Valuable Workshop on Lead Generation Coming from the FTC

If you are in the business of online lead generation, you know (or at least you should know) how important it is to remain in compliance with the many rules and regulation put forth by the FTC.  If you step outside of what they consider unfair or deceptive practices, you could be facing significant fines or other penalties that can quickly shut down your business.

Fortunately, the FTC isn’t just here to cause your business problems.  They are also willing to help you to learn how to avoid issues and even generate more leads.  This is what they will be doing at an upcoming workshop titled, “Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop About Online Lead Generation.”   The workshop is scheduled to take place on October 30, 2015.

While the full lineup of topics to be covered has not yet been finalized, the FTC has released some valuable information about the types of things they will be discussing.  The topics include:

  • How Lead Generation Works – The FTC has confirmed they will talk about how online lead generation works throughout a variety of industries. They specifically mention consumer lending and education thus far, but other industries will likely be added.
  • Potential Lead Gen Legal Issues – They will cover what types of conduct could be in violation under the FTC Act’s regulations surrounding unfair and/or deceptive practices.
  • Best Practices – A list of industry best practices will be provided. This will likely include a variety of details on what has been proven effective, while still in line with the FTC regulations.
  • Consumer Protection – The FTC will cover a variety of ways that consumers can protect themselves in the online market place.

While the FTC has provided quite a bit of information so far, they are not yet done.  In fact, they have asked people from within the online lead generation industry to provide them with recommendations on different topics they should cover or research on this industry.  They are also looking for potential panelists to present during the workshop.  If you have any recommendations for the FTC, you can email them the information by August 25, 2015.  They can be reached at

The majority of online marketers use lead generation in one way or another.  Whether you seek leads from other marketers or you sell them to third parties, it is always important to get a good understanding of what you are doing and how you can stay in compliance with the FTC’s regulations.  If you are able to make it to this workshop it is sure to prove to be extremely valuable.

The workshop is free and open to the public so start looking into attending as soon as possible.

Two New Ad Types from Facebook Designed to Generate Direct Leads

Facebook has recently confirmed that they are testing two new types of advertisements that are designed to help marketers generate leads and even direct sales.  These ads will have a similar appearance to their existing ad formats, but with some important enhancements that are likely to help marketers and brands with optimizing their marketing efforts significantly.

Lead Ads

The first new ad format is being called ‘Lead Ads’ and is made specifically for mobile devices.  They will have the normal ad format including headlines, descriptions, text, images and a call to action button.  The difference, however, is that when users click the button it will populate an in-app form.  This form will be filled out automatically by information that Facebook has on the users.

The fact that it automatically fills everything out will make it much easier on the users, which should dramatically reduce the ‘abandonment’ issue that so many marketers face.  Once the in-app form is populated (which is virtually instantly) the user simply hits submit.  This is perfect for generating new email list sign ups or other similar advertisements.

You can see how the Lead Ads will work in this image from Facebook:

New Facebook Ads

Buy Product Ads

The next new ad type is called, ‘Buy Product Ads’ and this is one that is likely to generate a lot of buzz for marketers and larger brands.  It is set up to allow customers to complete a full purchase right form within the Facebook app.  Like the Lead Ads, users will see a fairly traditional looking advertisement for a product they may be interested in.  Rather than tapping to be brought to another website to complete the purchase, however, they can simply tap a buy button.

When they hit the buy button it will take them to another form within the app where their information will already be filled out.  Users will even have the ability to keep a credit card on file with Facebook so this information can be completed as well.  The user will simply have to review the form to make sure everything is correct and then they can complete the purchase with another tap.

For many businesses and marketers, this type of ad will create a great opportunity.  While it can be effective for almost any type of product or service, those with lower price points will likely perform best.  This type of Facebook ad will make it very easy for people to make ‘impulse’ purchases without having to take the time to think it through.  Things like T-Shirts or other fun items can benefit greatly from this type of ad.

Still in Testing

Both of these two ad types are still in testing phases, but are expected to progress into wider use before long.  They will obviously have important uses for many marketers and will help Facebook to attract new advertisers. If successful, these types of ads can be very beneficial to Facebook, marketers as well as the consumers.

7 Lead Generation Principles you need to know

These days in my posts at  i am focusing more on list building and lead generation related topics on my blog because of the simple reason that many people think it is very difficult to build lists but its actually not , Let me ask  why do some internet marketing gurus can attract thousands of people to their list within 24 hours, while other online marketers can barely attract a hundred subscribers within a month? Why such a gap in their success? That’s mostly because those successful gurus are following certain principles in lead generation that guide them to achieve such kind of success, while on the other hand, lots of other marketers are in ignorance about such principles. If you want to ensure your success in your lead generation strategy, you have to follow the same principles that those gurus are following. Here are 7 solid principles of successful lead generation:


WHy your list building campgains fail

1. Be A Part Of The Solution, Not A Part Of The Problem

First of all, you have to understand that attracting leads to your business is not an easy thing to do. Unless people trust you and are willing to follow what you’re saying, they will not be willing to join your list. So, how can you convince people and make them to trust you? You can do it by becoming a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Your audience has a problem that they need to solve, and you should be the one who will bring that solution to them with your mailing list.

