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Arab Affiliate Summit Cairo 2017

Hey guys its been over a month since I came back from Arab Affiliate Summit 2017, However due to busy schedule and me deciding to stay in Pakistan for a month or two before returning to Dubai, I wasn’t able to share my experience about the event on my blog.

I first heard about Arab Affiliate Summit last year, when I was invited by an organizer of the Arab Affiliate Summit as a Speaker. As I was in Pakistan at that time visiting my family, I applied for my Egypt Visa from Pakistan, however even after a month my visa wasn’t processed so I wasn’t able to  participate in the event ( Pakistani passport ranked 3rd worst in world :- Global Passport Power Rank. ) Therefore I was unable to attend last year!

Arab Affiliate Summit 2017
Arab Affiliate Summit 2017

Before I continue would like to thank Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil, The Event Founders and Mohammad Hisham Chief Organizer for Inviting me again in 2017. When I got the invitation I wanted to make sure that I make it to the event this time, at any costs! Therefore, this time I applied from Dubai, so the process was smooth and within a few days I had my passport in my hands, with the Egypt Visa Stamp on it 🙂

I was really excited to attend the event as I was going to meet Famous digital marketers like Neil Patel, Charles NGO, Steven Kuhn, Mustafa Patel, Sebastian Gomez, Rohail Rizvi,Dimitris Skiadas, Farid Khan, Rizvan Ali, Com Mirza,Mohammad Khonizi,Mohamed Ali Aguel and many other awesome people.

The event started on the 12th of October and Continued until 14th of October. I was supposed to land on 11th of October however due to some personal reasons, I landed in Cairo on 12th afternoon. Due to the delay my speech which was scheduled on the 12th was rescheduled to the 14th, so i had enough time to relax and enjoy the event! These 3 days in Cairo were a true representation of ARAB and Egyptian Hospitality. While I’m at it, I would like to thank the AAS Team and especially their volunteers for their amazing hospitality and of-course the event participants! Also those of them who wanted to invite me to their homes ( Thank You All Of You ) .

Before I left for Egypt I didn’t expect many participants, however when I actually reached the venue, I  realized how big this event was!! The Venue was packed with the people who were eager to learn about affiliate marketing and Digital Marketing.

The First day  Sessions included speakers Including Charles NGO, Rohail Rizvi, Steven Kuhn, Mustafa Patel, Sebastian Gomez, Rizvan Ali, Neil Patel and Com Mirza. Even though I didn’t sleep for the past 48 hours, I was still SO interested to learn, that I attended most of their sessions and spent the rest of my time networking with the attendees and answering their questions.

The next day I decided to go and explore Cairo, on my own. I really loved shopping for my wife from place called khan al khalili and I visiting The Great Pyramids of Giza. Thank God I had already done my research so dealing with the Tour Guides wasn’t that hard.  ( PRO TIP Never believe when your tour guide tells you he knows a friend who offers this or that , Or when your Tour Guide ( At Giza )  asks you for your phone so he can take your picture as he will ask you for the money later..

Pyramids Of Giza
Pyramids Of Giza

Anyways My tour went quite good, except I made a mistake by choosing a horse carriage (Horse’s name was Michael Jackson btw), as my guide asked me to give him my phone so he can take my picture, which I eventually did, and once he asked for the money, I asked for his phone and took his picture so made it even..

On day 3 I attended a few sessions and  we also had a round table activity where all of the speakers had to visit every table for 10 minutes and answer any questions attendees might have … Personally my presentation started with a disaster, as 30 minutes before I was due to start, when I tried using the Shoe cleaner, my shoes got scratched! So I was found running around the mall attached to the hotel looking for shoes.. Once I accomplished mission shoe hunt I ran back to get on the stage..

Kj Rocker at round table activity
Round table activity

I spoke about building funnels and why affiliates need them to maximize their revenue. I got a little nervous after looking at the crowd, as we had a hall full of attendees. However, after a while I took control and delivered my speech without any problems.

Kj Rocker Speaking at arab affiliate summit 2017
Speaking at Arab Affiliate Summit 2017

After my speech, I was busy answering questions from the attendees. To conclude the event, The after party was hosted by the Marriott Nile Cruise. A great time to  celebrate the success of the event.

The event itself was a great eye opener for me, and It was really interesting to learn that most of affiliates in Middle East region are using Facebook traffic,  and the potential we have in Middle East region is huge. There are plenty of offers out there that you can take advantage of. If you are interested in working in the Middle East market, the best offers in my opinion can be found on Arabyads.com, as they are the major player in the market with their offices in Egypt and UAE. Other networks you could look into include Global Wide Media ( Former Neverblue ) and Digitalraves. Below are kind of offers making money in Middle East if you want to dive in un saturated market!

  • E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile Apps

At the end I would congratulate Arab Affiliate Summit Team for organizing such an awesome event and also a huge thank you to the volunteers for being super helpful and showing true Egyptian hospitality throughout the event 🙂

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