How blogging helped me to understand the rules of business!

Hey guys, 

It has been a long time since I have written something for my blog, So I thought I should put up a piece for you guys to read!Let me know your thoughts; whether you agree or disagree with me by making comments below!

So what have I learned from running DxbBlog?

First of all as I stated in my earlier posts it was never a serious project for me, instead I just love to write about stuff and always love to create platforms where I can share my experiences. For example, Dubai blog I created because I needed a platform where I could share my experience openly, and if you have been following my posts you might know that I started this blog after being turned away a forum (in 2011), where I posted a negative post about a CPA Network, and it was deleted. So I decided to create my own platform, so thank you warrior forum for that! Anyway, so to share my experience about Dubai I created this blog as a side project, but then slowly it things started getting bigger and better. 

Today I want to share what I learnt from it!

Social Skills

How blogging helped me to understand the rules of business!

My Recent Picture during one of the reviews!

I am not a very social person at all, I am the kind of person you will find sitting in the corner alone whenever there is crowd around/ As I am kind of shy/lonely, and I like it that way. Some would say I am an introvert?  This blog helped me to improve my social skills, provided a platform to socialize and get to know people. I am still and anti social person, but I feel and improvement in myself, in terms of socializing and the willingness to communicate a bit more!

Quality is better than Quantity

As Lucius Annaeus Seneca a Roman philosopher says “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” This quote relates to our industry a lot. Many bloggers and affiliates worry about Quantity rather than Quality, We always worry about traffic volume instead of traffic quality, When I started writing DxbBlog I always hesitated to contact companies and businesses just because I didn’t have enough traffic. But slowly I realized, it’s never about traffic volume its more about the quality of your traffic and your approach. You will soon find me working with tourism departments of different countries and yes I still don’t have much of an impressive traffic volume on the blog but because my traffic quality is what I pitch when I approach companies, they are more willing to work with me!

Build relationship with brands

This is something I truly learned when I started meeting with the companies and businesses in conferences, meetups and one on one meetings. I made mistakes at the start by bluntly selling them off in my very first meeting, and later I slowly started learning and built relationships first, before pitching them anything about my blog. I also started using the “first foot in the door” approach, Where I would not sell them anything instead I asked them if they have a PR list for Bloggers / Media and if they could include me in the list so that I can stay updated with their events and from there onwards I built relationships and  still learning more and more every coming day!

You don’t need to have thousands of followers…

Again same as traffic volumes, you don’t always need to have thousands and thousands of followers on your social media platforms to become an influencer on the internet. Look around, a few online platforms buzzfeed, and many other related website, You will find many of their contributors having a few hundreds of followers. In order to succeed you will have to approach the right people and ask them how you can contribute. 

Build PR connections, relationships, then act.

This is one of the best pieces of advise I can give you no matter what you are doing, Build your PR write about topics of your interest. Whether you are an employee, or a entrepreneur, your personal PR is a must. Share your knowledge about your topics of interest with others! Be it a newspaper or a blog, this will help you a lot. Or an example relating to myself, isn’t at a stage where it can generate advertising revenues for me, so in a way its unprofitable, But that’s what you think! Actually as an affiliate it has provided me great opportunities to work with a few amazing services which not everyone can promote and even that in the UAE (Lowest competition and huge profit margins). Also lets not forget the awesome 5 star treatment i get when I visit different businesses for blogging 😛

So there you have it, a few things I learned. I hope you enjoyed reading my article, if you disagree please let me know why and if you agree still let me know by making comments below. And yes, start writing today!

Adsimilis Meetup 2014 – Dubai

It was my great pleasure to attend the annual meet up of Adsimilis Network which was held in Dubai this year. It was the first time that I participated in an international affiliate marketing event and also the first time in my life I delivered a speech. When I look back at my journey it makes me think that this was a big moment in my life. I never imagined I would be invited as a speaker anywhere, and for that I would like to thank Sean Mulkeen Co-Founder of the Adsimilis Network, Elena Mari and specially Eleah Portillo and all of the Adsimilis team for providing me this opportunity. With it being my first time I wasn’t able to deliver my speech properly and in fact due to all the nervousness I couldn’t even deliver 50 % of what I had in my presentation, however the amazing response from the audience was something which made me realize it wasn’t a fail at all. It was a very emotional moment for me, I would like to explain it by below image.




