Affportal Internet Marketing Tools Review

I have been using Affportal Internet Marketing Tools since i joined the Affplaybook forum and i really loved them as they solved many of my problems specifically when it comes to scrapping targets for my PPV campaigns , Gathering keywords for my Pay per call campaigns and seo analysis of my niche sites, It is a tool i use on regular basis so i thought i should do a review about these amazing tools which have made my life very easier. Its owner Corey is  very well known guy and knows what he is talking about and he himself is a great marketer and  regularly hosts webminars where he talks about different traffic sources  i attended his RTB webminar on Affplaybook and it was very informative and learned a lot form it about RTB.

Weather you use PPV , PPC ,SEO  Or RTB platforms to run traffic to your offers Affportal provides all necessary tools which can help you to make your campaigns successful and more then that profitable. Lets have a look at a few noticeable tools they have …



Advertiser Scraper

This is one of my most favorite options as this gives us ability to  target the those Ad sense publisher websites which sending traffic to a specific advertiser on Google using adsense, For example lets say if i want to promote Groupon USA , I will use this tool to determine which websites from adsense are sending them most traffic and target those websites with my PPV advertisements.

Alexa Scraper

Another great tool which makes life easy for scrapping top Alexa results automatically related to a specific keyword. I always try to get list of websites with less then 100000Alexa ranking however  sometimes i don’t mind even going for sites with less then 1000000 Alexa ranking to gather high traffic urls.

Competition Scraper

This is another great tool which helps to get a list of related sites to the offer , This is basically a SEO tool returns up to 500 direct competitors in organic search by comparing the number of similar keywords that they organically rank for in the top 20 results.

Here is a screenshot of all PPV Tools


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PPC Tools

Bing Suggest

Being a bing user i really love to use Bing suggest tool which is a great help in finding related keywords to the campaigns with low bids and more traffic.

Keyword List Builder

Keyword list builder is a tool which is used to build a list of long tail and short tail  keywords

Given below is a complete list of PPC Tools in screenshot


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Other include PPV Landing page builder, Banner builder , and many other SEO tools . Affportal is a great tool if you are having trouble with finding right targets for your PPV Campaigns , gathering list of keywords for your PPC campaigns and  also for seo analysis of your websites specially at its price of $37/moth i think it is the cheapest most solution available in the market

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How to create PPV Landing page

Its been a long time i haven`t created any video tutorial for CPA Marketing Blog . So today i am here with one of the most requested tutorial after i Gave away a free PPV Landing page   on my blog . Many readers from blog and from my Facebook CPA Affiliates  Group messages me and emailed me that they want to me to shoot a video tutorial on how to create a PPV landing page . So here we are with Tutorial please note LeadImpact PPV Landing page size is 775 X400, TrafficVance PPV landing page size 775 X 435  Adon ppv landing page size is 775 X400 .

P.S I prefer image landing page over html landing page as over image landing page there are no keywords which can trigger any other pop up above yours on other hand if your landing page is in html and your landing page contains keywords which some other advertiser  on ppv network is targeting it may trigger another popup above yours .
P.P.S Do check out my post about Difference between prosper202 ,Bevo and CPVLab here


2 Simple HTML effects which can boost your CTR

Hedy every one today i want to share with you guys some html effects  using which you can achieve high ctr on your PPV landing pages .

Blinking text

it is a simple and non-standard  HTML tag using which you can any word or part of a sentence on your landing page . This Code can be use to with Call To Action text to attract your visitors

Click here for Demo

To use blink tag place write word you want to blink between <blink> YOUR WORD </blink> to make it Blink



Another tag i often use on my landing pages is Marquee tag , This is used to create moving text effects.

Click here for Demo


<marquee behavior=”scroll” bgcolor=”#00CCCC” loop=”-1″ width=”40%”>Demonstration of a Marquee tag.</marquee>

behavior=”….”  Here you can change behavior to scroll , slide or alternate .

bgcolor=”#…”  Allows you to change background color of the marquee.

loop=”..”              Allows you to set number of times you want your text to scroll , To set it for unlimited time use -1

width=”…”        Allows you to set width of marquee in pixels .

Why your PPV traffic doesn`t convert

Hey guys i have came up with a few important questions you should ask from yourself if your are not seeing any success in PPV traffic . Basically making a campaign is all about  learning from your mistakes and correcting them .

Here are the few questions you should ask yourself when finding out whats wrong with your campaign.

  • Do you think you have chosen targets which are related to your offer?
  • Are you using proper tracking solution  to track your traffic ? ( see here for more details )
  • Are you getting enough CTR on your PPV landers ?
  • Are your Choose targets capable enough to send you almost 100 views a day each ?
  • Have you done maths , Do you know how much you should spend on testing your landing pages and targets ?
  • Based on Network E.P.C After how many clicks your offer should convert ?
  • Is your network reliable ? Tried rotating your offers?
  • Are you split testing your landing pages and also direct linking to offer?
  • Is there any reason should a visitor fill up your offer? lets say you are a visitor will you fill up offer?
  • Are you monitoring all data you have collected on your tracker (best time,best day ,best targets etc.. ) ?

I hope this small post will help you to make big bugs out there on PPV traffic.


Let me know your thoughts by posting comments below 🙂





PPV Rocker Released

Hey guys today i am very excited to announce that my new PPV traffic course is released now and you may find it here  .
SO what is PPV Rocker?

PPV Rocker is  a complete PPV traffic course including solid information about PPV traffic , How you can generate traffic to your CPA Offers using PPV and more then that how to make your PPV campaigns successful.

The main problem most of newbies face is that they don`t know about how to make a campaign successful , Yes ! they keep focusing on finding a campaign which is profitable from day  , Which i am afraid is not possible most of times , here is the reason. You do need to sort our bad targets which eat your money and also test out your landers , A minor change in your landing page may have a huge effect on CTR of your landing pages .

Coming back to the topic !

PPV Rocker covers following topics !

  • What type of offers to promote
  • What type of landing pages work well on PPV
  • How you can create Landing pages your self
  • Testing Landing pages
  • Testing taragets
  • How to collect targets
  • How to set up tracking (bonus)
  • How to optimize a campaign
  • When to kill a campaign
  • When to kill targets
  • What budget you should spend

And many more … with WSO you get rock star support from me , You can reach me anytime and let me know about your questions if you have any at anytime and i have a separate Support portal to help out you guys, All i want is to see you successful , Help you to create successful PPC campaigns.


Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to say anything by commenting below !