify guest writers, strategically crosslinking to your advantage.

Tools for COLLABORATING with Writing and Editing Professionals

Remember one thing that even though you’d find great writers even at the lowest of fees, it’s important that you ultimately work on the purchased content before making it yours.  The final piece will still need your style and voice to it before it’s published.

  • Reedsy: This is a publication related website that has curated other professionals like editors, publishers, and designers to help you get the same quality with that of a traditional publication house. Self-publishing is just made easy by this startup.


  • Zerys: This tool is another content writing marketplace where you can get associated with professional writers and authors directly. You can manage your funds, writers, and projects all in one place.


  • Poetica: This is a cute and free web-based application that instantly points out errors in your writing, much like the Google Doc or word, but cuter. The red lines can get very messy if there is a lot recommended to edit – which is a good thing if you ask me because that way you’ll have a much better output of your content that is professional and effective at the same time.


Who doesn’t appreciate good content that has visuals! The point you are trying to make goes across faster, and the reader is happy that the message delivery coming from visuals takes much less of their time.There are many apps now out there who can help you create an infographic in no time! But then, good infographics require a lot of time and effort to make the point.

  • ly: This is again a web-based tool that is helping content creative from everywhere make infographics in a much faster and easier fashion. All you need to do is pick the theme, put in the text and you have your infographic at a click of the submit button!


  • Storehouse: This is another great tool that will help you tell your story through visual, pictures to be more precise. You can make a collage, add text and the design that comes through in the end, is polished, sharp and of very high quality. This app is for only iPhones though. It’s a social tool but can very well be used for both personal and business purposes.


  • Quozio: Here is another great social media tool that can instantly give your text meaningful and appropriate images to make an effective graphic content for your blog, or other communications. The images offered in this tool are quite commendable compared to the ones found in the free apps.


Nicole Stansley is a digital marketing strategist for Write My Essay service and a freelance writer. Nicole is an expert in content and mobile marketing, as well as business writing. Her area of interests includes though is not limited to educational, writing, self-development, motivation topics, marketing and apps. Reach her out on Twitter.

Native Ads Often Seen as Better than Real Content?

In a recent survey conducted by Contently it was found that native ads are often seen in a better light than actual content on a site.  Native ads are sponsored content where the owner of a site gets paid to publish something about a product, service or company.  The content is made to appear similar to other content on the site so that it adds a level of trust and authenticity.  Due to regulations and business practices, however, native ads need to have some sort of disclaimer in or around them to let people know that they are advertisements.

Even with this disclaimer, however, many readers mistake native ads for real content.  The survey was given to 509 consumers.  In the survey they were asked to review a brand sponsored piece of content in either The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Onion, BuzzFeed or Forbes. In addition, they read an actual article that was published in Fortune.

Once done, they were asked to say whether the piece was an ad or an article. In all but two of the samples the readers thought that the native ad was actually a real article.  The results were as follows:

  • New York Times – 29% Ad, 71% Article
  • Wall Street Journal – 20% Ad, 80% Article
  • Atlantic – 53% Ad, 47% Article
  • The Onion – 71% Ad, 29% Article
  • BuzzFeed – 29% Ad, 71% Article
  • Forbes – 35% Ad, 65% Article
  • Fortune – 31% Ad, 69% Article (note that this one was actually a real article)

As you can see, even in The Onion, 29% of people still thought that the native ad was a real article and that is the lowest rating of the bunch.  For other publications a large majority of readers were thinking that native ads were actually real articles.  In some cases they thought this at rates higher than the actual real article published in Fortune.

This is an important study for several reasons.  First, regulatory organizations like the FTC and others may look at this information and decide that more needs to be done to let people know when they are viewing an ad.  It has been a while since updates to the disclaimers on these types of ads were made, so it may be time for some changes (or at least the regulatory agencies may think that).

Second, and more importantly for marketers, it shows that native ads are an extremely effective way to put a message out to potential customers.  When customers read them they think it is real content written by the site.  This lends the ad additional trust and influence, which can lead to more sales, improved reputation and better recognition.

Using native ads is well known to be effective, but with the results of this survey it seems they are even better than most people have thought in the past.  If you’re not using native ads as part of your overall marketing strategy already, it might be time to do so.

New Study Provides Insight on Content Marketing Strategies

All affiliate marketers know (or at least should know) the power of good content marketing strategies.  The right content can attract thousands of viewers and generate significant sales.  Bad content, on the other hand, can actually repel users and cause a business to have some very serious problems.  Not everyone, however, likes the same types of content and they don’t all like consuming it in the same way.

