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ProPush Review 2023: Monetize Push Notifications Traffic

Are you a webmaster who wants to make most of your site traffic? Or probably you are an advertiser buying traffic for your campaigns and wanting to boost profits?  Anyway, if you don’t have any extra monetization source in place for your traffic, you are losing money!, a platform by my favorite people at PropellerAds, is your savior. It is a push notification monetization platform based in Cyprus that helps you easily monetize all your traffic — even the users who left your website or a landing page. 

How To Make Income with ProPush?

If you have your own website with large volumes of traffic, you can actually use ProPush for your basic or even the only monetization option. But my favorite thing about this platform is that it allows advertisers to get extra profits from CPA offers they promote using ad networks.

In a nutshell, ProPush works like that:

  • You set a ProPush SmartTag on your website, landing page, or a pre-lander;
  • Your site or a page shows a suggestion to subscribe to push notifications;
  • Users that come within your traffic subscribe and start receiving push alerts;
  • You get money for these users!

Looks pretty easy and cool, nah? I call it lazy monetization — just a couple of settings, and you start getting additional profits with no effort. And the best thing is that it doesn’t spoil your main offer if you are an advertiser. I mean, you can both earn money from a CPA network and get extra profit from push notifications. Let me tell you more about it.

Additional monetization with

So, you already know that to monetize landing pages and make extra income from your traffic, you have to set up the tag on your landing page. It can even be a pre-lander — check out this nice case study.  

Once your tag is installed, you will be paid for each subscriber on your landing page (CPS rates) or push notifications sent to your subscribed user database (RevShare). The tag works together with your main offer of any vertical, won’t disrupt the main conversion flow, and can add about 35% more profit to your campaign.

Are there any risks with extra monetization?

Basically, no. Here are the most common questions advertisers usually ask about additional monetization of their offers:

— What will happen to my main offer’s CR? 

Nothing too bad. It may drop up to 1-2%, but your profit from will cover this very slight decrease. Besides, you can always optimize your monetization efforts and get the main offer CR back.

—Does it take much time or effort?

No, it’s a lazy monetization option that can automatically bring you extra profits as soon as you set the Smart Tag.

—What if a user doesn’t subscribe to push notifications on my landing page?

No problem — they will stay on your page and keep interacting with your main offer.

—Can I monetize users that didn’t subscribe to push notifications or left the main offer page? 

And here comes the TrafficBack feature: I’ll tell you everything about it right now.

TrafficBack: monetizing 100% of traffic

So, how to monetize 100% of your traffic — even the users who didn’t subscribe to alerts and weren’t interested in your main offer? The answer is the TrafficBack link. 

It works as simple as the Smart Tag:

  • A user performs an action (subscribes to notifications, blocks an opt-in request, goes to a previous page of a browser, etc.);
  • TrafficBack finds another relevant offer based on a user’s GEO, OS, or platform;
  • A user is redirected to this offer, and you get a second chance to make them convert.

And a couple more facts about TrafficBack:

  • TrafficBack is very accurate: it uses the smart PropellerAds Rotation Algorithm, so it’s very likely that a new offer will attract a user.
  • TrafficBack works for numerous traffic types, including Pop, Redirect, Pre-landers, Social networks, banner traffic, and SEO. Besides, it can be great for remnant traffic — the traffic that did not bring you to profit with the initial offer (don’t confuse it with low-quality or bot traffic, though).
  • You can set TrafficBack to work for various scenarios: when a user blocks the push subscription form, when a user is already a subscriber when they come from an unsupported target, and many more situations when there was no conversion at the main offer.

So, as a result, users will see advertising offers from PropellerAds partners and can bring you additional profit — up to 20% instead of just wasting the traffic that didn’t convert.

What are the revenue models by 

How To get Started with Propushme
How To get Started with Propushme

1- Revenue Share

In this model, you are paid based on the push notifications delivered to your subscriber’s database. The payout depends on your traffic quality and the number of subscribers you have. So, each subscriber you get will continue receiving notifications and bringing you passive income. And, what is also great, even if a single user sees the same notification several times, you will still get your profit. 

Such a model doesn’t bring profits immediately but gives very good results in the long-term run. It is the only available option for the new partners, but as soon as you show that you bring top-notch subscribers, you can switch to the CPS model later. TrafficBack is also paid by RevShare.

2- Cost Per Subscriber (CPS)

In this model, you are paid a fixed rate as soon as a new user accepts a subscription request to receive push notifications on your landing page. In other words, it’s about instant payouts — a user subscribes, you get money — quick and easy! What happens next doesn’t bother you anymore — even if a user unsubscribes.

Although you receive payment only once for every subscriber, the profits can be still very high. Look: here are the current rates for the CPS model:

CountryAndroidMac OSWindows
New Zealand$140.0$102.8$102.8
United States$80.0$120.0$120.0
United Kingdom$62.0$70.0$70.0

CPS rates for every 1000 subscribers has to offer! 

So now that we know they are too good to ignore, let me show you how to get started with

How to set ProPush Smart Tag

Step1: Signup with

To start, the first thing you need to do is sign up with Click the Registration button to start the process.

How to Make Money With Propush
How to Make Money With Propush

How to Make Money With Propush

Step 2: Add sources

The next step is to add your websites or landing page domains. Only HTTPS sites are accepted! Wait for a while before checks and accepts your source. One more thing: you need to have access to a site/page’s root directory, so make sure you have the right source.

Step 3: Verify your website needs to know that you really own a site/page you are adding. So, upload a .js file to the root directory of your site to pass verification. Verify your website Verify your website

Step 4: Set the Smart Tag

Get the SmartTag from the self-service platform and install it inside a body tag. Then install the sw.js file in the root directory of your site or landing page.

Propush Add script
Propush Add script

Congratulations! You are ready to monetize your landing pages/websites — no more efforts needed!

The case studies published by show some of their users reported tag earning back up to 30% – 50% of the traffic cost. Some partners on the revenue share model were able to double their revenue by using as a backup monetization source for their campaigns.


Many affiliates miss out on this simple strategy which can help them make extra money off their campaigns. Your landing pages can generate thousands of views per day — why not make the most of them? lazy monetization helps to profit from all users — even those who exit your landing pages or close them. So why lose money instead of making them — easily, quickly, with almost no effort?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Now it’s time for you to make the most out of your traffic and monetize any traffic you have — with ProPushMe!

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