Key Survey Provides Marketers with Insight to Effective Techniques

When it comes to marketing, few things can be more valuable than having a good understanding of what will work best with your particular audience.  Learning which types of marketing techniques will bring in new customers and which ones will drive them away.  This is why a recent survey from Fractl and Moz is so interesting.  The survey asked over 1000 consumers a variety of questions about how they learn about products and decide what to buy.

While the survey is somewhat generic in that it does not break things down based on types of products, age groups or other demographics, it does provide some very valuable information.  Taking some time to read through the questions that were asked and the responses given can be very helpful to any marketer looking to improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.  With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the most interesting questions from the survey and their results.

Have You Done Any of the Following in the Last Week?

This question is quite interesting because it shows what types of activities people are doing when considering making a purchase.  As you’ll see in the chart below, most people are using search engines to find information.  Interestingly, the second most popular option is ‘read an article online.’ This is almost certainly an article read after doing a search, so the reality is that search is critical for both of the top two results.   See the chart from the study here:

Key Survey Provides Marketers with Insight to Effective Techniques

How do You Learn More about a Company or Product?

This is another great question and one that can give you valuable insight into your potential customers.  Once again, we see that doing online searches and visiting company website are right at the top.  The key here is to make sure you have the best possible information right on your website so consumers find it when they need it:

Key Survey Provides Marketers with Insight to Effective Techniques

What is an Effective Way for a Company to Attract Your Business?

Here is a very direct question and really gets right to the point.  If you know how your consumers are looking to be marketed to, you can make sure you are meeting them where they are so to speak.  Sending consumers discounts, coupons and free items is clearly a very effective option according to the chart below.  After those two, however, search results are one again key to attracting business.  Go through this chart and see which areas you are currently engaging in and which ones you can make improvements on:

Key Survey Provides Marketers with Insight to Effective Techniques

You can see the full report HERE if you’re interested in learning more about the results of the survey.  It has a lot of valuable information that you can use to make immediate improvements to your overall marketing strategy.  No matter what type of product or service you are promoting, this can be a very helpful bit of information to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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