UnSubCentral Creates Preference Center for Improved ROI on Email Marketing

UnsubCentral is an email marketing company that has a strong focus on helping performance marketers reach out to potential customers.  They have been around for quite a long time and while they are not the largest provider of email marketing services, they are quite well known.  In an effort to help their customers improve conversion rates, reduce unsubscriptions and generally boost ROI, they have developed a new ‘Preference Center’ for those who subscribe to lists.

The preference center will make it easier for subscribers to customize what types of emails they get, and how often they are received.  In addition, it will help marketers to build relationships with their potential customers, rather than just sending them a lot of messages.  Another benefit is that it can help improve compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

The newly designed platform will let consumers customize their preferences so they are getting only emails they actually want.  This is different than the way most email marketing platforms do it (and how UnsubCenteral did it prior to this update).  Most platforms give users the option to get the emails that marketers send them, or opt out of all the messages.

In many cases, however, users will want to receive only some of the messages.  Giving them the option to customize what they do and don’t get will help them to remain active on a list and may even increase open rates.

Since users will be more in control of what messages they receive, and when, they are much more likely to open the messages and actually read them. This, of course, will lead to an increase in clicks and sales.  Or at least it seems like that will be the case.

Todd Boullion, the General Manager of UnsubCentral said, “This is just the latest feature in the new UnsubCentral, as we continue to roll out new ways to help Fortune 2000 companies leverage the proven, effective email channel to engage with their target consumers.  We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact the new Preference Center will have on decreasing email opt-out rates and increasing subscriber retention.”

While it will take some time to get the information needed to see what type of benefits this system will bring users, it does sound like a great idea.  Helping to build confidence in consumers will almost certainly lead to an improved ROI and a decrease in unsubscribes to just about any email marketing list.

You’re Screwing Up Your Black Friday Marketing!

Black Friday 2015 is quickly approaching and marketers are really starting to look closely at what types of things they can do to attract as much business as possible.  Unfortunately, if prior years are any indication, the chances are that most marketers will mess it up quite significantly and lose out on a lot of potential profit.

YesMail has looked at data from the last couple years regarding email marketing, Facebook ads and Twitter ads to see what people are doing and which ones are getting the best conversion rates.  The results might just surprise you.  Don’t worry though, there is still time to adjust your marketing strategy for this year if you act quickly.

Email Marketing Efforts

Over the past couple years most people have been sending out emails to their lists mostly on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday itself.  While this may seem to make sense, it actually isn’t going to get you the results you’re looking for.  According to the study, the best days in terms of open rates are going to be the Monday and Tuesday prior to thanksgiving.  The Wednesday is by far the worst performance day.

Look at the numbers for deviation from the daily average open rate during the week of Thanksgiving and you will be able to easily see just how important sending out your messages on the right day can be.  This is data from 2014:

  • Sunday Before Thanksgiving – 2% Greater than a Typical Sunday
  • Monday Before Thanksgiving – 10% Greater than a Typical Monday
  • Tuesday Before Thanksgiving – 9% Greater than a Typical Tuesday
  • Wednesday Before Thanksgiving – 23% LOWER than a typical Wednesday
  • Thanksgiving Day – 6% LOWER than a typical Thursday
  • Black Friday – 8% Greater than a typical Friday

Facebook Posts & Ads

Similarly, you can see a significant difference in engagement with Facebook posts during the week of Thanksgiving.  The report found that unlike email marketing, Facebook peaked on the Sunday before and went down significantly from there:

  • Sunday Prior – 157% Increase
  • Monday Prior – 24% Decrease
  • Tuesday Prior – 4% Increase
  • Wednesday Prior – 15% Decrease
  • Thanksgiving Day – 53% Decrease
  • Black Friday – 69% Decrease

It is quite clear that when discussing Black Friday sales during Thanksgiving week, you want to focus on Sunday to get the best results.

Small Changes – Big Impacts

The bottom line here is that marketers need to be taking this type of data into account when planning their Black Friday marketing campaigns.  Depending on the size of your email lists or Facebook followers you can get dramatically improved results by simply making sure you are sending out your messages on the right days.  Take some time to go over your marketing plans now to make sure you are maximizing your results.

2015 Email Marketing Study Published

Silverpop has recently published their new 2015 email marketing study that looks into how different industries are doing with their email marketing efforts.  As all marketers know, email marketing is often a key option to help bring in new and returning customers.  When done properly it can help dramatically improve your bottom line.  When done incorrectly, it can be a frustrating waste of time and money.

The report looks at a number of different aspects of email marketing including the open rate, click through rate and even how different regions of the world differ in how they interact with marketing emails.  Taking this information can help you to choose what type of marketing to do and how to do it.

Click Through Rates

Getting people to click on the links within your emails is absolutely essential.  Of course, it is also very difficult in many cases.  Looking at the below chart from the report it is easy to see that some industries are much better at it than others, and that some marketers within each industry are much better than others.  Taking the time to learn what is working and what is not is essential in becoming a successful marketer.

Open Rate

You can’t get to the click from a customer if you can’t get them to even open your email.  In fact, for many marketers this is the hardest part of email marketing.  Getting emails to avoid spam boxes and then get the attention of the users can be hard, but it is definitely not impossible.  Look at the below chart to see how different industries are doing at getting potential customers to open their email marketing messages.


Another point that the study touched on was how different countries or regions of the world.  Some regions have significantly higher average open rates than others, which is important to keep in mind.  Using this information you can make a much more informed decision about how and when to use email marketing compared to other options.  See the chart below to gain some valuable insights.

The bottom line here is that email marketing continues to be an extremely effective option for many marketers.  Those who aren’t doing the marketing correctly, however, are getting very bad results from email marketing.  Learning from this report is very important no matter what industry or region you are in.  With the right information and some work you will be able to get into the top results, which can result in very high return on investments.

To see the full study just click HERE.