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Interview with Luke from Box OF Ads

One of the tools i regularly use and always recommend to my blog readers specially those who are running PPV Traffic is Box Of Ads, Its a wonderful tool to keep an eye on your competition and to see what new ideas and promotional angles are being used in PPV Traffic and by Media Buyers . Since i started using this tool i never looked back and always loved it . More than that i always found their support team very helpful and they are always there no matter its about providing support or you have any other questions. Even when i approached Box Of Ads team to get a special discount for my blog readers they were happy to provide me 2 Box of ads Discount coupons . And they also sponsored the KJ Rocker Giveaway Contest where one of our readers was given lifetime access to Box of Ads. It was all because of Luke the man behind the Box Of Ads and his team. Luke is one of the most friendly people in our industry who is always there to help whenever you ask them ,So I requested Luke to do an interview with us, So we can find out more about him and his website Box Of Ads. So lets see what he has to share with us …


1.    Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

My name is Luke and I’m 24, living in a great city with old pre-war buildings Wroclaw In Poland huge fan of video games, board games and psycho fan of french bulldogs.
2.    How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? What was your first money maker?
I’ve met my current business partner Bartek in 2010; this is when we have started working on “IM thing” our first money make was from YouTube marketing using incentive offers “free ebook on world of Warcraft gold making” sort of thing.
3.    Can you please tell us a little about your background?
I have finished high school and moved to new city where I’ve started our internet ventures moving slowly starting from free methods like one mentioned above,moving to paid advertising  and now product co-founder. Slowly achieving my own goals and milestones on the way.
4.    What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
I believe that would be my audio-video set, ye as a huge fan of gaming I needed one 😉 but low on time to fully enjoy it. I’m glad Christmas is coming which should free up some of my time at least for a couple of days
5.    What is your biggest achievement so far? And also what are your biggest failures?
Whole I would count as a success. From ground we have launched a product that is used by users around the world and it helps them to achieve success. I think this will be our biggest success so far including satisfaction it gives when people reach out to you on Skype or mail to tell use that they enjoy your software.
For failures I would say that our company focus in affiliate field on USA market only ,as this one is the easiest to find offers and there is no language barrier but one change might ruin your whole campaigns and from our current experience it ain’t that hard to take same campaign and move it to europe with little tweaks.
6.    What is your Daily Routine?
I wake up pretty late due to being from Europe and my need to stay out till late hours in order to chat with folks in USA or Canada which means I have privilege to get to office at 12.00 after that I move on with  responding to support emails and finding out what was going on with campaigns a day before and rest of the day at the office I try to split between campaigns, contact with partners and whole product development thing to plan with our team what will be next.
Later on I move to my home office play some old school rock music and talk on skype with our partners or talk with our customers on a live chat.
7.    What tips would you give to those who want to take the path of entrepreneurship?
I will try to stay out from those obvious ones that you read all over the web like “always keep testing”  as I think everyone knows that already.
-Find a good business partner- I take care of whole business side and my business partner has a IT degree it helps us to join our ideas into something that works and makes profit.
-Try to become independent – if you find something that works think how much of that process could be done on your end only.
-Your job never ends – Ye not sure if this one is a good one but I have a feeling that I never stop working. After working in this field for some time you will see that ideas come up at strange time and sometimes it’s required of you to stay in working mood for a longer. I’m sometimes jealous of people that do 8hours job 😉
8.    Are you an affiliate yourself?
Oh yea of course this is how it started and I always try to include features that I would make use of in this was created for our affiliate marketing ventures but later on it switched to full product.
9.    Tell us about Box of Ads and what inspired you to start Box of Ads? is PPV Spy Tool and Display Advertising Spy tool. We are a solution that combines two really great traffic sources into one software. First of all we have started with Pay-Per-View Traffic with major networks: TrafficVance,Leadimpact and last month we have added 50OnRed.

Our Second Module is for Display Advertising we collect data from over 80 networks that display banners all over the web. We provide data that tells you information on exact activities of advertisers including banners and landing pages used by them in order to promote their product.

How did it start? We started  affiliate adventure at those PPV networks and we always wanted to know what is being promoted by others it’s really tidiouse job if you want to see exactly what’s up you commit lots of time in order to see exactly what’s going on. That’s why we decided to make this process much easier and accessible for us
10.    As we all know setting up a website like yours is not a bed of roses, what was your biggest problem when you started?
You bet this was hard due to couple things including that we just started out. First of all we weren’t know for any previous software or product on the affiliate community so getting people to trust us with their money wasn’t easy thing.  I would say that this was our biggest problem to get people to trust us and try our software.

