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Kj Rocker Contest Winners Announced! Prizes worth $900

Hey there guys i know many of you was wondering  and even a few of you asked me, Where is the  KJ Rocker Giveaway Contest winner announcement post , well i do apologize for 7days delay. This delay was caused due to late replies from a few winners and i was making sure they get what they are promised .

Before i continue and announce names i would like to thank again all sponsors for helping me make this Giveaway Successful. We gave away prizes worth $900 (Life Time memberships by Boxofads and Affiliatefix dojo are priceless  ).

Giveaway contest

How winners were selected

There were total 59 entries in the contest and i gave every entry a random number between 1-59 and using Math Goodies,  And the contestants having those 6 numbers were selected as winners .

If your name is not in the list of winners you can still enjoy exclusive deals for readers ..

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So who won ?


Box Of Ads Life time membership

Winner Name : Haris Muhammad    

Affiliate fix Dojo  Life time membership

Winner Name : Afif

CPVLAB one year free license

Winner Name : Honey Syed

Affplaybook one month free membership

Winner Name : Alex

Beyond hosting Starter VPS Package

Winner Name: Diana Kipka  <still waiting for your response)

Free CPA Marketing/Affiliate marketing consultation over Skype from me.

Winner : Tony


Easiest ways to boost your affiliate sales

5 ppv tipsDo you have a problem with your affiliate marketing sales? Think about it. When you log in on Affiliate Network, you see that you only make few sales this week, or you don’t make any sales at all. Do you want to boost your affiliate income effectively? Then, you’ve got to read this. Here are 5 easiest ways to boost your affiliate marketing sales today:

Hire a mentor

Sometimes, misinformation can burn your mind and make you to unable to think clearly.It’s the same in the online world. There are so many information regarding affiliate marketing that you can get for free. But, are those information reliable? Most of them do not. That’s why you need to learn from someone who is a real expert in affiliate marketing in order to get the insider knowledge, tips, and tricks about affiliate marketing that you can actually apply to your promotion and get real result from it. Hiring a mentor may be costly, but it will be worth the investment for your long-term success doing this business.Without a mentor you could end up burning all your budget. Check out my CPA coaching offer here.

Improve your sales copy

Your sales copy is the way you talk to your audience. Think about it. When you see a door-to-door sales person presenting his product to you, you’ll either buy his product or not based on how persuasive that sales person is. I think you will agree with that. So, the way that sales person talks to you is equal with the way your copy talks to your audience. If you can’t be persuasive in your copy, then you won’t be able to convert your traffic into sales. So, read your copy over and over again and think whether you’ll be interested in buying the product if you were the audience. Change your copy based on this perspective.

Split Test

Split testing is very important. Sometimes, even a slight alteration within your headline will help you to increase your conversion. So, do a split test for your landing page. Change your headline, change your font, change your website template, change your layout, change your opening paragraph, and change everything that you need to change in order to find your own formula to successfully earn more sales with your affiliate promotion. How can you figure out whats working for you and what`s not ? CPV Lab is the answer check out my discount code for CPV Lab.

Build a list

List building is very important in any online marketing promotion, but most affiliates are not using list building as their primary sales promotion tool. You know, it is better for you to promote your affiliate product through email marketing than to promote your product without email marketing. It will multiply your conversion significantly. Building a list will make you to be able to promote your affiliate product directly to your audience. So, create something free to give away (such as free report or free video) and then ask people to sign up to your mailing list before they download your free stuff. Take action today and start building list with Aweber now!

Improve your traffic quality

The more targeted your traffic, the more sales you will make. Why? That’s because when you promote your product to the right audience, you will be able to appeal to their interest more effectively. Your landing page will also become more persuasive to them. So, if you’re attracting the wrong kind of traffic to your landing page, it’s time for you to attract more targeted traffic to it in order to improve your conversion rate.

Those are 5 easiest ways to boost your affiliate marketing sales today. If you’re struggling with affiliate marketing and want to start earning real money from it, you should follow the tips above.

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That`s rite the best hosting service for traffic trackers  Beyond Hosting is offering 50% off to Kj Rocker readers for 6 months on VPS Beyond Hosting Starter / Hybrid package,The hybrid (Starter Package ) is the best option for affiliates and it  can handle up to 50K visitors in a day.