On the left side was me till the age of 11  (due to efforts of my late father and grandfather), I was admitted into good schools. However, I never thought about the right side. I was introduced to computers at the age of 12 in my school, after that I used to demand a computer from my father, however it was always a challenge for him to be able to afford one. In short, he was selected for a United Nations Mission in Liberia (offering him a better wage packet), and the first thing he did when he returned was to get a Desktop computer for the family house. That’s how I started using it to practice what I learned from a HTML book I had. Another long story short, on Friday 26th September 2014 a remarkable event occurred in my life, my very first speech… A big thanks once again to Adsimilis for making it happen. Now let’s cut my emotions and coming back to the event! I thought I would share this short story because after the meetup it was how I took it.

adsimilis meetup dubai

Officially, the event started on the 25th of September 2014 at Barasti Beach . Where I and my business partner met the amazing team from Adsimilis and also Ian Fernando , Martin Osborn , Robert Gryn from Voluum, justin Barr, Alex loh, jim Stark and other affiliates who came to attend the event. We all introduced ourselves to each other and had drinks, after which we headed out towards a VIP Dinner at Ocacti restaurant -Dubai Marina. Where we all had dinner with a fantasizing view of Dubai Marina and laughing at the jokes Predrag Arbutina and Robert Gryn kept us entertained with. It was a great opening night to the meet-up because we all got acquainted and the world I had behind a computer, the work I did, came to life, it was great to interact with such like-minded people who shared my passion and drive!

Ian Fernando

With Ian Fernando

On the 26th of September we reached the Sofitel Hotel Jumeirah Beach around 1 PM to where the actual event was hosted. It was nice to see some familiar faces and network once again and discuss how they were enjoying the place I like to call my second home; DUBAI! Then around 2:45 everyone was in the conference room rearing to go! The event officially started, and Adsimilis welcomed all the participants.

Jim Stark Adsimilis meetup dubai

The first speaker to indulge us with his knowledge was Jim Stark, a guy of much wonder and wise knowledge. His speech taught us about innovation, economization when you do get those top bucks, networking and the importance of a mentor, and that’s just to be brief! He spoke about his experiences and life in the industry, where he began and where he came, where he and his colleagues and family are today. It was very inspirational to say at the least!

kj rocker speech adsimilis meetup dubai

After Jim was my speech! I was much nervous and couldn’t deliver my speech properly. I mainly talked about how list building can help affiliates to maximize their revenues. I also talked about making marketing angles and what to offer to our lists and how to attract our prospects and earn their trust.

Robert Gryn speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The next speaker was Robert Grynn, the owner of voluum. Roberts’s speech spoke about business in general and about Aff Marketing, he shared his knowledge on what made a successful affiliate and successful business personnel. I particular learnt that delegation is important in success, to share roles and work with genuine and trustworthy people. His extensive knowledge was surely a great speech!

Alex loh speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The fourth speaker was Alex Loh, telling a story of a lion and offering us chop sticks! Alex’s open personality kept myself and I am sure many other positive throughout the conference, and his presentation reflected this well! He also shared experiences and knowledge, gave a few tips and tricks to encourage everyone to work strong TOGETHER. Overall I really loved his speech.

 justin Barr speech adsimilis meetup dubai

The fifth Speaker was Justin Barr, Talked about what it takes to become a successful affiliate. And why it is important to have a proper portfolio website in order to get into premium advertising networks, He also shared a few tips to pick up good offers and when asking affiliate managers for information what exactly affiliates should be asking for and how to get your hands on new traffic sources.

 Ian Fernando , Martin Osborn concluding session

At the end Ian Fernando and Martin Osborn concluded the session by sharing their knowledge and experience about affiliate marketing and answered the questions about affiliate marketing and advertising.

At the end we were also given some goodies as well.

Adsimilis goodies

After that we went to Mango Tree Restaurant, Souk Al Bahar near Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa where dinner was hosted with spectacular views of the famous The Dubai Fountain.

Due to super tight schedule we couldn`t join on the last day to desert safari however the pictures we seen later showed it was also a great adventure as well.

Overall, I can’t summarize the meet up in words because it was phenomenal, meeting people that have influenced my routine and drive in work, people who have made me laugh and be positive, People from all parts of the world, coming together to share their knowledge. I will never forget this weekend, I will cherish it as being my first affiliate event and hope for many more in the future!

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