11.    What is Box of Ads and why one should join it?
I won’t over do it If I  say that is a software that collects your competitors exact ads,when they were shown and on what target or placement they occurred. I would prefer your users to tell me if they see point in joining our software.
Will database of 1,500,000landing pages and almost 500,000 banners with exact information where was it seen and what offer it is promoting would be worth to you? To know what type of landing pages and offers are currently promoted on traffic source that you spend 500usd+ daily.
If it’s not worth to you believe me it’s worth it for your competition 😉

12.    What is the difference between Box of Ads and Other similar providers in the market?
First of all quality. There is not much going on in PPV spy tools on the market so even by being almost only company that provides it, we update our software every week with new features and tweaks example of it is 50OnRed network that we have lately added to our software that is unique thing for the whole market.
For Display we are only software on the market with advanced search. For a downside, we have much lower data when you compare to competition but it’s obvious due to being much younger but we are slowly catching up. Trying to come up with unique features that will make marketers live much easier in the future and none has it.
By choosing BoxOfAds you support a company that listens to their users and understands that their success is our success. That’s why you can so many times talk with me on a live chat. I always try to help people that visit our webpage even if they are not customers.
Adding that factor was biggest improvement in understanding point of view of our users and not only assuming they might be thinking similar to me. I most likely will never fully outsource live chat 😉 as this is something I really enjoy doing.
13.    How many modules does Box of Ads offer?
Currently 2. For Pay-Per-View Traffic and for Display Advertising more coming on the way but those will be announced soon.
14.    How one can make most out of Box of Ads PPV spy Module, What you would suggest to your existing users to do when they are using your service?
There are 2 ways you can do it: Dark way and Light way just like in star wars 😉
Dark way is much easier and much more tempting but it’s not long term and you won’t take much out of it except quick bucks here and there. Which means simple copy paste of landing pages used by other affiliate.
Light way is by trying to understand data we provide and try to come up with something unique and new. From our experience looking at landing pages and combining them into something new or moving approach to whole new niche results in really long term campaigns and it’s really easy.
You may say that you will be copied by who cares about it if you have a knowledge to come up with those new campaigns just like this. We are owners of software and still have campaigns that are so old that it’s unbelievable that those still work with little tweaks.
15.    How Display Ad module can help Media Buyers? What makes your module so special?
It’s helps in similar way as pay-per-view spy tool do. We show you data that you can use and learn from in order to implement it into your own business. Seeing what big guys like ATT or  (from affiliate field) big point are doing is a great way to learn what works for them what to show up mostly on your banner and what info to provide in order to grab users attention. Knowing how to use that data into your own campaigns is crucial in our opinion for affiliate.
16.    How large is your team? How many people are behind Box of Ads? has 7 people in its team including my business partner and myself. Currently heart of our company consists of people taking care of tech side and graphic side.
17.    What are your plans for the future?
We are working hard to create technology and coverage for as many countries and traffic sources as possible.
18.    What are the challenges you are facing right now and how  are you planning to overcome those challenges?
Trivial one but still a thing that wakes me up at nights 😉 are credit cards. Due to international nature of our business and different regulations in different banks around the world we plan splits test in order to make our credit card system work as smoothly as possible and to not make our signup 3 page submit ;P It’s like a whole new level of split testing.
19.    What are your favorite traffic sources? And why?
I would say PPV most likely because it was our first and it doesn’t stress you too much as you care mostly about advertising guidelines and not whole problem that Facebook has with account bans or  PPC quality scores.
20.    If you could go back in time and do things differently, what one thing would you change?
I would say I would fix things that we are working on now and focus on international coverage in our affiliate activities. Starting earlier if that would be possible as this is hell of a fun ride since it started 😉
21.    Generally people think PPV Traffic is of low quality what you would like to say about it?
I would say that they have tested it wrong. We make money out of it since 2011 and judging by amount of data our software collects people are making money out of it too.  Hey even blinkxx bought adonnetwork for 35 mln some time ago so I think more people except of me believe there is plenty of money there.
22.    What budget you suggest to start with PPV Traffic and Media Buying?
We have started seeing our first successes after about 500usd spent on testing so this is a budget that might work for you as well. Just don’t go berserk on testing everything that is on your CPA network
23.    What tools you suggest to those who are just starting out with PPV and Media Buying?
CPVlab and good hosting company like  Beyond Hosting those are things we have started with and I believe those are things that should be enough for people wanting to achieve first profit.
24.    At the end is there anything you want to share with our readers?
Ye I wanted to share a photo of my bulldog that my business partner doesn’t allow me to place on any of our sales pages. So I hope you won’t mind if I send it over 😉 He’s a crazy bastard that loves hard rock music and sleeps on my laps when I’m working.

box of ads bulldog

Thank you Luke for taking time for us and sharing awesome informatiopn about Box of Ads and yourself and oh yeah your beautiful bull dog picture. For our readers  Luke was kind to share a discount coupon with us and if you are running PPV Traffic or you are a media buyer i would highly recommend you to check out Box Of Ads .  For discount coupons click here ..
  ~ Kj

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