Exclusive interview with the Creator of Social Kickstart !!

As some of you may recall we did a review article for Mark Thompsons SOCIAL KICKSTART , and now we bring to you an exclusive interview for that extra personal detail from the creator himself! Enjoy!!

Tell us a bit about who you are and why you created Social Kickstart. 

I’ve been an Internet Marketing for 10 years now.  My primary company, DigitalKickstart.com creates marketing software that helps marketers to grow their presence, drive traffic and make sales.

What is the USP of Social Kickstart?

Social Kickstart is an all-in-one Facebook marketing application.  Its unique to the fact that SK allows you to quickly find content that is already proven on other social media sources (ie: Facebook Groups/Pages,

Pineterst, YouTube, Instagram, etc…) and help to curate that content for your own Pages and Groups.  It also includes a suite of tools like a drag and drop Ad Builder

Is Social Kickstart newbie friendly and if so why?

Extremely. Everything is 100% web-based with nothing to install or configure.  It is simply point and click.

What experience do you personally have in digital/online marketing?

I have 10+ years of experience with everything from managing client marketing campaigns, to managing technical software products, to full-blown product launch sequences.

Do you have any offline business experience?

Yes, I own a company called SearchCreatively.com of which we manage offline businesses marketing campaigns.  We offer services such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Management and overall marketing consulting.

What are your predicted forecasts for Social Kickstart? 

We will continue to develop Social Kickstart based on our customer feedback and suggestions.  Any software that we build, we like to create the core functionality, then let our customer tell us what new features are most needed.  SK has been around for 2 years now and we continue to improve on it.

What are your future plans?

We are working on a new payment and affiliate system that will allow vendors to accept payments and affiliates to promote those products.  We are hoping to release PayKickstart in early 2016.

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Social Kickstart- To iron out all your Facebook “Neck Pain”

Facebook is one of the biggest ways to connect to people these days and as professional digital marketers our job is to connect to people! Today I want to talk about how Facebook helps us, the processes we go through to get connected to people and how Social Kickstart can help you save so much time!

So first up, why Facebook? If not the millions and millions of users that use it every day, then the vast amount of tools and marketing activity one can get from Facebook! There’s the obvious Facebook Ads that EVERYBODY runs these days, then we have Facebook pages, groups, Events, Posts, Shared media from Other media sites… Facebook is a one in all package for all your marketing needs right? But wait… What is the most important thing to a marketer these days?


Our time is so precious these days that we are always looking for ways to save time but not cut the corners right? Before I go into any detail about how you can save time let me go through a few of the tools that Facebook offers and why they are beneficial to YOUR campaigns, how they can help you monetise.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become very commercial over the years and their privacy policy is shooting out the roof these days, but for us marketers, thats excellent news! Facebook will record users data and interests, track what they like and don’t like and follow up on what each user does in and out of Facebook using their mad crazy softwares and god knows what else… but the point I am trying to make is that Facebook is like any other traffic platform, you just need to input your data, tell Facebook who you want to see your ad and they will hunt those people down for you.

Facebook Fan Pages 

These little beauties will keep your sales floor open 24/7, re-targeting at its peak. If you can create successful fan pages n your niche and get people liking,sharing, posting and interacting…. you are well on your way to monetising your campaigns.. but is ONE really enough? (To be discussed later). Fan pages allow you to offer customer service and not just spam mail or spam post or spam in general, you can offer insightful information and updates about the product/service you are trig to sell, you can create a group of people who are genuinely interested in your product/service and what it has to offer. It is also great for brand awareness, but be sure to keep the page updated to get your brand to the skies!

Viral content marketing

Facebook Events 

Now the thing about events is that it excites people, we ran a survey amongst Facebook users about these “Event pages” and we learnt that Events excite people! You could be hosting an event, co-hosting, it could be a product launch, an event you will be speaking at? Let’s say it’s a product launch, You have ran some ads, got some traffic “Attending” Your virtual product launch, whats next? You need to throw some content their way sister!! (or mister). You want to keep them engaged, get them pumped and ready! Let’s say you are launching a service launch for a new dating offer? Why not create a “I’m getting lucky” Event, get people talking, throw some love potions about, talk about how this amazing dating site has a “special offer” , make them feel as if it is a REAL event, not just virtual?


So you have all these pages, groups, Ads, But how do you manage them all? Isn’t a “Pain in the neck” to post on each one, share on each one, make ads for each one… everything gets ab it too much and before you know it you’re getting confused which pages is which… Learn to my friends, Social Kick start has come to the rescue to create that “Kickstart” Your pages need!

Social Kickstart is a software that allows you to scale out and manage your Facebook pages AND groups all in one place. You can schedule your posts for your pages and groups all in one place, all under one column. You can favourite content, drag and drop your Facebook ads, Link up your Tee Spring research… and much more…  This will allow you to focus on multiple campaigns or go ALL OUT for one campaign… and the best part is? YOU SAVE TIME, because we all know… TIME=MONEY!

Stay tuned and grab your Social Kickstart now, because We have secured a exclusive interview with Mark Thompson to discuss Social Kickstart, JUST FOR YOU GUYS!!