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CPVLab Coupon code $50 off

When it comes to paid traffic as i have already wrote in my previous article Tracking your traffic having a own tracking setup to track your traffic is a must have , in order to succeed and in trackers i always recommend CPVLAB ,  i was able to grab an exclusive deal for you guys with CPVLAB now you can get $50 off when you buy CPVLAB ,  Simply Click here and during checkout process enter coupon code “KJROCKER”  and get $50 off on your purchase instantly 😉

CPV Lab got more powerful after its 2.16 update

Exclusive discount for kjrocker blog readers use coupon code KJROCKERand get $50 off

In July last year i did a detailed post about traffic trackers , Where i did compared all 3 popular trackers for affiliates including Bevo Media Prosper 202  and CPV Lab . I also mentioned about using CPVlab and how i love this amazing tool. This is for sure a paid tool but its worth every cent you pay it gets regular updates and their support team is always there to help out ( a big thanks to Mo from support team) . Recent 2.16 Update was a great news for me and i was amazed to see the new things added into the system which also included feature which i thought was missing  (CPC pricing options within Campaigns as well as a separate Ad Performance Section within the Stats.) and asked CPV lab team to add it and thanks to them they did delivered what they promised.


Here are a few more features which were added into CPV lab


– Optimization and Alert Profiles
– Store Unique Token from Traffic Source/s as a separate token and allow Passing Token to Additional Pixels
– Predefined tokens for Traffic Sources; option to use these predefined tokens in the campaign setup pages from simple dropdown menu options.
– Option to change/customize redirect page names
– Improved queries from base pages for speed and volume
– Improved Redirect load times on all base links
– Improved sorting in Stats
– Improved additional server-to-server pixels with curl library integration
– Added Dynamic Subid Token Placeholder {!subid!} in the offer URLs
– Allow {!subid!} placeholder in additional pixels
– Allow grouping by Day and Hour in Stats
– Exported CSV files now retain the sort conditions of the original table
– Save sort conditions on Campaigns page
– Improved Clickbank Conversion Postback functions


With all those updates now CPV lab has left other trackers far behind and is surely the best Tracking solution to this time and still my favorite tracking solution ..


Exclusive discount for kjrocker blog readers use coupon code KJROCKER and get $50 off

What VPS Package you should choose for trackers

Since my post about trackers for CPA where i did recommended beyond hosting   i have received many questions about what VPS package is enough for Prosper 202 and CPV LAB users , To get answer to question i contacted Beyond Hosting and here is the answer i got from them .

  • The hybrid (Starter Package ) can handle up to 50K visitors in a day.
  • The VPS1024 can handle up to 100K visitors in a day.
  • The VPS2048 can handle up to 200K visitors in a day.


Also i was lucky to get a discount  coupon for you guys here it goes   Get 50% off for 6 months On Beyond Hosting.

Tracking your Traffic

In affiliate marketing there is a major mistake almost every person makes and that is not tracking your traffic properly . Specially when you are driving Paid traffic to your CPA offers it is very important to track each and every click you have sent to your offer  . No matter you use PPV,PPC , Or drive social traffic or you are doing media buys , The most important competent of your online advertising campaigns to have a proper tracking solution . Tracking is what lets you find what keywords and what creatives are working and converting for you and what keywords and creatives are not working for you . It also helps you to monitor behaviors of your visitors and collect data about them using which you can optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI.


As they say you have to spend money to make money it is very important to have best possible solutions for your campaigns .

For affiliate marketers there are two type of tracking solutions

  • Free
  • Paid

and there are three major tracking platforms i have tried and used.

  • Prosper 202  (FREE YOU NEED OWN HOSTING)

Before going into details id like to discuss hosting part , Never  use shared hosting for your tracking platform and also try to get your own VPS for the best results. I  personally use beyond hosting and i also highly recommend you to use beyond hosting Because they are specially optimized for Tracking platforms and fast redirects , their  load time is very less as compared with other hosts , and most of Tracking solution creators (Prosper 202  ,CPV LAB    ) do recommend you to use beyond hosting so your tracking platform can work at its best.

Now coming back to topic here are my reviews about all three trackers i mentioned above .

Prosper 202

This is the first tracking platform i used when i started with CPA Marketing , at time i started using prosper202 , Prosper 202 was also offering free hosting so i availed opportunity , During this period i understood why you really need your own hosting , When a tracking platform offers free hosting many affiliates will jump in and start using availing this opportunity , But the disadvantage is that your load time will be slow which is not good at all specially when you are driving paid traffic that means you are losing traffic . Many users will simply close your tab as your link will take longer to open . This is a major disadvantage   in free hosting platforms .

This issue can be resolved by getting a VPS on beyond hosting .