That’s why a new study by Buzzstream was recently conducted where they looked at some of the content consumption habits of people of a diverse set of ages.  When broken up by generation (Millennials, Generation x and baby boomers) it is easy to see that some things work well across all ages, while others don’t.  If you know the age of your target audience, you can use this information to dramatically improve the results of any content marketing campaign.

Types of Content

The study looked at a wide range of different types of content and how different generations liked them.  The different options were blog articles, images, comments, eBooks, audio books, quizzes, webinars, slide shares, white papers, memes, flip books, case studies, and reviews.

Across all age groups everyone liked to consume content in blog articles the most followed by images, comments and eBooks.  This shows that age doesn’t have too much influence on how people like to consume their content, which may surprise some.  On the opposite end, all three generations least liked reading white papers.  Baby boomers liked slideshares second least while the other two generations put webinars in second place.  You can see the full breakdown here, provided by BuzzStream:

Content Generation 1

Length of Content

The next area that was looked at was the length of the content.  Here too the three generations had a lot in common, but not everything.  For all three groups, content that was about 300 words in length was ideal.  Baby boomers seemed to be much less picky about length than the other two generations though, as can be seen here:

Content Generation 2

Time Spent Consuming Content

The final area that the study looked at was how much time people in different generations are spending consuming content.  Of course, the longer they are on a page the more opportunity there is for them to make a purchase, sign up for your list, or take some other action you want them to. About 25% of baby boomers spend 20+ hours per week engaged with online content.  This is quite a bit more than many would expect, and more than other generations.  Both generation x and millennials have about 22% of people spending 20+ hours on content.  You can see the full chart on this here:

Content Generation 3

As you can see, while there are a lot of similarities in how different generations are consuming content, the differences are quite important too.  Taking this type of information into account when planning your content strategy can help you to improve your engagement rate with your sites quite significantly.

Five Content Options for Attracting Traffic

When it comes to making affiliate sales one of the most important things you need is a steady stream of traffic.  For most marketers today, that means putting up new content on a regular basis.  New content provides visitors a reason to come back, encourages sharing, builds links and helps give the search engines the information they need to rank you well.  It can, however, be hard to think of content options that are related to your niche without getting overly repetitive.

The following five options have been proven to engage readers, encourage sharing and bring in traffic both while it is published and for months afterward.  When done properly, these ideas can give you an almost endless number of ideas that you can turn into blog posts, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, infographics or any other type of content that you need for your site.

Case Studies

These don’t have to be overly complex studies to be informative and important for your readers.  Find something that you’re doing anyway, and write down each of the steps you take.  Take a little extra time to document the results and you’ve got yourself a very useful post.  If you have recently brought in a new customer, for example, you can write about the steps you took to get the customer to make their first purchase.

Customer Interaction or Reviews

If you can get a customer to take a picture with your product or record themselves opening it or using it, you can turn that into a very popular post.  People love seeing real people with products before buying them.  Consider offering a ‘bonus’ if they provide you with an honest review, a picture, an ‘unboxing’ or some other type of user content for your site.

Responding to Customers

If your customers are asking you questions or making comments on your social media pages, you can take those and turn them into posts.  Choose a few of the best questions or comments, put them up in a post and then reply to them.  You can also record yourself reading the posts and giving a response on camera.  This is a very good way to show your customers or potential customers that you really do care about what they do and say related to your brand.

Tips & Tricks

Come up with 5 or 10 ways to help people who have purchased your product to get even more out of it.  Simple tips that can make what they already purchased even more valuable than it normally would be.  This will not only show potential customers that you care, but will also get existing customers to come back again and again.  Even if you’re just promoting an affiliate product you can still offer this type of content to show that you’re more than just a portal to buy.  You’ll be there for the customers well after the sale.

Timely Posts

Look at the news or look at what time of year it is and try to associate your content with that.  If it is the start of a new school year, consider writing something about how your product can benefit students.  If it is almost spring, write about your product and spring.  Any holiday, news event or other time specific item will due.  This not only gets extra popular when you post it, but each year at that time you can often get a resurgence of traffic, especially if you remember to ‘reshare’ it.

Five Important Points for Successful Data-Driven Content Marketing

Not too many years ago people wouldn’t have really understood what was meant when someone used the term content marketing.  Today it is one of the hottest methods in marketing, and one that most experts agree will be essential for digital commerce long into the future.  This is because content marketing is the base for just about all other types of marketing efforts.

