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About iAmAttila

iAmAttila is a legendary affiliate marketer that begun his career in 2008. At first he dabbled in building niche sites and search engine optimizing them to rank high in google. Later he switched to paid ads with a focus on Facebook & Google to promote CPA offers. He has been invited to speak at reputable conferences like Affiliate World, been featured in countless interviews and podcasts and his blog iAmAttila was named one of the top 10 best affiliate marketing blogs by Search Engine Journal. In 2020 he published a book for beginners named "From Zero to Super Affiliate" that teaches how to get started earning money online as an affiliate for complete beginners, earning Amazon Best Seller rank in the process. To follow iAmAttila's blog about affiliate marketing tips & tricks visit his website, to get 1 on 1 help from iAmAttila and other super affiliates join his membership forum iAmAffiliate.

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