How to Create Successful Advertising Plan to Promote Your Landing Page

Traffic is the most important thing that you have to give to your landing page. Without traffic, you can’t generate sales from your landing page. Your traffic represents your audience, which in turn represents your potential customers. In order to successfully attract traffic to your landing page, you have to use an effective advertising plan that will drive your audience there. Here are 5 tips you can follow to create successful advertising plan to promote your product landing page:


Targeting your audience


Without targeting your audience, you won’t be able to attract targeted traffic to your landing page. Thus, targeting your audience is important because you can only generate maximum conversion rate if you target the right audience for your product. This is your first priority in your advertising plan. You have to locate your audience and narrow it down. The more targeted your audience, the more successful your promotion will be because you’re promoting your product to the right people.


Spreading the words


How will you spread the words about your product? There are many ways to do it. You can do it with article marketing. You can do it with video marketing. You can do it with social media marketing. There are hundreds of ways to spread the words about your product. You just need to pick the right ways to do it. How can you do it? You can find the right way by looking at your product and determining the right way to promote it. If you don’t know what to do to spread the words about the product, then you should do some marketing campaigns with different strategies in order to see what works and what doesn’t.


Cost-effective marketing plan


If you want to pay for your traffic, you should learn how to minimize the cost of your advertising campaign. Remember that one campaign can cost you thousands of dollars if you’re not careful in managing your budget. If you are from a big company, this figure might sound very little or even insignificant, but if you’re just a small business person who is starting to build your first online business, then it can be a big problem. Find a way to do your marketing plan effectively, yet make sure that the cost won’t burn your wallet down.


The SEO aspect


If you are building an online business, SEO is definitely an important aspect that you have to look at. SEO is your ticket to get constant traffic to your landing page without having to do much effort on traffic building. That’s why you should determine the way you can optimize your website for the best SEO practice. Don’t be lured into black hat SEO strategy as it will eventually kill your overall business online. Remember that the right way to do SEO is the gradual way.


The gradual promotion strategy


Don’t launch your promotion all out. There should be gradual process in your marketing strategy. Create several phases in your marketing plan so that you can reach your audience more effectively. For instance, the first phase is to gather audience to your mailing list before your product launch. The next phase is to spread the word about your business on social media by creating an interesting contest. The final phase is to use PPC advertising to attract high quality traffic to your landing page. This is just an example for you. By making your marketing promotion gradual, you will know what you should do in each phase of your business growth. In this way, you can do things more effectively and efficiently.


Those are 5 tips you can follow to create successful advertising plan to promote your product landing page. Traffic is very important for your online business. The way you drive traffic to your landing page will determine your success in selling your product. And it needs careful planning, otherwise you may lose a lot of your time and money. So, you should follow the tips above to create good advertising plan for your online marketing promotion.

Web Design Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion

Let’s remember something for a while. When you see a landing page, do you consider its design as an important factor that will affect your buying decision? When you see a landing page with outdated web design, do you think that the product worth a look? Do you feel more interested toward buying the product if the landing page design is appealing? Try to remember these things. What’s your answer? If you agree that a landing page design can affect your buying decision as well as your perspective toward the product, then we’re on the same league. You need appealing design for your landing page because it will affect people’s buying decision when they read it. In other words, the more appealing your website design, the higher your conversion rate will be. Here are a few web design tips to boost your landing page conversion:


 Install a good landing page template

If you are using WordPress platform, there are a handful of good landing page templates that are designed specifically to raise your conversion rate . So, if you haven’t done so, you should buy one of such templates so that you can tweak your template easily (I highly recommend Thesis by DIY Themes). If you want to use a HTML or CSS template for your landing page, make sure that you also install a good landing page template for your website, preferably a premium template. This is a good first step to make your landing page more appealing.


 Font optimization

The next thing that you need to take a look is your font, especially your overall font, your headline font, and your subheading font. A good rule of thumb for choosing a good font is that the font should be comfortable to read. If your landing page font is not comfortable to read, then readers will not want to read your copy. That’s for your overall font. Then, you need to make your headline and subheading fonts appealing as well. For those fonts, you should experiment with font type, size, and color. Choose what you think are the best and most appealing for your readers.


