Powerful New Options for Facebook Advertising Announced from Teradata

Facebook advertising has been an effective way to drive traffic for quite some time.  The fact that Facebook offers so much data about their users makes it possible for marketers to really get their ads shown to the exact people they want every time.  Of course, to set this up it can take some time and experimentation to get it right.

Powerful New Options for Facebook Advertising Announced from Teradata

There are so many different ways you can customize your advertising it can sometimes be overwhelming.  With that in mind, the data analytics and marketing company, Teradata, has announced a new digital marketing tool that will allow marketers to deliver extremely targeted Facebook advertising through their system.

They will set up full ad campaigns that that target customers through email, mobile, traditional web and now social media.  They have long been a leader in digital advertising, but with the addition of these new tools for Facebook, they will essentially be a one-stop-shop for marketers and digital ad managers around the world.

According to the press release, “Teradata’s new social advertising capability in its Digital Marketing Center enables marketers to draw on their wealth of customer data to create Facebook Custom Audiences that match their existing segments.  This improves marketers’ Facebook campaigns by providing more nuanced targeting of customers and prospects in ways that are contextual and highly relevant, rather than intrusive.  The end benefit is more relevant and revenue-producing ads optimized for best spend and results.”

This new addition to their existing tools will make them more effective than ever, and help to drive better sales or sign ups, depending on what the marketers is looking for.  The fact that these new tools will allow even greater targeting within Facebook (and outside of it too) will help advertisers to potentially get really high returns on investments.

The CMO of Teradata Marketing Applications, Lisa Arthur, said “Marketers are increasing time and money spent on digital ads, especially on social networks.  As a result, they want improved targeting and higher return on their investment.  Teradata customers can combine the power of Teradata Digital Marketing Center with Facebook Custom Audiences to produce stronger and more successful interactions and conversations with Facebook advertising.  Improved targeting of unique audience segments coupled with real-time relevance increases performance and return on investment.”

With this new service added to their already popular solutions they will likely continue to grow and expand to become a leader in digital advertising.  This is one of the best new services that takes Facebook’s already powerful advertising options and adding in great 3rd party options to make it even better than ever.  This type of thing will likely become more and more popular in the coming years as marketing agencies and ad tech companies start looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of every advertising campaign.

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