Kenster`s Six Figure Alliance is Back!!

Guess who is back to blow minds and generate success?
Yes that’s right it’s Kenster’s mastermind private coaching offer is back after 4 Months  !! This offer has been blasted out to our subscribers and readers each time it comes about(Check out May opening announcement here  ) because it is something we don’t want you to miss. Kenster is a well-known Internet Marketer and coach, he has inspired and taught many newbies, currents and big shot individuals. So if this is the first time you are reading this you are probably thinking well he is just like any other coach or mentor, promises the same? NO, NO, STOPPP…. We wouldn’t sell yousuch things, and we also wouldn’t review or promote it EACH TIME IT’S OUT if we didn’t think its first class for our subscribers and readers!

kensterSo who is Kenster?

As stated above Kenster is a well-known IMer and a very inspirational individual. He believes in honesty and empowering to succeed, he teaches with drive and determination to make his students successful. Obviously he has a gain and profit from his charges but he is not a money driven individual. Kenster believes in quality not quantity, this is why he like to LIMIT his coaching spots (GRAB IT QUICK). His ethics revolve around getting you the best out of his mentoring/coaching. He teaches things from mind set, to the tools you need, to the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts. Now that’s all maybe basics that a mentor should teach right? But Kensters ways are PROVEN right. Ok let’s move on to something not so “Common” He will also go through how to use aspects such as freedom and flexibility in working. He will help you learn how to ADAPT to that freedom and flexibility. That is something that is pretty awesome, to work when you want, be able to manage time to your advantage.

Overflow of info? You have not heard the best thing about Kenster… ESPECIALLY If you don’t know who he is. The best thing about Kenster is that not only did he make himself money… but also helped lots of other people to make money through affiliate marketing. His “RAGS 2 RICHES” produced over 4000 sales, and it helped many people to make a living. Now if that is not inspiration and a TRUE help… I don’t know what is!

Ok so maybe you are thinking he’s too much of a big shot? But he started from the bottom too… he used to sell cheap costume jewellery and novelty items, which taught him how to attract people and generate sales through hthat attraction. Everyone has their own methods but this guy is MIND BLOWING…

So let’s summarize?

Kenster is offering a coaching program about CPA Marketing. He has opened very few limited spots… so you should check it out… if you like it… GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS!  He has helped many affiliates to make money. If you are looking for a true coach who can coach “one to one” about CPA marketing get enrolled now in a program where kenster offers 1-1 coaching for six weeks!!

He will cover technical topics like Adsense, Cost per Action (CPA), Affiliate marketing, Selling Ad space, SEO, Product creation etc.

Still not enough? Here are some quotes from people about kenster

“Kenster knows things you can never find out when working alone, it is a lot to do with approach, and how you approach work when you get your CPA offers… This will be the biggest and best CPA course you will join, this CPA course can be life changing for you also.”

– J.Bold (Former student)

“Kenster is an inspirational and motivational mentor, his experience and knowledge is something that you will not find anywhere, his methods are proven to work if you follow it through right.” 

– M.Luwani (Former student)

I would personally also recommend this coaching because I have worked and communicated with kenster on a work basis. The conversations and the help he has given me has been fantastic, he is a easy going guy who wants to help people and share his knowledge and experience. “Kenster is a very good and successful coach who has been doing it for a long time, he allows you to build your skills as you go along.” 

-Justin Weeler (Somebody who doesn’t know anything about CPA, or doesn’t even want to learn) What more could you want? You know this is for you, this can be YOUR big break and the helping hand you need.


Easiest ways to boost your affiliate sales

5 ppv tipsDo you have a problem with your affiliate marketing sales? Think about it. When you log in on Affiliate Network, you see that you only make few sales this week, or you don’t make any sales at all. Do you want to boost your affiliate income effectively? Then, you’ve got to read this. Here are 5 easiest ways to boost your affiliate marketing sales today:

Hire a mentor

Sometimes, misinformation can burn your mind and make you to unable to think clearly.It’s the same in the online world. There are so many information regarding affiliate marketing that you can get for free. But, are those information reliable? Most of them do not. That’s why you need to learn from someone who is a real expert in affiliate marketing in order to get the insider knowledge, tips, and tricks about affiliate marketing that you can actually apply to your promotion and get real result from it. Hiring a mentor may be costly, but it will be worth the investment for your long-term success doing this business.Without a mentor you could end up burning all your budget. Check out my CPA coaching offer here.

Improve your sales copy

Your sales copy is the way you talk to your audience. Think about it. When you see a door-to-door sales person presenting his product to you, you’ll either buy his product or not based on how persuasive that sales person is. I think you will agree with that. So, the way that sales person talks to you is equal with the way your copy talks to your audience. If you can’t be persuasive in your copy, then you won’t be able to convert your traffic into sales. So, read your copy over and over again and think whether you’ll be interested in buying the product if you were the audience. Change your copy based on this perspective.

Split Test

Split testing is very important. Sometimes, even a slight alteration within your headline will help you to increase your conversion. So, do a split test for your landing page. Change your headline, change your font, change your website template, change your layout, change your opening paragraph, and change everything that you need to change in order to find your own formula to successfully earn more sales with your affiliate promotion. How can you figure out whats working for you and what`s not ? CPV Lab is the answer check out my discount code for CPV Lab.

Build a list

List building is very important in any online marketing promotion, but most affiliates are not using list building as their primary sales promotion tool. You know, it is better for you to promote your affiliate product through email marketing than to promote your product without email marketing. It will multiply your conversion significantly. Building a list will make you to be able to promote your affiliate product directly to your audience. So, create something free to give away (such as free report or free video) and then ask people to sign up to your mailing list before they download your free stuff. Take action today and start building list with Aweber now!

