How to Prevent Trolls From Ruining Your Reputation In Social Media

TrollfaceInternet trolls have become a big part of internet community, and you will likely encounter them often specially on Facebook groups. While most of those cyber slanderers are just people who don’t have anything better to do with their life, they can also proven to be dangerous for your business reputation. When they sneak into your social media circle, be aware that their nasty comments can affect your reputation negatively. Here are 5 ways to prevent trolls from ruining your reputation in social media:

 1. Don’t Deal With Them Personally

 Do not ever deal with the trolls personally. It will only feed their ego and it will only create unnecessary flame war between you and them. Of course, other people who are watching this flame war will begin to think differently about your business if you can’t control your response. So, first of all, you need to avoid dealing with them personally. Even better, you can play with them with a laugh, but never completely take them lightly. You need to first compose and take control of yourself in dealing with those trolls. For example personally i got trolled a few times on facebook group but i instead of dealing with them directly contacted group Admins and asked them to deal with the cyber slanderers.

 2. Defend Your Reputation By Answering Their Slanders

 If they begin to throw nasty comments regarding your business and trying to destroy your business reputation with their comments, you have the rights to respond back to defend your reputation. But, answering their slanders can be a little tricky. If you do it wrong, they will use your comments as the weapon to attack you back. So, be very careful in answering their slanders. Remember to keep yourself from being too reactive with your comments. Recently i got trolled by a guy from Pakistan because i wished my friends on  Christmas and New Year , The first thing i did was to block him from my facebook and than publishing  followup post on my time line .

 3. Respond With Professional Comment

 To clean things up from the mess of those trolls, you have to respond to their comments with professional comment. Yes, use professional language, such as using the word “we” instead of “I.” In this way, you can keep a good image for your business, and if you can consistently show those trolls about your professional stance, you will eventually ride them away. This is a good example: “We are sorry for your inconvenience, Mr. Anonymous. But, please state your problem more clearly as we couldn’t understand it completely. We will try to solve any problem that you have as much as we can. Our customer support will help you to go through the best solution for your problem.”

 4. Report Them From Abusing Their Social Media Account

 If they persist in giving nasty comments in your social media page, you should report their account immediately. You can do it with any social media platform available. Just contact the support of the social media site and state your problem with this particular person. Give the copy of his comments that are slanderous toward your company. Most of the time, the support of that social media platform will respond to your report quickly and try to remove the problematic account from your page as soon as possible.

 5. Don’t Be Emotional In Your Reaction

 Lastly, you should avoid from becoming too emotional in your reaction. Again, you have to keep your professionalism in place. Remember that you are a representative of your business online, so you should keep the image of your business good. Being too emotional will only make your reputation worse and give even more people the chance to troll you. Keep calm, and prefer to stay quiet unless you have something good to say.

Those are some ways to prevent internet trolls from trolling your social media page or profile  and ruining your reputation. You have to keep yourself guarded from such kind of people by applying the tips above. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below 🙂

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