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Blogging Monies Last Part (10)- Dominating Your Niche And Build A Big Reputation For Your Blog

top 10 cpa blogsWelcome to the tenth and the last part of Blogging Tutorial Series by In this part of the series, you will learn about how to dominate your niche and build strong reputation for your blog.

No matter how big your business, reputation is always important to keep people coming to it. If your blog has a good reputation, people will trust what you write in it and willing to follow your recommendations. And with strong reputation, you can dominate your niche and turn your blog into an authority blog. To do that, you need to apply some strategies to your blog. Here are 5 tips to dominate your niche and build a big reputation for your blog:

1. Infiltrate All Your Niche Categories

There are various categories that you can cover within your niche. You shouldn’t limit your blog just to three or four categories. In fact, you should infiltrate all your niche categories in order to offer more information to your readers. Of course, you don’t need to do it all at the same time. You can just do it gradually so that you can adapt yourself to the demands of your blog. By covering all categories within your niche, you will have more chance to dominate your niche in the search engines as well.

2. Network With 50 Popular Blogs In Your Niche

Do not just write one occasional guest post to one relevant blog per week. Make it a blast. You have to network with at least 50 popular blogs in your niche and submit your regular guest posts to them. It might sound impossible for you, but again, you have to do it gradually. Moreover, you can always make it easier for you to have some staff writers in your blog to do the guest posting tasks. When you’ve made enough profit from your blog, it will be good for you to hire more content writers to expand your blog further.

3. Connect Your Blog With Your Social Media Account

Connecting your blog with your social media account will help you to dominate your niche. For instance, Google+ allows you to claim your internet content so that your profile picture can appear in the search result. It will attract more attention to your blog as well as create instant reputation for your blog. People will most likely choose to visit your blog whenever it appears in the search result if you have it connected with your Google+ account.

4. Deliver The Best User Experience

You have to be able to deliver the best user experience for your audience. This is the only thing that will keep long lasting traffic to come to your blog. Readers who feel satisfied with your blog will likely want to go back again to your blog later. They will even try to follow your blog everywhere. They will subscribe to your mailing list, follow you on social media, watch you on YouTube, read your guest posts on other blogs, etc. When your blog is becoming your readers’ favorite, the time for niche domination has come.

5. Intensify Your Content Production

The last thing that you need to do is to produce more and more content on your blog. You have to give more to your readers in order to receive more. Do you know how popular websites are getting even more popular? That’s because of their user-generated content. Millions of pages are being added to those websites every year. Think about it. If you can do the same for your blog, you’ll be a king in your niche. To do that, you can start accepting guest posts and guest writers in your blog. In this way, you can intensify your content production and make your blog the leader in your niche.

Niche domination is the last strategy that you need to apply in order to build a successful blog. Once you’ve dominated your niche, your blog will only have more traffic for years to come. It will only increase in rank, popularity, and readership.

You’ve reached the end of the Blogging Tutorial Series. Thanks for reading all of the posts in this series and we hope that you can learn something good from it. Visit for more tips, tricks, and tutorials related to blogging and making money online.

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