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Free Traffic Methods That Will Help You To Make More Affiliate Sales

In order to boost your affiliate sales, you need to drive more traffic to your landing page. The best traffic source to get started with zero investment on traffic buying  is using free traffic because you will only invest zero dollars in it. You’ll get the same high converting audience as the paid traffic. But, the catch is that you need to invest some of your time to do it. Here are  traffic methods that will help you to make more affiliate sales:

 Publish High Quality Videos On YouTube At Least Once A Week

There are many videos on YouTube that get more than 1 million views, and most of those videos are coming from popular websites or blogs. How much traffic do you think that those websites or blogs get from their videos? The answer is… a lot. YouTube is a great way to attract more traffic to your website. Well, you might not achieve millions of views for your videos, but nevertheless, your videos will help you to drive good amount of quality traffic to your landing page. So, it is a good idea for you to publish high quality videos regularly on YouTube so that people will know more about your website as well as your product recommendation. Check out my article about effective lead generation using YouTube

Upload Documents To Document-Sharing Website

If you have interesting content in your website that is worth sharing with others, you can convert your articles into documents and submit your documents to document-sharing website. Document-sharing website is similar with article directory. The only difference is that you are submitting documents instead of articles there. But, the interesting part is that your documents will always contain articles. This platform can help you to attract more traffic to your landing page just as effectively as article directory.

Write Articles And Publish Them To Article Directories

You don’t need to write long articles for article directories. Writing and submitting 400-500 word articles regularly can help you to boost your traffic to your landing page effectively. Moreover, the traffic that you will get is high quality traffic. So, if you want to drive targeted traffic to your landing page easily, you can submit your articles regularly to article directories. Many people still do this, and it is still one of the best ways to attract free traffic to your website.

Write Regular Guest Posts

Writing regular guest posts is also similar with writing regular articles for article directories. The only difference is that when you write a guest post, you have to write high quality content in order to be accepted by the host blog. Article directories are accepting lots of articles at a time, so they tend to have fewer requirements for the articles that they accept. But, it’s different with guest post. Since most blogs are operated by a single person, you should be able to make your content interesting enough so that this person (the blogger) will accept your guest post gracefully. But, once your guest post is accepted, it can become a great source of additional traffic for your landing page since the traffic quality is very good.

Be Active In Social Media Websites

Social media will help you to spread the word about your website quickly. So, it is important for you to be active in social media websites. Having a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account is important for your website. In this way, you can share your content easily to the social network. Your social media presence and popularity will contribute viral traffic to your website. So, this is another free traffic ticket that you definitely need to grab.

Those are 5 free traffic methods that will help you to make more affiliate sales. The more traffic that you send to your landing page, the more sales you will get. The best traffic source when you are starting out is free traffic because you don’t need to invest any money in it. So, follow the tips above and send more traffic to your landing page in order to make more affiliate sales. Let me know by commenting below if you have any concerns or questions 🙂

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