R.I.P Kyle Eagle

kyle eagleToday i was shocked to know that Kyle Eagle Former Affiliate manager of EWA Network and Ryan Eagle`s younger brother passed away. He was my affiliate manager for some time at EWA Network and even after that during his SEO ventures we used to have conversations personally he was a nice guy and his death at such a young age was a big shock for me.I extend my deepest sympathy to Ryan and his family.  And he will be missed .

Ryan Eagle starts a new business,Harrison Gevirtz now working for affiture

This is not a EWA hate post just an update about Ryan Eagke and Harrison Gevirtz what they are up to after closure of EWA Network , According to his facebook profile Ryan Eagle has started a new company called Response Commodities ,Response Commodities is a company that specializes in import trade of electronics, nutraceuticals, tobacco products, clothing and electronic accessories.


screenshot of Ryan Eagle`s Facebook update

Mean while Harrison Gevirtz is now working for affiliate network affiture as its director , Affiture Network is owned by CPX Interactive a well known digital advertising company. According to this press release network was launched on August 09, 2012.

Here is the screenshot of Harrison Gevirtz inviting for his network ..

Harrison Gevirtz

Harrison Gevirtz inviting to join his network



ewa network

Ryan Eagle of EWA network  announced that they are closing down It is a sad and also a good news for all affiliates. Good news in a way that they did owe huge amount of cash to many affiliates world wide and we have been hearing about EWA payment issues for a quiet a while now , here is the article i wrote about EWA a few days ago Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ? . Now at least EWA do acknowledge publicly that they did had some serious problems at EWA network related to payments and instead of promoting them encouraging affiliates to send them more traffic they do admit they have nothing to pay to their affiliates.Check out post on Perform Outsider on how much they owe to their affiliates here Happy Valentines Day To Ewa.

Now bad bit , Yes i do may have problems with the way Ryan Eagle was promoting his network while he wasn`t paying his existing affiliate or problem with his payouts EPCs etc but still he was a Great entrepreneur he worked really hard to take EWA network to heights he was as he used to say “Hated amongst few and loved  by many” affiliates . He was  and is a great example for all CPA Network Owners. Also EWA was one of the industry champions and that will for sure have a very negative effect on industry .

Here is the copy of official EWA Network announcement

Dear EWA Affiliates,

First off, I would like to personally apologize as truly and honestly as I can for everything that EWA Private Network has put our publishers through these past months. It’s been a turbulent road for my company and it’s taken quite the toll on me and the staff around me. Believe it or not, I care about the reputation of my company I care about the publishers in my network – it burdens me daily to see what has happened. We incurred massive losses due to non-paying merchants, combined with internal problems lead to a situation which needed an outside investor to help resolve.

I spent upwards of a year seeking individuals and companies to invest into EWA and the entire process of finding an investor was draining on me – I was lead on and let down many times. Unfortunately, our most recent investor possibility ended up falling through leaving EWA with no other options. We have decided that it’s time to close our doors while we continue to seek a new investor to take over the company. Meanwhile, we will be working with a restructuring agent to liquidating our receivables and sell our assets in a way to repay outstanding payables.

Leaving EWA Network on a note like this was the absolute hardest choice I’ve made in my business career. I gave it my absolute 100% best and tried the hardest that I could, spending hours a day trying to make this company the best that it could be. Running EWA Network for these past four years and interacting with the thousands of EWA affiliates has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had, and I’d like to apologize once again to all our clients for the situation that we were put in.

Finally, I would like to apologize to our staff – especially the account managers, international partners, and our network manager on the front lines everyday. They were put into a situation where they were at the mercy of the companies problems. I accept the blame fully for it, and I want nothing that happened to the company reflect onto their shoulders because they did the best they did with cards they were dealt. When we thought the investor was coming through, I told them to pull – and when we were left empty handed, they were the ones to take the blame. They were the lifeblood of our company and I appreciate every minute they spent making EWA great.

On March 1st, 2013 we will be pausing all traffic to EWA publishers. Thank you for your years of support and the millionsof dollars in revenue that has run through EWA Network. It’s been amazing to see the growth of so many publishers since the beginning and I’m truly grateful for every single one of you.

To Success,

Ryan Eagle, Partner



I would like to wish best of luck to Ryan Eagle for his future and hope he will learn from his mistakes.

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Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ?


Before we continue i would like to make it clear that purpose of today’s post is not at all hurt EWA Network`s reputation any other person associated with the network. But instead share with readers  what is going on at EWA Network as there are many people complaining about not getting paid on almost every forum related to affiliate marketing.

EWA was once a great network to work with,i personally did review post EWA Private Network Review.  But rite now EWA is of of the most popular network being blamed for non payments on many public forums . Almost every private/public affiliate  forum has affiliates complaining about non payments ,  I have also gone through a thread on a forum where Ryan is talking about including outside investor (screen shot below) .EWA Facebook Group which was once best place to hang out and talk with affiliates is also gone dead and many of  affiliates complain about being blocked from the group because they posted in the group about payments. During this time a few staff members left company including Andre Ramsey who was working as Vice President, Incentive Operations  at Eagle Web Assets Inc, And now Goutham Vipparthi another AM at Blamads announced he is no more working with Eagle Web Assets.


ewa network

click to enlarge

It is very hard to say anything about EWA rite now as Ryan Eagle himself  is COO of Gevirtz Receivables which focuses on the collection of charged off internet advertising debts. And his own affiliates are complaining about his own network not paying to them.

We would love to know if you have anything to share about your experience in working with EWA . Please let us know your experience working with EWA and what you think about current situation of EWA network and affiliates complaining about non-payments.


Conclusion: Yes after getting some insights from reliable sources and people who have been in this industry for long time and those who worked with EWA for a long time i agree that EWA/BlamAds is Dead. I have also updated my EWA NETWORK REVIEW page .