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Simple Tweaks that Can Transform Any Bad Landing Page into Sales Machine

Do you have a landing page which converts at 0.1% or less? That’s what I call a lousy landing page. Or, it can be said that it is a useless landing page. A good landing page should be able to convert at 3% or more depending on the product that you promote. Fortunately, it is only a matter of simple tweaking if you want to change your lousy landing page into a high converting landing page. Here are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine:

Change your landing page design and graphics

First of all, take a look at your landing page design and graphics. Do you like it? If you don’t even like your own landing page design and graphics, then how can your audience like it? If you don’t like your landing page design and graphics, then change them. You can hire a web designer to make your landing page more appealing and look more professional. You can use nice graphics to represent your landing page copy. You need to be creative in implementing graphics to your landing page because it will affect your conversion rate. A lively landing page (and a highly converting one) has good design and graphics.

Insert a story to dramatize your offer

You need to make your landing page more dramatic. You need a story, a story that moves your audience to keep reading your landing page from start to finish. This story needs to be told in the most interesting way so that your audience feels excited to keep reading. If you haven’t done so, start writing an interesting story related to your product and put it in the introduction paragraph in your landing page. But, if you already write a story for your landing page, then you just need to examine it and make necessary changes to make it more appealing to read.

Know what your audience is thinking

For instance, you have to know what makes your audience to consider not purchasing the product. Think about it. Is it about the price? Is it about the doubtful quality of the product? Are the benefits not valuable enough? In your landing page, you have to address each possible resistance within your audience’s mind. This is important for you to crush their resistance before they reach the buy now button. It will make their resistance seems useless and insignificant.

Make it clean and easy to read

Examine your landing page carefully. Examine the font and the heading. Judge for yourself! Is your landing page clean and easy to read? Scroll it down and read paragraph by paragraph and pretend that you’re the potential customer. Do you think that your landing page is comfortable to read? Do you see any glitches or bad factors that might turn your attention off your landing page? You have to address this issue as soon as possible. If there is any problem, you need to fix your landing page immediately.

Eliminate the trash

Your landing page doesn’t need to be long in order to convert well. It doesn’t need to be full of fluff that makes it too difficult to understand. You don’t need to use complex language. In fact, you need to keep your landing page simple and straightforward. You can’t clutter it with ads that are irrelevant with your promotion. You need to eliminate the trash within your landing page. Read your landing page again and see whether you use excessive words to tell a simple fact. You need to simplify your landing page.

Those are 5 simple tweaks that can transform any bad landing page into sales machine. Don’t send any more traffic to your lousy landing page. You need to fix your landing page first before sending your traffic back to it. Do it now!

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