Blogging Monies Part 2 – Basic Guidance To Choose The Right Web Hosting Service

Welcome to the second part of the Blogging Tutorial Series from In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to choose the right web hosting service for your blog.
You know, there are hundreds of web hosting services that you can choose. They offer basic functionalities, but usually they have different performance and features that you’ll get from their service. Also, the pricing can be so competitive that you will have difficulty to choose the right web hosting service that will fill all your blogging needs. Here are some tips that you can follow to choose the right web hosting service for your blog:

1. Popularity And Reputation

When choosing a good web hosting, you should take a look at the company’s popularity and reputation among its users. Whatever web hosting that you want to use, first you have to ask yourself whether this company is popular or not. And then, ask yourself whether it is reputable or not. If you stick with these two criteria, you’ll be able to filter all the bad web hosting services that you might find online. So, first you have to take a look at the track record of the company.

2. Features And Performance

This is the next thing that you should take a look. What are the features and how is the performance of the service? Make sure that they offer the features that you need for your blog. For instance, it is good to have a web hosting that uses CPanel as well as one-click installation for WordPress. Also, it is always good to use a web hosting that has 99.99% uptime guarantee so that you can ensure that your blog is always online.

3. Security And Upgrade

You have to protect your blog from any third-party intrusion. You might not consider it important the first time you start your blogging business, but once your blog gets bigger, you’ll see that it will become increasingly more important. So, choose a web hosting service that offers maximum security for all your files as well as the server that you are using. Don’t forget to ensure that you will be able to easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan later. This will save a lot of hassles when you move your shared hosting plan into a dedicated hosting plan later.

4. Pricing And Guarantee

Now, you have to ask whether the price they are asking you is affordable or not. Many web hosting providers offer competitive pricing that makes it hard for you to decide. But, it’s simple to decide which web hosting provider offers better service than the others. First, you have to ensure that they don’t charge hidden fees for the service that you are using. Beware that some web hosting providers may actually charge hidden fees for the additional usage of their server. Second, you have to see whether they are confident enough to give you a money back guarantee for their service. If they are giving you at least 30-day money back guarantee, then you can be sure that it is a good and trustworthy web hosting service.

5. Reliability And Customer Service

Lastly, take a look at how reliable they are in tackling your problems with their service. Ideally, you should be able to contact their customer service anytime, 24/7. If they are a good service provider, they will respond to you as soon as possible—usually within 24 hours—and they will tackle your problems immediately. If you see a sign that they are not answering your email or picking up your call, then beware that it might be a shady web hosting service provider that you should avoid to use.
By following the tips above, you’ll be able to pick the best web hosting service for your blog. Remember that your goal is to be able to find a service that can sustain your blog for long-term and give your blog the best performance possible. You also want the service to be reliable that you can always count on it every time you encounter a problem with the service.

My recommendations

If you are starting out from scratch and have less budget you can start with Host Gator  baby plan which offers shared hosting at $6.36 /Month but if you are serious about your business and can afford to pay for VPS i highly recommend Managed VPS Package from Liquid Web (This blog is hosted on Liquid Web) and i love them because of their best customer support and top notch service . I have tried many hosting services to how my blogs how ever no other service could provide me service like wired tree does .

The next part of the series will talk about how to install WordPress in your server easily. Don’t miss it.

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