7 Essential Reasons Why Live Streaming Video Is Good For Your Online Marketing Campaign

What is the difference between regular videos and live streaming video? In regular videos, you record your videos, edit it sufficiently, and then publish it on video sharing websites like YouTube. But, in live streaming videos, you are recording your videos while at the same time publishing your videos for others to see. The question is this: are live streaming videos good for your online marketing campaign? The answer can be yes, it is as you will learn later. Here are 7 essential reasons why live streaming videos are good for your online marketing campaign:

7 essential reasons why live streaming videos are good for your online marketing campaign

7 essential reasons why live streaming videos are good for your online marketing campaign

Building Anticipation.

People can only see your live streaming only at a specific time. So, naturally, you have to inform or announce to your audience first about the live streaming session before you actually start the live stream. This can help to build anticipation about the product on your audience, and it can be a good way to build hype around it.

You Talk Directly To Your Audience.

During the live streaming broadcast, you can always open the comment section so that you can see their comments while you broadcast the live stream. This can be a powerful way to build a good communication with your audience, as well as to make them even more interested in not just your product, but also your personality and your brand as well.

You Can Have Direct Q&A Sessions.

Another benefit of live streaming is the possible live Q&A sessions that you can make during the broadcast. This can be beneficial for your online marketing, since you can answer the questions about your product directly to your audience. They donít need to go to the customer support just to do that, but instead, they can have their answers right away.

You Know What Your Audience Thinks About Your Product.

You donít need to waste a lot of money just to see whether your product will be accepted on the market or not. By doing live streaming for your product promotion, you know what they think about your product immediately, and in so doing, you can improve your product based on their feedback. Nowadays, itís very important for you to know about what your audience thinks about your product, as it will either bring success or failure to your marketing efforts.

Time-Limited Offer.

Since your live broadcast can only be done at a specific time, you might as well use this time to give your audience your time-limited offer. Time-limited offer is the type of offer that will have a higher conversion rate because of its scarcity factor. With the time-limited offer, you can get the most out of your promotion, while at the same time, give your audience the privilege to get the best deal out of your product.

Creating Your Own Community.

Since live streaming broadcast can help to build a good communication with your audience, it can also help you to build a good relationship with them too. With this promotion strategy, you will be able to create your own community, which consists of people who are interested in your product. These people can become your long-term customers later.

Testing The Water Before The Big Launch.

Live streaming videos can be used to introduce or announce your soon-to-be-launched product to your audience before the big launch day. In a sense, it can be used as a means to test the water before the big launch, which will help you to get some insights about the audience, as well as the market, for the product. It helps you to make your big product launch a success.

Those are the reasons why you should include live streaming video in your online marketing campaign. This is an important extension of the regular video marketing, and if you can implement it on your promotion, you will be able to launch even more successful product promotion campaigns later.

AutoPlay Video Launching from Twitter

In a long anticipated move, Twitter is finally launching auto-play for the videos on their site.  This is something that Facebook has had for quite a while now, and has enjoyed a lot of success from. For those who are not familiar, the technology works by automatically beginning a video as soon as it is visible to the person browsing their Twitter feed.  The video will begin playing in mute so that it really doesn’t disturb anyone who is not interested.

If the user scrolls past, the video will stop playing.  In many cases, however, the video will catch someone’s eye and they will be interested.  With a quick tap or click, they can then let the video play in full screen mode (for mobile devices) and with the audio as well.

Perfect for Advertisers

While the auto-play feature will be engaged for everyone, it is especially important for marketers and advertisers.  It makes it so a far greater number of people will actually see your video ads.  Twitter has made it clear that advertisers will only pay for a view if the video has been 100% in view for a minimum of three seconds.  This is similar to the Facebook setup and it has proven to be effective for many marketers.

Changing the way Marketers Make Videos

The auto-play feature has really caused a lot of brands and marketers to change the way they are making videos.  First, it is 100% essential to have the first couple of seconds of a video be very eye catching.  You want visitors to see your message and tap it to see and hear the rest of the video.  Many marketers are also putting sub-titles on their videos since they know that some or all of the ad will be viewed without the volume on.

Widescreen Auto-Play

While Twitter’s feature is largely just a copycat of Facebook’s, they have made some advancements.  First, if there is a video that has started to auto-play on the screen and the user tilts the device sideways, it will automatically turn on the sound and play in full screen mode.  This will likely help to ensure more people are seeing the full video and getting the full message that publishers want. While it may seem like a small thing, it can be very helpful.

Dramatic Increase in Video Views

If Twitter gets similar results as Facebook, they will see a dramatic increase in the total number of video views that are generated on their platform.  This, of course, is a good thing for Twitter.  It is also going to be helpful to brands, advertisers and the users in general.  While some people report that they find the auto-play option to be annoying, the majority of people seem to like it according to recent surveys.

The one potential problem is for users who have a limited amount of mobile data.  Twitter does allow the auto-play feature to be disabled in the settings so that should not be a significant concern.