AutoPlay Video Launching from Twitter

In a long anticipated move, Twitter is finally launching auto-play for the videos on their site.  This is something that Facebook has had for quite a while now, and has enjoyed a lot of success from. For those who are not familiar, the technology works by automatically beginning a video as soon as it is visible to the person browsing their Twitter feed.  The video will begin playing in mute so that it really doesn’t disturb anyone who is not interested.

If the user scrolls past, the video will stop playing.  In many cases, however, the video will catch someone’s eye and they will be interested.  With a quick tap or click, they can then let the video play in full screen mode (for mobile devices) and with the audio as well.

Perfect for Advertisers

While the auto-play feature will be engaged for everyone, it is especially important for marketers and advertisers.  It makes it so a far greater number of people will actually see your video ads.  Twitter has made it clear that advertisers will only pay for a view if the video has been 100% in view for a minimum of three seconds.  This is similar to the Facebook setup and it has proven to be effective for many marketers.

Changing the way Marketers Make Videos

The auto-play feature has really caused a lot of brands and marketers to change the way they are making videos.  First, it is 100% essential to have the first couple of seconds of a video be very eye catching.  You want visitors to see your message and tap it to see and hear the rest of the video.  Many marketers are also putting sub-titles on their videos since they know that some or all of the ad will be viewed without the volume on.

Widescreen Auto-Play

While Twitter’s feature is largely just a copycat of Facebook’s, they have made some advancements.  First, if there is a video that has started to auto-play on the screen and the user tilts the device sideways, it will automatically turn on the sound and play in full screen mode.  This will likely help to ensure more people are seeing the full video and getting the full message that publishers want. While it may seem like a small thing, it can be very helpful.

Dramatic Increase in Video Views

If Twitter gets similar results as Facebook, they will see a dramatic increase in the total number of video views that are generated on their platform.  This, of course, is a good thing for Twitter.  It is also going to be helpful to brands, advertisers and the users in general.  While some people report that they find the auto-play option to be annoying, the majority of people seem to like it according to recent surveys.

The one potential problem is for users who have a limited amount of mobile data.  Twitter does allow the auto-play feature to be disabled in the settings so that should not be a significant concern.

Tweet Your Coupons with new Feature on Twitter

Twitter has been really working on improving their ability to generate revenue over the past year, and they have just announced a major new feature that will likely help in that area. In addition, it will give advertisers an extremely easy option for targeting their customers with useful and actionable Tweets that will directly drive sales.


The feature is called, “Twitter Offers,” and it gives advertisers the ability to send out digital coupons within their tweets. Twitter users will be able to link any major credit or debit card directly to their account, which they can then use to claim the offer.

When the Tweet’s go out, anyone who doesn’t already have a credit or debit card attached to their account will be given the option to set it up immediately. This will be very important during the initial phases of this program because without a large percentage of users having the ability to make the purchase, it can’t be effective.

The coupons can either be for digital products, online purchases or even purchased completed in a retail store. This gives the users plenty of options on how they will claim their money saving coupon, and allows advertisers to target their audience in a very effective way.

Twitter’s Product Manager, Tarun Jain, wrote the following in a post about this new feature:

With Twitter Offers, advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions, even when redemption happens offline. Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the customer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install. By leveraging Twitter’s robust targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their promotions and campaigns to the right audience, while optimizing for performance.

This new feature may have actually been inspired by a campaign that American Express came up with some time ago. The credit card company allowed users to enjoy discounts on certain things when they tweeted a specific hastag. This new feature from Twitter, of course, really pushes this to the next level and gives advertisers a lot more control over the entire process.

If this feature sounds like something you will be interested in using for your company or clients, you will still have to wait a little while before you can use it. Twitter is currently only rolling it out in the United States, and only to a number of pre-selected brands who will be doing some final beta testing. Once any bugs are worked out and Twitter decides it is ready for increased adoption, they will open it up to all US companies, and then likely companies around the world.

Don’t fret, however, this type of testing doesn’t typically take too long to complete, and this is something that Twitter will likely want to get rolled out quickly before other social media platforms are able to develop a competing version of the same idea.

Steps To Always Win Your Audience’s Attention On Twitter

Winning your audience’s attention on Twitter is quite difficult to do. Your audience’s Twitter timeline is always updated with new tweets every minute. Your tweet will appear for a brief moment before it is replaced by other tweets. So, how can you catch your audience’s attention during such a brief moment? The answer is that you need to write a tweet that will catch your audience’s attention immediately. Here are 5 steps to always win your audience’s attention on Twitter:


Turn Your Tweet Into An Irresistible Headline

On Twitter, there are several types of tweets that get ignored automatically. The first type is the selfie type. It’s like tweeting “Just got home!” or “Hmm… delicious” or something similar. The second type is the spam type. This is the type of tweet which is only a blatant advertisement of a shady product or service. The third type is the tweet with unclear message. It usually consists of several words without any useful meaning at all. All those types of tweets are selfish tweets that people will naturally ignore. The only type of tweet that gets attention is the tweet that contains an irresistible headline. Moreover, the tweet should be aimed for your followers, not for yourself. For example: “The 13 Deadly Reasons Why Your Twitter Account Will Get Closed Down Tomorrow.” People will pay more attention to this type of tweet and they will usually click on the link on that tweet in order to get the complete information.