 Cleanliness of your design

A clean design will make your landing page look more professional. When people see your landing page and they think that your landing page is professional-looking, they will trust you more. If they trust you, they can easily be persuaded into buying your product. That’s all because you have a professional landing page. And in order to make your landing page look professional, you have to make it clean from clutters. Clutters like ads and scattered images can break your conversion. That’s why you should make it clean from such clutters. Also, you can change the spacing and margin of your paragraphs to make your landing page cleaner and more comfortable to read.


 Professional graphics

Your landing page can look much more appealing if you put professional graphics in it. The quality of your graphics can affect your landing page conversion. That’s why you need to make sure that the quality of your graphics is excellent. Think of your landing page as a good presentation for your product. A good presentation should incorporate high quality graphics that will enhance the quality of your presentation. Your message can be delivered more effectively with the use of enticing graphics. You can also enhance the perceived value of your product if you put a good eCover for it. So, you definitely need to add professional graphics to your landing page to increase your conversion rate.

Those are a few  web design tips to boost your landing page conversion. If you have low conversion rate, try to examine your landing page first. Does it look appealing? If not, try to tweak your website design according to the tips above and see a significant increase in your conversion rate.

Add visitors geolocation into the landing page

Adding geo location into a landing page is a very powerful method to increase ctr PPV landing page and also it increases your conversion rates also as using geo location you can easily win visitors trust. Ofcourse when on a landing page when you will tell your visitors you have an exclusive offer for people of their town they will  more easily convert , This not only works on ppv but also on other regular landing pages,

For demonstration click here   To see what code i used for this click here

When you place code into your landing pages make sure first line of script is above all the lines, Here is the code you will use


Simple Tweaks that Can Transform Any Bad Landing Page into Sales Machine

Do you have a landing page which converts at 0.1% or less? That’s what I call a lousy landing page. Or, it can be said that it is a useless landing page. A good landing page should be able to convert at 3% or more depending on the product that you promote. Fortunately, it is only a matter of simple tweaking if you want to change your lousy landing page into a high converting landing page. Here are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine:

Change your landing page design and graphics

First of all, take a look at your landing page design and graphics. Do you like it? If you don’t even like your own landing page design and graphics, then how can your audience like it? If you don’t like your landing page design and graphics, then change them. You can hire a web designer to make your landing page more appealing and look more professional. You can use nice graphics to represent your landing page copy. You need to be creative in implementing graphics to your landing page because it will affect your conversion rate. A lively landing page (and a highly converting one) has good design and graphics.

Insert a story to dramatize your offer

You need to make your landing page more dramatic. You need a story, a story that moves your audience to keep reading your landing page from start to finish. This story needs to be told in the most interesting way so that your audience feels excited to keep reading. If you haven’t done so, start writing an interesting story related to your product and put it in the introduction paragraph in your landing page. But, if you already write a story for your landing page, then you just need to examine it and make necessary changes to make it more appealing to read.

Know what your audience is thinking

For instance, you have to know what makes your audience to consider not purchasing the product. Think about it. Is it about the price? Is it about the doubtful quality of the product? Are the benefits not valuable enough? In your landing page, you have to address each possible resistance within your audience’s mind. This is important for you to crush their resistance before they reach the buy now button. It will make their resistance seems useless and insignificant.

Make it clean and easy to read

Examine your landing page carefully. Examine the font and the heading. Judge for yourself! Is your landing page clean and easy to read? Scroll it down and read paragraph by paragraph and pretend that you’re the potential customer. Do you think that your landing page is comfortable to read? Do you see any glitches or bad factors that might turn your attention off your landing page? You have to address this issue as soon as possible. If there is any problem, you need to fix your landing page immediately.

Eliminate the trash

Your landing page doesn’t need to be long in order to convert well. It doesn’t need to be full of fluff that makes it too difficult to understand. You don’t need to use complex language. In fact, you need to keep your landing page simple and straightforward. You can’t clutter it with ads that are irrelevant with your promotion. You need to eliminate the trash within your landing page. Read your landing page again and see whether you use excessive words to tell a simple fact. You need to simplify your landing page.

Those are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine. Don’t send any more traffic to your lousy landing page. You need to fix your landing page first before sending your traffic back to it. Do it now!