2015 Email Marketing Study Published

Silverpop has recently published their new 2015 email marketing study that looks into how different industries are doing with their email marketing efforts.  As all marketers know, email marketing is often a key option to help bring in new and returning customers.  When done properly it can help dramatically improve your bottom line.  When done incorrectly, it can be a frustrating waste of time and money.

The report looks at a number of different aspects of email marketing including the open rate, click through rate and even how different regions of the world differ in how they interact with marketing emails.  Taking this information can help you to choose what type of marketing to do and how to do it.

Click Through Rates

Getting people to click on the links within your emails is absolutely essential.  Of course, it is also very difficult in many cases.  Looking at the below chart from the report it is easy to see that some industries are much better at it than others, and that some marketers within each industry are much better than others.  Taking the time to learn what is working and what is not is essential in becoming a successful marketer.

2015 Email Marketing Study Published

Open Rate

You can’t get to the click from a customer if you can’t get them to even open your email.  In fact, for many marketers this is the hardest part of email marketing.  Getting emails to avoid spam boxes and then get the attention of the users can be hard, but it is definitely not impossible.  Look at the below chart to see how different industries are doing at getting potential customers to open their email marketing messages.

2015 Email Marketing Study Published


Another point that the study touched on was how different countries or regions of the world.  Some regions have significantly higher average open rates than others, which is important to keep in mind.  Using this information you can make a much more informed decision about how and when to use email marketing compared to other options.  See the chart below to gain some valuable insights.

2015 Email Marketing Study Published

The bottom line here is that email marketing continues to be an extremely effective option for many marketers.  Those who aren’t doing the marketing correctly, however, are getting very bad results from email marketing.  Learning from this report is very important no matter what industry or region you are in.  With the right information and some work you will be able to get into the top results, which can result in very high return on investments.

To see the full study just click HERE.

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