How to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly

When you write content for your blog or website, do you believe that your content will go viral quickly? Most probably, you will think that people will spread your content around, but the reality hits you that the content you’ve written is not getting readership in a fast pace.

Viral content marketing

Then, you will look at some popular blogs and wonder why their content can go viral in a short amount of time and get spread by hundreds of thousands of people on social media. It seems too easy for them. But, why not you?

The answer is that it’s because their content clicks with their readers. Here are 5 tips to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly:

Create an emotional click with your readers

This is something that needs to be your top priority. Your readers will not share your content anywhere if it doesn’t give them any emotional click. What is emotional click? You know, when you read something on the internet and you feel that the content inspires you, you will naturally hit the share button so that your friends can read it as well. This is called emotional click. It can be in the form of inspiration, motivation, some enlightenment, knowledge, or something else that comes right after reading your content.

Help your readers in some ways

Creating content that is pure information is not going to help you to spread it around. You need to create content that will be able to help your readers in some ways. You should be able to connect with them personally by helping them solve their personal life problems. For instance, creating content about getting out of debt quickly will give you more chance to go viral rather than content about the percentage of debt in the world. So, always make some effort to help your readers, and help them good. Really give solution that they can use indefinitely.

Use the passive strategy

What does it mean to use the passive strategy? Using the passive strategy simply means letting your readers to spread your content around by their own free will. You don’t encourage them to spread your content. You don’t keep reminding them to hit the share button day in and day out. You just create excellent content, watch their reaction, and create another. Don’t force your readers to share your content, but just leave the decision to them. This is the more effective strategy to help your content go viral quickly.

Know what works for your audience

The only way to create an excellent content that will go viral quickly is to observe your audience reaction toward your content. You need to test each of your content and determine what works to excite your audience. In other words, you need to spend some time in creating various types of content and find the type of content that brings the most traffic. Once you found it, it will be easier for you to create content that will have a high chance to go viral.

Make sure that your audience know and trust your brand

The last tip that you should pay attention to is your own brand image. People will be more willing to spread your content if they know and trust your brand. If you are still unknown to your audience, then you shouldn’t expect your content to get spread quickly the first day you hit the publish button. But, once you grow your brand authority, you will see that more of your content will get spread around more quickly simply because people know and trust your brand.

Those are some tips you can follow to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly. Are you still having trouble attracting traffic to your content? Those tips may help you change your situation quickly.

5 Important qualities that must exist in viral content

I have seen many people on CPA Lead generating millions of clicks to their content locker offers by making their videos viral so i though i should share a little info about how to make your content viral. Lets take example of YouTube have a look at some YouTube videos for a while, and you’ll find many videos that have millions of views on them. How can those videos achieve those views? Let’s think about it.

You see a video that was published a year ago, and it has 3 million views. Well, it means that the video gets approximately 250,000 views per month, and it can be translated into 8000+ views per day. That’s an impressive number. Now, how can a video gets such an impressive number of views in a day?

The answer is that because it has certain qualities that make it appealing for the viewers and encourage them to share it. What are the most important qualities that make any content go viral? Here are 5 important qualities that must exist in viral content:

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Brand Personality

Almost all viral content have strong brand personality behind it. Take a look at BuzzFeed. This company releases short videos that become viral very quickly on YouTube and elsewhere. Their content always has their brand personality on it, with their own unique way of presentation that makes their audience recognize their content in an instant. You need to have this kind of brand personality in order to create identity for your content. Before sharing your content with others, your audience needs to know about your brand and like your brand personality.

Fun And Engagement

There are lots of funny videos that go viral on YouTube, and you can also see funny articles go viral on This is another element of viral content that you need to be aware of. Fun and engagement are important because it creates good feeling for your audience, and when your audience feels good, they’ll tend to spread their feelings to others. So, inserting the fun element to your content can help you to increase the chance for your audience to share your content. And don’t forget to engage with them as well.

Success Replication

Another element of viral content is success replication. What does it mean? It means to replicate the success of other viral videos. When you see a successful video, you make a similar video and it will achieve similar success. That’s how the success replication works. It is not only for videos. It happens everywhere in business, either online or offline. You simply go for what the masses like, and replicate the success of the people who already achieved their success. In terms of viral content, you simply replicate the success of any viral content and create a similar thing out of it.

On-Demand Content

Your content will go viral only when your audience wants it. When there is huge demand for such type of content, it will become popular very quickly. Where can you look for on-demand content? You can simply take a look at the current trend in your niche. Of course, the trends will come and go. The key is to keep yourself busy in creating new viral content according to the newest trends.

Reaction Trigger

Content that demands the reaction from your audience will tend to go viral quickly as well. For instance, when you write a controversial blog post, and your content naturally attracts hot discussion in your blog, you will be able to make your content popular in a short amount of time. What you need to do is to put some reaction triggers within your content in order to encourage your readers to give their response toward your content. Thus, in this way, you will create healthy discussion around your content. Lots of successful viral Facebook posts have this kind of reaction trigger.


Those are the important qualities that you must add to your content in order to make it viral. Without those qualities, your content will just become a regular content that will not have any significant appeal for your audience. Even if you follow one of those qualities you can make your campaigns go viral easily.

Ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral

Storytelling is like a powerful fuel that will help to boost your viral content marketing. Without a worthy story to tell, your content is nothing. People will not pay much attention to your content because it is nothing special. Instead, people will pay attention to the content that contains powerful story, which often inspires them and changes their life. With a good storytelling element, your content can go viral more easily. Here are 5 ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral:

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1. Focus On The Good Flow Of Presentation

No matter how great your story, nobody will want to listen to it if you don’t present it in an interesting way. This is how your presentation needs to be done. It has to be interesting from start to finish. Well, it will depend on your content, though. If you are presenting your story in the form of video presentation, you need to ensure that your video is interesting to watch, with beautiful and smooth animation. On the other hand, if you are writing content for your blog, you need to fill it with images that will make your post look more interesting to read.

2. Write Your Content Around Touchy Subjects

Why should you write your content around touchy subjects? That’s because that’s how you’ll build personal connection with your audience. You need to touch the feeling of your audience in order to move them into taking action right after listening to your story. Touchy subjects will help you to create the necessary emotional trigger that will inspire your audience to share your content immediately after reading or watching it.

3. Reinforce The Story With Relevant Graphics

Everywhere it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true, especially if you want to create a viral content. You will always find that most popular articles out there always have relevant graphics attached to it (often in the form of info graphics) that makes them even more interesting to read. It’s actually not only a matter of making your content more interesting with graphics, but it is also a matter of reinforcing your story with relevant graphics. It means that you need to make your story more alive with the graphics or images that you bring on it.

4. Always Aim To Create Positive Emotion With Your Story

While negative headline works well to create a kind of controversy and hot discussion, in the end, if you want to make a good viral content that will bring positive impact to your business, you need to aim to create positive emotion with your story. Let your readers to experience joy and happiness after reading your story. You can also make them feel hopeful with their life. Be the catalyst of happiness for your audience, and you’ll ensure that your content will get spread far and wide.

5. Just Think Outside Of The Box

Don’t follow the crowd and find your unique voice. People love to hear about unique things, and they generally hate to hear about the same things over and over again. When you think outside of the box, you will discover ideas that will not be the same with any other already existing content. Your content will stand out from the crowd, and of course, more people will notice it in a flash. By thinking differently from the norm and creating your own point of view, you will be able to create ravings audience that will follow your every move.

Those ways will help you to turn your storytelling into some kind of viral marketing tool that will help to spread the word about your content more effectively.

Small Yet Forgotten Tactics Of The Successful Viral Content Marketing

Most bloggers in existence might be craving for viral content for one reason and one reason only. They want their content to hit the crowd because in that way, they can get more traffic, and as a result, more profit. However, viral content has been a mystery for most bloggers since it is not easy to make any content go viral, and it is certainly not a work to be done in a day, a week, or even a month. In order to make your content go viral, you will always need a strategy that works perfectly to create enough buzz around your content, make people notice it, and let them spread it around. Here are 5 small yet forgotten tactics of the successful viral content marketing:

Content Marketing

The Power Of Negative Headline

When we take a look at many news websites, there are a lot of news that become overnight sensation because of their negative headlines. Negative headlines also tend to create controversy, and in so doing, fueling hot discussion that will often go viral very quickly. This is something that you can use to your advantage. Negative headline works better at creating buzz for your content than the positive headline.

Short Content That Surprises Your Readers

There is an important element of viral content that needs to be exploited as well. If you want to create a successful viral content, be sure to give bits of information that is short and easy to read. However, the information needs to bring surprises for your readers. What kind of surprises? That is, the information needs to be shocking and helps your readers to expand their knowledge about many things, especially the things that they can relate personally.

Slowly Spread Your Content Over Time

The successful strategy to make your content go viral can’t be done overnight. You have to create a strategic marketing plan to spread around your content over time. You just don’t want to do massive marketing for your content today, and stop doing it a week later. If you really serious in making your content go viral, you need to do the marketing tactics slowly, but surely. Promote your content in different places online in the course of several months, and the traffic will come in consistently.

Evergreen Tips That Work

You don’t want to make old content go viral if the information is no longer relevant in the present time. That’s why it is better for you to present evergreen tips in your content, rather than offering information that is not going to last for long. Following the trends is good, and it may become viral for the short period of time. But, giving away evergreen tips that people can follow anytime will help your content to go viral in the long run, bringing evergreen traffic to your website.

Long, Information-Rich Content

Also, another good way to make your content go viral for a long time is to offer long and rich information content. This is the type of content that is used by many bloggers to attract viral traffic to their blog. Information-rich content will always win the bigger traffic because search engines are looking for this type of content as well. When you write long and information-rich content and it goes viral, it will get indexed by the search engines in the first page, making it even more powerful in delivering the traffic back to your site.


Those are the small and forgotten tactics that you should implement to start your viral marketing campaign. Many new bloggers are just trying to make their content go viral by buying ads on Facebook and hoping that people will spread their content further. But, instead of wasting your thousands of dollars in social media promotion, it is better for you to apply those strategies and make the process more natural and automatic without spending big advertising budget.