Cart Abandonment a Huge Problem for Mobile

MarketLive has recently released a new report about digital marketing and it had some pretty grim news for those of us who use mobile in their marketing (which should be everyone).  The report found that approximately 90% of all ‘shopping carts’ are abandoned when people are using smart phones to shop online.  This means that even though millions of people go through the trouble of finding products they are interested in and adding them to their online shopping cart, they very rarely actually make the purchase.

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Now, even in physical stores you are going to get some small percentage of people who abandon their cart, so you can’t expect this number to get to 0%.  The reality is, however, that 90% is one of the highest rates of abandonment around, if not the highest.  This indicates that there are some pretty severe issues with the way people are making their mobile eCommerce sites.

Improving the Site Design

Most marketers have spent considerable time and effort improving the look and functionality of their sites when it comes to mobile devices.  This is great, and it has helped to allow smart phone traffic to become a huge part of the overall internet browsing experience.  In fact, smart phone internet use has gone up by 269% over the past year according to the same report.

Despite the improved design and functionality, however, people still aren’t completing the sale when they are on their smart phone.  Further study will need to be done to identify the exact cause for this, but some things can be assumed to be causing the problem:

  • Entering Personal Information – When you shop online you often have to enter a lot of personal information such as name, address, credit card name, credit card number, CVV number and more. This is a big hassle when you’re on your smart phone, and many people will just give up.  Learning to make this an easier process is very important.
  • Security Concerns – Some people still worry that smart phones aren’t as secure as traditional browsing. Putting up a message of some sort to ease their minds can help them to be more willing to go through with the purchase on their phone.
  • Questions – When on a smart phone it can be a little bit more difficult to scroll around to find the answer to a question someone has before making a purchase. If they can’t find it within seconds, they are more likely to leave the site entirely.  You may want to give people the option to just tap to call you if they have any questions.  This will give them an additional option rather than abandoning their cart all together.

There are undoubtedly many other problems related to smart phone shopping that have yet to be discovered.  This is a big advancement in the whole eCommerce industry.  None the less, this is not a statistic that can be ignored.  Anyone who is marketing online should be experimenting with ways to reduce the overall cart abandonment rate on their pages.

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