Improve your traffic quality

The more targeted your traffic, the more sales you will make. Why? That’s because when you promote your product to the right audience, you will be able to appeal to their interest more effectively. Your landing page will also become more persuasive to them. So, if you’re attracting the wrong kind of traffic to your landing page, it’s time for you to attract more targeted traffic to it in order to improve your conversion rate.

Those are 5 easiest ways to boost your affiliate marketing sales today. If you’re struggling with affiliate marketing and want to start earning real money from it, you should follow the tips above.

Join Kenster`s Six figure allaince!

For all the People looking for a true mentor! I have a good news, Kenster is


This time… His Private coaching offer You won`t find it anywhere else .. Readers and Subscribers of this blog are exclusively invited to take this offer… It has not yet been released to the public “Officially” and it’s not just sales pitch it’s a truth.

If you don’t know who he is, Kenster is a big name in the  Affiliate and Product Creation  industry and he is a a six figure affiliate!  The best thing about
kenster is that not only did he make himself money… but also helped lots of other people to make money through affiliate marketing. His “RAGS 2 RICHES” produced over 4000 sales, and it helped many people to make a living. Now if that is not inspiration and a TRUE help.. I don’t know what is!

Hell I know your inspiration is money hell yeah !


This is what i made doing exactly what kenster teaches in his coaching

This is what i made doing exactly what kenster teaches in his coaching

There was a time when Kenster used to sell cheap costume jewelry and
novelty items, and according to him, that is how he learned how to attract
people and generate sales. Each to their own…

So what is this all about all about?

Kenster is offering a  coaching program, About product creation and how you create your funnels, He has opened very few limited spots  exclusively for kjrocker blog readers on my special request . He  have helped many affiliates to make money. If you are looking for a true coach who can coach “one to one” about cpa marketing get enrolled now in a program where kenster offers 1-1 coaching for six weeks!!




Let me help you to get started with PPV

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

For the first time i am making this public, If you are in mailing list you may already know that i do offer Private PPV Coaching for those who want to learn from my experience.   Coaching other affiliates is always a great thing to do as it not only helps other affiliates but also helps me to learn new things too, the new things i discuss with students , Listening to their ideas , helping them to implement their ideas , helping them to test different things its a win win situation for both me as a mentor and also my students. I always keep limited spots as i always want to deliver best to my students and the best way to do it is to always keep number of students limited.

Back to coaching so here is what i am offering with my coaching , First off  See what others have to say about my coaching.

Now lets talk about things you will learn

I will take you by hand and help you with each and turn you into a PPV Traffic expert !  Here are a few things you will learn during coaching .

Note : I also do coach people about generating leads and sales for Empower network, Click Bank , List building and other affiliate programs.

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

  • What are CPA Offers and how do they work
  •  How to get accepted into a CPA Network
  • How to setup tracking
  • How to choose a CPA offer
  • How to conduct demographics research (in my eyes demographics research is much more then what mr guru tell you about digging sites like alexa and quantcast.)
  • How to do Create landing pages .
  • How to properly setup PPV campaign
  • How to find targets
  • How to test targets
  • How to split test landing pages
  • How to split test offers
  • How to optimize your CPA campaigns

More then that how to make your campaigns winners and then Scale them

In addition to this, I can also offer a advanced course for experienced marketers , but just need a little extra help and guidance as to where to go ,Also i do offer advance course for list builders on list building uing ppv traffic .

KjRockers Coaching is a PPV training course that will give you everything that you need to get started in the right direction. Please mind it we are not talking about some report here , We are talking about a one one one coaching program where you will have me personally on other side of skype to teach and guide you about PPV & CPA Secrets and also answers all your questions and address all your confusions.

"Not aware of Basis ?"

Don't know what CPA is? Can't get accepted by good CPA networks? Dont worry we will tell you what CPA is and help you to get accepted into CPA Networks.

My entire program is 100% newbie friendly and you can use it regardless of your current knowledge or experience.

— > See my New : CPA Marketing Coaching Offer here

How to get enrolled in coaching ?

Its simple , Hit me up at contact @ and do let me know about your experience and what you have done so far and why you want to get in my Coaching session and you will receive our reply containing details  within 48 hours .

Best CPA Coaching Forum|| Im Grind Review

I receive many emails and messages on warrior forum and facebook from many people about good resources from where they can learn about CPA marketing. Always before making any recommendation or suggesting product/course I always make sure that anything I am recommending to my blog readers is worth investment and that is something which is useful and I will buy without any doubt or without any second thought.

So today I am answering one of the major questions asked to me, KJ what coaching/Tanning forum you will suggest me?

So to answer this question I started researching some good paid resources which really help you to make money. So I came across IM Grind Forum.  Owned by Ruck and Ryan .

So who are Ruck and Ryan?

Ruck is the former CEO of the Convert2Media Affiliate network and Ryan is Not only a super affiliate but also advertiser too. And these guys are making money online since years now and without a doubt these are the best suitable people if you want to learn something about marketing.  They have years of experience and their forum is full of valuable information not only about internet marketing and specially CPA Marketing.  ImGrind .  Ryan and Ruck have Coached Thousand of successful Internet Marketers and its now your opportunity to be a part of a active and fast growing community of successful CPA affiliates where you will find information you cannot find anywhere else.

Click here to join Im Grind community

IMGrind Community