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Interview with Mark from Leadbit Affiliate Network

Hey guys today we are going to interview Mark who is working with Leadbit as Head of Accounts department. If you attend affiliate marketing conferences you may have met him in MAC Kiev Affiliate Conference 2018, TES Affiliate Conference 2018 Prague, TES Affiliate Conference 2019 Lisbon, MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019 Moscow or at CPA Life 2019 Saint Petersbirg. Without wasting any further time lets read about the mark’s interview and how is Leadbit changing affiliate marketing world!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

My name is Mark, I’m 26 years old, based in Moscow.

How long have you been working in affiliate  industry, and how did you get involved?

I have been working in affiliate marketing industry for 2 years. Frankly, I had never had plans to be here, since I had worked in digital advertising agencies most of my career time. Nevertheless, once decided to move from boring and typical daily routine to another something new one that can drive me much more.

Mark Head of Account department
Mark Head of Account department

Please tell us more about Leadbit. What do you guys do?

Leadbit is an affiliate CPA network which provides our partners with opportunities to work with various verticals such as dating, nutra, gambling, sweepstakes and finance. We used to be a nutra oriented organization, but afterwards we set a goal to diversify our risks and change the specialization since our market is not stable.

There are lots of affiliate networks. How is Leadbit different when compared to what we see out there? What sets you apart from the crowd?

Yes, the market is very huge and saturated. I guess the main point is to differ, bring a value that others can’t do. When I am talking about the value, I mean the expertise our managers can provide you. Leadbit has been existing already for 9 years. For that time we have gathered tons of experience including  bad and good, we understand how affiliate marketing works, what we have to expect for, and how we can help out to our partners. Most likely, compared to others, we have profound volume of resources. It’s not just money, we are a part of a big group of companies, there are advertising networks, affiliate networks, mass media source and so on, more than 10 organizations. We collect and mass valuable data that help us to soar much faster than anyone.

What kind of support you provide to your affiliates? Do you help them with data ( Provide them data which can help them launch successful campaigns)?

Of course, we provide them with data that we have. For example, what offer shows the best performance, what source is better for an offer. We do all our best so that a partner can feel himself safe and confident. And I am talking about not only our in-house offers but as well as direct ones. We have perfect relations with anyone and it helps us in many cases.

How large is your team ? 

Affiliate team consist of twelve managers. And in our office we have around 300 workers.

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On average, how much revenue are your top affiliates currently generating?

It depends on. Especially, if we are talking about publishers who use facebook, they are not stable because of bans. Today a partner generates 2000$ per day for us, tomorrow he does $200. Nevertheless, honestly, I have no idea of exact numbers. Believe me, we earn a lot of money ☺

How easy is it for affiliates to join your network? What is the main advice you can give to users who are interested and want to join Leadbit?

The only thing we ask for is understanding where you are, what are you going to do. A partner has to know what source he is going to use, he should have plans what vertical most likely he choose. Of course, we can advise, but several simple questions reveal intentions of the partner. Along with that, we are not serious. We don’t demand experience with other affiliate networks, we don’t demand immediate volume of leads. But we expect for being serious about starting working.

If you could give one tip to the newcomers starting out in this fast-growing industry, what would it be?

Patience. You don’t have to wait for big results at the beginning. It’s a key thing that helps out. 

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Can you tell us which are some of your most effective traffic sources  that work best on your network?

Facebook is the best one of course. The best quality along with big volumes. All money from there. The next one is MGID. We appreciate guys who work with AD networks. It’s complicated, the auction is very expensive and targeting is difficult. The last one is Adult networks such as Exoclick, Traffic Stars, Traffic Factory. Because adult goods are the best offers within a nutra market.

What are your top GEOs on your network?

Indonesia, Columbia, Spain, Italy, Portugal. 

What are your top converting offers at the moment?

Erofertil and Erogan are the top converting offers because of popularity of adult products. It’s still working and not dead ☺ The best way to start is to start out with that category of nutra.

For affilaites who wants to try Adult category, we have variety of direct Adult games that converts best and we can provide users with the right flow to start working.

We also have awesome direct CCs & SOI sweepstakes for IT & FR that rocking the market at the moment

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