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My aim and mission of this post is to create discussion! I want to get some feedback and create a case study to display how many different paths we have and how many different methods people used to get into IM, but I don’t want the usual two word answers; “the money”, “the freedom” , “Suggested by so and so”, “Google”

I want to hear some proper feedback about How you got into IM, What brought you here, When you got into IM, Where you want to go in the future, Why you chose IM and somebody who inspires you or you look upto in the industry. You don’t have to write me an essay or a 10 page booklet butmaybe a paragraph for each section. You can comment on the post or E-mail it to us via our “contact us” page, it’s upto you!


How?What?When?Where?Why? Who? ProfileSo here is my little profile:


I got into IM almost 2 years ago via freelancing. I was a writer for sites such as iWritter, I published a few kindle books, I did a few from Warrior Forum and Fiver. I got into the CPA and Affiliate marketing side when I met KJ. He told me he had been playing around in the industry for almost a year and I was intrigued to see what it was all about and how he does it. So we had a few coaching sessions and I shadowed hi ma few times, then I got hooked, I found peace in having the freedom to work when I wanted, to almost own my own work life. So I started affiliate marketing later that very year (2010). So I guess I got into the industry through Mr KjRocker himself.


I started serious IM in early 2011, I started signing up with networks and taking affiliate marketing seriously, I started shadowing KJ more and such stuff. My writing skills really helped in going from just freelancing to affiliate marketing, I have always had a passion for writing since I was a child and now earning and doing it on a daily basis is something I enjoy because it allows me to expand my knowledge.


In the future I hope to work in the psychology field, but keeping IM as a back up plan, I know many IMers who do it full time, I admire their patience and dedication, and although I posses those skills, I want to explore things more. However IM is something that I can see myself doing as a hobby in the future, the social side, skills development and the vast experience and opportunities it gives is something that one should never let go off.


So thats a VAGUE-SIH profile from me…


Now let’s get some proper feedback from you guys!! I will be running a feature on this topic soon….. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR PROFILES!



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