2. Be Friendly, But Speak With Authority

It is very important for you to be friendly with your audience because you want them to be willing to follow you later. If you are not friendly toward them, then chances are they will hate you and find you annoying. That’s why it is important for you to write your promotional copy with a friendly tone. However, you also need to show your authority to your audience, or in other words, you also need to show your audience that you are an expert in your niche.

3. Give Your Audience An Irresistible Offer

What you are offering to your audience will determine how people will react toward your offer. If you want them to accept your offer graciously, without much resistance, then you should give your audience an irresistible offer, i.e. the offer that they cannot resist. If you are giving away free product, be sure that your product is not available elsewhere, and be sure that it can answer their biggest question to solve their problem. Also, you need to ensure that your audience can get the full benefit and value from your offer.

4. Give More To Receive More

If you want to attract more leads to your offer, you need to be aware of the law of giving and receiving. It is something like this: “The more you give, the more you receive.” You can only get positive result if you give more value to your audience. That’s why it is important for you to focus on giving the best thing that you can give to your audience before expecting them to give you something in return. It is not the other way around.

5. Do Not Waste Anything

Use anything that you have at your disposal. There are infinite ways to attract more leads to your business. For instance, if you have an old mailing list with several hundreds leads, you can promote your new mailing list in your old mailing list. This will give you some good leads in return. Then, if you have some old articles that you are no longer using, you can use them in your promotional materials in order to attract more leads to your mailing list. The key is not to waste anything that you have. If you can use them to attract more leads to your business, then use them.

6. Address Your Audience Personally

You need to build a personal connection with your audience because this is the best way to keep you emotionally connected with them. If you know your audience personally, they will consider you as part of their circle, which will benefit you further in persuading them to follow your recommendation. So, you should address your audience personally and make them feel that you know them personally. Instead of using “Dear readers” in your copy, you should be addressing the first name of your audience.

7. It’s All About Quality, Not Quantity

The success of your lead generation effort will be determined by the quality of your traffic. Good leads will come to your business if you can attract highly targeted traffic to your landing page. You can’t just attract any kind of traffic. You need highly targeted traffic in order for you to turn them into quality leads. So, quantity is not the problem, but quality is. The quality of your traffic matters.

Follow those principles and you will be guaranteed to succeed in your lead generation strategy. People who follow those principles will be able to significantly improve their landing page conversion and they will also be able to attract more leads in a short period of time.

7 Important Skills you need for effective Lead Generation

Like any other business, lead generation needs certain skills to master in order for you to succeed with it. For instance, if you are going to build a successful restaurant business, you need to have the necessary cooking skill to succeed. If you are going to build a successful beauty salon, then you need to have the necessary skills related to skin and hair treatment. So, it’s the same with lead generation. If you want to make it effective, you need to master certain skills. Here are 7 important skills of effective lead generation:

Skills that pay the bills

Skills that pay the bills

1. Communication Skill

In order to attract people’s attention toward your mailing list, you have to be able to communicate your message effectively toward your audience. Think about it. If your audience can’t comprehend the message that you are giving them, then what will happen? They will simply avoid you. So, a good communication skill is important, since it will allow you to communicate your message more effectively, therefore you will be able to attract their interest more quickly.

2. Persuasion Skill

Generating leads is about persuading your audience to accept your offer. Whatever you offer to your audience in exchange for their name and email address needs to be able to persuade them to join your list immediately. Therefore, it is important for you to write your promotional copy in a persuasive manner. Remember that you cannot force your audience to join your list. You can only persuade them, and in order to do that, you need to master the persuasive skill.

3. Copywriting Skill

Copywriting skill is the skill of writing persuasive copy for your promotional materials, which will compel your audience to join your list. In other words, it is the application of persuasion skill in written words. Without mastering copywriting skill, you will not be able to write ads, articles, and other promotional content that are compelling enough to attract your audience to follow your recommendation. Remember that almost all online lead generation strategies need a strong copywriting skill to succeed.

4. Emotional Intelligence Skill

Emotional intelligence is the ability to control your emotion, as well as to relate with other people’s emotion. You need this skill in order to create an emotional connection with your audience. Remember that people will not take your offer unless they are emotionally compelled to do so. So, emotional intelligence skill is very important for you to create this kind of enviroment for your audience to start taking action on your offer.

5. Problem Solving Skill

All successful online businesses are based mostly on solving other people’s problem. You basically create a product that can help others to solve their problem and make their life better. That’s how you make money online. And it’s the same with lead generation. Unless you can give the best solution for your audience’s problem, you are not going to attract much attention toward your mailing list. Thus, a problem solving skill is needed for you to formulate the best solution for your audience’s problem and offer this solution to entice people to join your list.

6. Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal skill is a skill to build good relationship with others. It involves good communication and persuasion, but it is basically a skill to build great impression and rapport so that people will be willing to follow you. You need this skill if you want to attract more followers in social media, and of course, you also need this skill if you want people to subscribe to your list. Remember that interpersonal skill is also needed in any business and personal relationship, so be sure that you master this skill if you want to be successful in attracting more leads to your business.

7. Time Management Skill

Remember that attracting leads to your business can take a lot of time to complete. That’s why you need to manage your time carefully. Losing time means losing money. Remember the saying “time is money”? That’s it! Time is a very valuable commodity in any business. If you don’t want to lose your money, you have to manage your time properly. So, a time management skill is important to ensure that your effort will bring effective result in your lead generation strategy.

Those are the essential skills that you need to master in order to attract more leads to your business.