What are Demand Side Platform (DSP) Mobile Networks?

Over the past several years two of the hottest trends in all of digital marketing have been mobile ads and demand side platforms (DSPs). With that in mind, it is easy to see why mobile demand side platforms have become so successful, and gotten so much attention recently. If you aren’t already using this powerful combination, it is important to get a good understanding of what exactly it is and where you can turn take advantage of it.

DSP Mobile ad network

What are Demand Side Platforms?

When looking at digital advertising, a demand side platform is a system that is used to help manage multiple different ad exchanges through a single interface. This interface will allow you to engage in real-time bidding for multiple types of ads.   You can also use the platform to optimize your campaign based on a variety of performance indicators such as cost per click, cost per action, click through rate and more.

Naturally, demand side platform mobile advertising networks would be any DSP that is focused on mobile advertising. Thanks to the advancements in mobile over the past couple of years, you can get virtually all of the benefits found with traditional display ads and apply them to a mobile platform. It is important to keep in mind, however, that mobile has several additional indicators that can be factored in when optimizing your campaign. For example, you can optimize based on the geographic area, the type of device being used (smart phone vs. tablet) and even the mobile OS (iOS vs. Android).

When combined, you will be able to quickly and effectively adjust your mobile advertising campaign through your demand side platform to get the best possible results. In order to get the best options possible, you will need to take some time to make sure you are using the best demand side platform for mobile ad networks possible based on your specific needs.

DSP’s for Mobile Networks

The following are some of the top demand side platforms that specifically target mobile advertising. There are others available, and many of them do a good job. The important thing is to understand your goals, and determine which platforms are able to provide you with all the tools, information and other resources to accomplish those goals.

  • decisive.is – One of the favorite Mobile DSP ad network for affiliates. Decisive is a self-serve mobile advertising platform that makes reaching customers on mobile devices simple.
  • SMAATO – Smaato is a global advertising company that bought out the popular AdsMobi platform back in 2013. This quickly allowed them to become a leading DSP for mobile advertising. They have successfully been growing that platform ever since.
  • Phunware – Like Smaato, Phunware has grown their DSP through acquisition. They acquired TapIt back in early 2013 for $23 million.
  • HumanDemand – This is one of the largest and fastest growing mobile demand side platforms. They work with hundreds of app developers and advertisers to provide a massive platform for their users.
  • StrikeAd – StrikeAd is a leader in programmatic advertising, and has been an innovator when it comes to mobile demand side platforms.

As mentioned above, there are many other demand side platforms that are either exclusively dedicated to mobile, or include mobile in their platform. The four listed above are among the largest and most popular, however, and are an excellent place to start for anyone who hasn’t yet taken advantage of this popular advertising option.

Clickky invents a new model of mobile ad campaign pricing

Clickky Advertising platform

Clickky brings performance marketing into the mobile ad space, with its brand new CPE campaigns. CPE or cost ­per­ engagement model means that advertisers define metrics to differentiate the engaged users. It could be anything from completing an in ­game tutorial to sending an email. The campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of engaged users rather than clicks or installs. This model helps advertisers acquire new active users rather than increase app install base.

Clickky’s CPE campaigns roll out of in­ house testing phase, as it announces the model’s availability for all advertisers, effective today. Clickky is proud to be the first company to offer non­ incentivized app installs priced on CPE basis.

CPE stands for cost­ per ­engagement and it means that the campaign cost is determined based on the quantity of users who genuinely like an app. An advertiser himself chooses any engagement metric, so the model works for any type of app and game. Examples of engagement metrics include:

● making an in­app purchase.
● completing an in­game tutorial.
● reaching a certain level.
● sending a message or an email.
● making a photo or video with an app.
● filling in the profile info.
● reserving a hotel room or tickets.

The cost per engagement is determined individually for every advertiser with the help of test campaigns. It means that a developer runs a classic CPI campaign to find out the conversion from installs to engaged users and the price of acquiring engaged users. Clickky then acquires new users based on this price.

Thus, advertisers who use the CPE model do not pay for the users who have viewed and clicked a banner or for the users who have installed an app and deleted it right away. They only pay to acquire users who are actually interested in the app. In other words, advertisers do not pay for app installs, they pay for the new active users.

“Our clients are thrilled with the new model”, says Clickky CEO and founder Vadim Rogovskiy. “The opportunity to control what kind of users to acquire, helps the advertisers predict the campaign ROI accurately. CPI and other models do not have this benefit. We are proud that we are the first company to offer CPE campaigns to our advertisers. We’ve got our high quality of our traffic to thank for this, we’re confident in our publishers, and know that we’re absolutely capable of delivering the results our advertisers are looking for.”

The average return of investment in mobile app ad campaigns is increased significantly with the new model introduced by Clickky. CPE campaigns help advertisers acquire users with the highest lifetime value possible. The advertisers’ risk is reduced compared to CPI, CPC and CPM models, thus the CPE model introduced by Clickky will become the next standard of mobile app advertising.


About Clickky

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Clickky has offices in Russia and Ukraine, as well as representatives in Asia and the USA. Partnering with dozens of direct advertisers and thousands of publishers, Clickky delivers exceptional results for its clients.

For any additional details contact Clickky marketing team at marketing@clickky.biz