5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Will Be Difficult For You

kjrocker fail saturday“This is going to be fun. A new way to make money easily, promoting other people’s products.” You might think of affiliate marketing in this way when you first know about it. But, upon practicing some affiliate marketing methods, you realize that it is not as easy as you think it is. In fact, you experience big difficulties to really make money online promoting other people’s products. You begin to think: “Why do those people have six figure earning with affiliate marketing, while I’m struggling to earn a dime with it?” If you’re still having this kind of question within your mind, then you’re about to know the answer of it. Here are 5 reasons why affiliate marketing will be difficult for you:

1. You’re Proceeding Without Plan

A plan is important to keep your progress. It is also important to keep yourself in the right track. Without a plan, your moves in this business will be like wandering without direction in the forest of uncertainty. Most people fail in affiliate marketing because they don’t have a plan to follow. Thus, they don’t know what to do today, tomorrow, or next week. Sometimes, they even do nothing.

2. You Don’t Have a Landing Page

How do you promote your affiliate product? Do you have a landing page? In order to successfully promote your affiliate product, it is a must for you to build a landing page (a website or a blog) and presell your visitors toward your product recommendation. So far, this is the best and most effective way to make money with affiliate marketing. If you send your traffic directly to the merchant’s sales page, you won’t be able to make as many sales as when you have your own landing page.

3. You Don’t Know About Your Audience

Knowing about your audience is a very important factor that will affect your success with affiliate marketing. You can’t sell something successfully to the people who don’t really need it. You have to find the audience that has a big need for your affiliate product, and promote your product to them only. Don’t waste your effort in promoting your affiliate product to the wrong audience.

4. You Don’t Have Solid Marketing Strategy

How will you attract targeted audience to your landing page? You need to have solid strategy for your marketing effort. Do you want to build a mailing list? Do you want to use PPC? All the available methods are effective if you really apply them properly. But, you still need a strategy in order to drive as much targeted traffic to your landing page as possible.

5. You’re Promoting The Wrong Product

Finally, the big reason for the difficulty that you experience in your affiliate marketing business is that you promote the wrong product. No matter what strategy or plan that you use, you simply can’t sell this product. You simply can’t make a sale. The product is a dud. The product is inferior, low quality, and a clear rip-off for the customers. When you promote the wrong product, no matter how diligent you are, you will still struggling to make a sale from your promotion.

Those are some reasons why affiliate marketing will be difficult to you. It’s time for you to ponder on those reasons, and start taking the real steps to the right direction. In this way, you’ll find affiliate marketing to be less and less difficult to do, and more fun to enjoy.

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