Blogging Monies Part 1 : How To Choose Catchy Domain Name For Your Blog

Welcome to the Blogging Tutorial Series of Throughout these series of posts, you will learn about how to properly build a blog that will bring real profit for you. How much profits this blog brings in ? Well i can`t give you exact details but here are a few screenshots from different monetization  sources used for this blog . earnings

So you got your motivation ? In this first part of the series, you’ll learn about how to choose a good name for your blog.

So, you’ve come into the idea that blogging might be profitable for you, and you have already selected a niche you will write about  and you want to build your blogging business right away. Don’t be careless, my friend. If you want to build a successful blogging business that will be able to give you steady amount of profit later, you should begin by choosing a good name for your blog. Well, most people who are started blogging will just pick any name that comes to their head, without much thinking. But, you have to know that your blog name will become your brand later. So, think carefully before picking a name for your blog. It has to be catchy and easy to remember. Here are some tips to choose catchy domain name for your blog:

1. Keep It Relevant With Your Niche

No matter what your niche, keep your blog name relevant to it. Don’t make it sound cool and irrelevant. Make it sound cool and relevant. Include one keyword that is familiar in your niche and combine with other word that will make your name unique and catchy. For instance, if your niche is skin health, then use the word skin within your blog name. You can also replace this word with another relevant word, such as beauty. Just be creative with it.

2. Make People Remember It Easily

The name must be memorable. This is a very important rule if you want to make your blog popular later. It means that you need to make others to remember your blog name easily. Of course, you will remember your own blog name, but it’s not a priority. You have to make others—your audience—to keep your blog name in their head, not you.

3. Ask Your Friends About Your Domain Name

You will not know whether people will remember your blog name or not without asking them about it. So, introduce your blog name to some of your friends and ask them what they think about the name. Can they remember it? Is it cool and catchy enough? If so, then you’re good to go. You can also ask for your friends’ opinions to choose a good blog name among several names that you’ve brainstormed on your list. It will be a real help to determine which one is good for your blog.

4. Check Out The Thesaurus For Variations Of Words

The words that you use might already be used by other people, so you have to keep a thesaurus handy in case you want to find other synonyms for your name. Sometimes, this will help you to polish your blog name and make it sound better. You can also use online dictionaries to find some catchy words that you can use in your blog name.

5. Keep It Short And Sweet

You should make your blog name short and sweet. Do not make it too long. Two words in your domain name is enough to create a unique name that people will remember. The maximum words that you can put on your blog name should be three. More than that, and your blog will sound funny.

Once you’ve picked your blog name, go to Name Cheap or any other domain registrar that you prefer and check the availability of your name. It is always better to choose a .com extension, but .net is also okay. If your chosen domain name is not available, you can try another name on your list. That’s why it’s good for you to have some backup names that you can use later.

The next part of the series will cover about how to choose the right web hosting service for your blog. So, stay tuned.

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