The content on your site needs to be great to keep people there, and encourage them to come back.  It also helps to improve sharing, which drives more traffic.  Good content builds trust and helps with SEO too.  The bottom line is, the right content marketing is essential to every brand.  The problem is, many people are doing it all wrong.  BingAds has put together the following five points for successful content marketing that is data-driven.

Search & Social Data

The first point they stress is that you need to start with the search and social data you can get.  Content is only going to be found through effective ranking in the search engines or having it be shared on social networks.  With this in mind, you need to know who your customer is, and what types of things they will like.  You can gather some of this information directly from your analytics and online keyword research tools.  Once you’ve gathered the data, you can optimize your content to meet the needs of your target audience.


People today don’t want to see another page with the same things they’ve seen on countless other pages.  Using creative insights to form your content will improve engagement, which can translate to improved conversion rates too.  Using different approaches to engage with your customer will help keep them coming back for more.

Trending Topics

Not surprising, making content about trending topics can be very effective.  Look on the social media sites or the ‘top searched’ reports to see what people are looking for, and produce the content directly for them.  While this does require you to act quickly to get your content out in front of the trends, it can drive a lot of high quality traffic.

Listening on Social Sites

Most people in marketing know that social media is a great way to get your content out in front of people.  What many miss, however, is that it is also a great place to listen to customers or potential customers.  Reading every comment on your posts, as well as posts on your competitor’s pages, can be a great way to learn more about your customers.  This information can then be used to improve your content marketing efforts.  Of course, you can also reply to those comments to improve engagement even further.

Distribution is Essential

Finally, you’ll need to make sure you are properly distributing the content you create.  If you don’t put your content out there in the right ways, it will never be seen by your target audience.  This doesn’t just mean publishing content on as many places as possible.  It means learning about your audience, finding where they like to consume content, and taking steps to ensure you are there.

These aren’t revolutionary ideas, but they are proven to be effective.  Unfortunately, many people don’t put these types of efforts into effect.  They simply publish the content on their sites and hope it will get attention.  Why not try each of these items with your content marketing campaigns and see just how effective they can be.

Just 31% of Websites get Passing Score for Content

It is common knowledge that in order to have a good website that attracts traffic, you need to have good quality content. In fact, this is likely one of the very few things that almost nobody in the digital marketing industry will disagree about. Despite this general consensus, however, only 31% of websites are getting a ‘passing’ grade when their content is evaluated for quality. That means about 70% of sites, including many major business sites, are completely failing in this area.

website content

These numbers were determined by a recent analysis from Acrolinx, which operates a linguistics engine that scanned through about 150,000 pages of websites run by 340 companies generating at least $250 million in annual revenue. These should, in theory, be some of the highest quality sites on the net, yet the majority of them are producing content that couldn’t even get a ‘B’ in high school English class.

The study looked at a wide range of different points to evaluate the overall quality of the content. Included in this were spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and others. Some of the most common errors that were identified were subject/verb agreement, double negatives and the proper use of pronouns. These are all fairly simple things that any professional should have learned long ago.


Remember too that even sites that ranked above the passing grade (which was 72 out of 100 by the way) may not have had what most would consider good quality content. It was just passable in terms of how it was written. Many people write grammatically correct content, yet it is not interesting or engaging. This means that the actual percentage of websites that have well-written content that people will want to read is likely well under 30%.

Why Quality Content Matters

Some people may be wondering if it really matters how good the grammar, spelling and overall readability of the content really is. The fact is, according to a 2013 study from Global Lingo, 74% of eCommerce customers report that they notice when there are errors in content. 59% of those said that they may not make a purchase from a company based on the quality of their content.

On top of that, Google has confirmed that the quality of content is one of many factors that go into ranking websites. Of course, when people do find your site, they are going to be much less likely to share it on their social media pages or link to it on their own sites if it is poorly written. All of this combines to a significantly reduced number of people seeing your content, and of those that do see it, fewer will make a purchase.

Quality is Essential in Content Marketing

As you can see, when it comes to content marketing, quality should be the #1 factor. While there is no doubt that publishing content frequently can be helpful, it is far better to publish new content less often, but with higher quality. This will help to ensure the people that read and share your content will always come back to you. Whether this means you spend more time producing content yourself, or you hire a professional writer to help you, quality should always come first.

You can read more about the full study HERE.