Quote Some Inspiring Words From Your Blog Post

Another way to correctly beg for attention on Twitter is to give inspiration for your audience. In other words, you are writing tweet to inspire your followers. Twitter platform allows only a maximum of 140 characters to be written per tweet, and what are the best words that you can write on a single tweet? Inspiration! Yes, either the inspiration from yourself or from others, you can write a great tweet simply by aiming to inspire others. But, a better way to do this would be to quote an inspiring part of your blog post and tweet it. Then, of course, add the link to the blog post so that your followers can read the full post immediately. It’s a perfect give and take that you can do on Twitter.

Add Meaningful Image To Your Tweet

You can only write two or three sentences on a single tweet, but did you know that you can also insert an image on your tweet? I guess you already know about it, but unfortunately, many people are not using this feature much. Did you know that you can get more positive response if you add a meaningful image to your tweet? By adding a meaningful image or an inspiring image to your tweet, you will be able to make your tweet more meaningful, and in so doing, you will be able to engage more with your Twitter followers. But remember, it’s not your selfie photo. You should add an image that can give valuable benefit for your followers, not a boost on your ego.

Be Honest With Yourself

What will be the benefit that you get when you are honest with yourself? The benefit that you get is that you will become unique, and your uniqueness will shine on Twitter. Too many people are trying to mislead and lie to their followers. They lie that they have a good time, while actually they have a worse time. They try to mislead their followers by promoting shady products that are actually look pretty scammy. But you, if you try to be honest, will tweet without any exaggeration or hype, which will make you look more genuine and reputable. On Twitter, reputation and your unique selling point are important if you want to grow your followers. By being honest with yourself, you will be able to get those important elements for your Twitter marketing.

Tweet About The Same Content Several Times

You can’t catch the attention of most of your Twitter followers just by a single tweet. That’s why you need to tweet about the same content several times in order to increase their awareness about your content. Of course, you must not do it by spamming your Twitter timeline. You are not going to retweet the same tweet over and over again. In fact, you are going to change the combination of your tweet each time you publish a new tweet. In other words, though you are promoting the same content, you will use different headline as well as different image for your tweet. Beside helping you to increase your followers’ awareness about your tweet, you can also track and analyze which combination will work best to attract their attention. Thus, you can use the working combination for your subsequent tweets.


Those are the steps that you need to take in order to win your audience’s attention on Twitter. Whether you have a small blog or a big blog, it is better for you to keep your audience feel interested with you on Twitter. Those steps will guide you all the way into a successful Twitter promotion that will help you to attract more leads and customers back to your business.
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Combination of Social Media & SEO – A Perfect Mix

SEO and Social mediaDue to the stiff competition in the online industry, the success of any digital marketing campaign of any website is now completely dependent on its wider digital presence. SEO is considered to be the best method for increasing the popularity and web presence of your online business and success can be achieved by simply interlinking your company`s website to its different social media properties. It is said that the more links, retweets and likes you receive, the better your presence and chances of getting noticed would be, this will also help in increasing your rankings in the SERPs.
SEO is no longer enough for your company to stay online and get noticed (especially when Google is launching one update after another). A solid social media campaign can work well along with SEO for the production of great results for your online business in the long run. Once you add social media into your SEO campaign, you can see a dramatic improvement in your rankings and overall traffic. The reason for this quick improvement in the rankings is the constant sharing and redistribution of your content via these social platforms, which makes the search engine think that your website provides high quality content and the audience is actually appreciating the content.
Today almost all of the online businesses have their social media accounts and they are aggressively using them for the promotion and sharing of their content. Google+1s along with Facebook likes, Pinterest and tweets are proving to be the best sources of increasing SEO rankings and referral traffic. The reason for this quick effect to rankings by these social media hubs is that Google has started giving sufficient weightage to the social shares a particular website has in its search algorithm.

Social platforms and activities on them are now being incorporated by the search engines within their respective ranking systems. The result of these modern SEO strategies along with effective social media campaigns is simply amazing. This fact has given birth to the use of quality and engaging content which has the potential of going viral on social media. Now if your content is of high quality and is interesting enough to engage the readers then sharing of this content via social media would automatically boost up. If it is readable, relevant, and interesting, then people will go for it, read it and would surely share it at different social media platforms to let their family and friends know about it as well.

Your SEO strategy will automatically turn into success if you keep your company’s social presence maintained. The more socially active you are; the better you can spread awareness among your targeted audience and grab their attention. Similarly attention of people towards your content would result in more reviews and social shares. The quality of the content is much worth as compared to the quantity. All you have to do is to generate high quality engaging content. The number of shares, likes and tweets to your content is highly dependent upon the quality of your content and once you start producing quality stuff, believe me, sharing would be an automatic process then due to the viral nature of most of the social networking sites. This way you can achieve higher search engine rankings that will ultimately result into a solid clientele looking for your business both on social media and through Search Engines as well.