Now coming back to prosper , It is a great platform and very easy to use , but there were some things which i really missed in it ,

  • landing page rotation

For affiliates testing their landing pages is very important and without proper testing you cant create a successful campaign  . Tough there are some custom scripts which you can use to rotate your landing pages but still it is a big headache at least for me , because i spent whole one day in setting up but it was all waste of time . so this is a major thing missing in prosper202.

  • Not able to track a complete funnel

This is something i missed when i was driving PPV traffic . I wanted to Create a PPV landing page and then from their when visitor clicks ppv landing page i  wanted to take him to a landing page where i can pre-sell offer and then finally send visitor to the offer page ( this is what i really needed for offer which have exit pop up on their landing pages ,Because Traffic Vance does nt allow you to have exit pop up on click through page .)

Other then these two problems 202 is a great tracking solution . And it works very well with beyond hosting  .

Click here for Prosper 202


Bevo Media

I have already written about Bevo Media and also have created a bevo media video tutorial  also . It is a very good tracking platform and at start when it was  launched i was amazed using it , And for a prosper user bevo media features were a blessing , Bevo media really made rotation a very easy task and within minutes you can create a campaign and it is a user friendly platform .  when it comes to negative side it doesn't have proper ROI Calculators at this time , It does offer you ROI Calculation with PPC but does not offers with PPV traffic .

Also as bevo offers free hosting and does nt support self hosted app this time ( i waited for 3 months and finally moved on to CPV LAB ).

Bevo also have got some great features which include Geo targeting, Day targeting,Landing Page Rotator and Offer Rotator . Also it does offers finger print tracking you can read more about features of Bevo Media  by clicking here .

There are a very few things missing in Bevo including  Self hosted version bevo can be a best tracking platform for sure ..

 Click here for Bevo Media


id like to say i use it and i love it , it is a combination of great features which help you to maximize your earnings .tough it does cost $297 but its totally worth it . It is much more advanced then trackers we discussed above , They are way far behind in technology and ease which CPVLAB provides , I must say you will notice a huge difference in your ROI when you start using CPVLAB reason is simple it does helps you to optimize your campaigns like no one else . With its advanced features you can create a complete funnel before sending a visitor to offer page or you direct link offer or first send your visitors to a review mini site and from there redirect visitors to offer page , Everything is possible with CPVLAB no matter you use squeeze pages to collect emails and then send traffic to offer landing page CPV LAB will track everything for you . Other then that CPV LAB makes campaign testing and optimization very easy , Its reporting sections are much more advanced then bevo or prosper 202 , All you need to do is to tell CPV LAB what ctr you want , what ROI you want and it will automatically highlight bad keywords which you should remove from your campaign and also it does help you sort out landing pages with bad ctr in same way , So in this way all you will have to do is to  log into your CPVLAB and se e what keywords and landing pages  have low ctr and conversion , simply remove them and replace them with new ones and that's it! CPV LAB make your life easier .

You may add as much traffic sources and Affiliate networks as you want and its a very easy. Another benefit i have noticed is that code for all landing pages in CPV LAB is same so in case if you outsource your landing page creating tasks  like me , When ever i used to outsource this task before buying CPV LAB i had a to go through a very boring task , which was adding tracking codes in all landing pages , As all landing pages had separate codes so that was a great pain to add tracking code in all the landing pages . CPV LAB saved my time in this way too as they do have same code for all your campaigns so you have no need to add separate code for all the campaigns i just send code to my freelancncers and ask them to append this code in all LPS , This works because CPV LAB uses a intelligent tracking system using which it does have all information about campaign in the destination url it does provides you which is unique for each campaign , Destination url contains the all information about campaigns and when visited it will simply call database and redirect user accordingly .  This feature is a huge time saver here is an example lets say you have two campaigns A & B , tracking code we will put in landing pages of these two campaigns will be same but they both will have different destination URLS .


There are many other features In CPVLAB which could be included but i guess this post is been way too long and i dont want to bore you guys …

Now something about Support , Here id also include Beyond hosting support with CPV LAB Support , Literately both these companies have got topnotch customer support and when ever i leave a ticket within 5 minutes it's answered. I am Highly satisfied with support being offered by both these companies .

About Hosting for CPVLAB Id again say beyond hosting if you want to truely take advantage of CPV LAB features  beyond hosting is  a must .

You can track anything with CPV LAB Including click bank,amazon or any other affiliate network.

Click here for beyond hosting

Click here for CPV LAB

Get $50 off on cpvlab use coupon code : KJROCKER