Blogging Monies Part 4 -How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Blog

Welcome to the fourth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series from In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to pick the right theme for your blog.

genesis themeYou know, you can’t run your blog with an old and unappealing theme. Most people say that it is the content that matters. But, for your success in blogging, it is not just content that matters. It is also how your blog looks. People will find your blog even more appealing if they can see a good looking blog with awesome content in it. So, it’s important for you to choose your blog theme carefully. There are lots of premium themes out there, but which one will you use? Here are some tips to choose the right theme for your blog:

1.Theme Features And Functionality

Many theme designers are offering features and functionality that other themes do not have. You have to carefully take a look at those features and functionality because they can really help you to create a successful blog later. For instance, some themes offer SEO functionality and features that could help you to climb higher into the top search engine rank more easily. What you need to do is to find the theme that will give you the best performance in the search engine. This is the main feature that you really need from your blog theme.

2.Full Control

Be sure that you can control your blog fully with your theme. Some themes only offer limited customizations and you can’t do anything to change much of the look of your blog. It would be better to choose a theme that you can customize freely and easily without the need to learn much about PHP, CSS, or HTML. Pick the theme that will give you more options for customization so that you can make your blog unique from the rest.This blog currently us using Genesis Theme and it really makes things to customize things and is very amazing theme.

3.Premium And Professional Look And Feel

The theme should be able to make your blog look professional. You want your readers to trust the content that you are writing in your blog. To do that, you have to create a good impression right from the start when they visit your blog. So, if you can make your blog look professional, your readers will perceive your blog as a trustworthy and reputable blog. Also, the theme shouldn’t look like any free theme or common theme that you can find and download easily online. It needs to have a premium feel on it.

4.Flexibility And Comfort

Make sure that you are picking the theme that is easy to read and flexible to customize. User experience is a big goal for you, and if you can’t make your readers to enjoy reading your blog, you will not be able to attract more of them. You need to choose a theme that is adapted for various devices and browsers. You don’t want to leave any reader behind. Whether they are reading your blog from an iPad, smartphone, or desktop PC, you want them to be comfortable with your blog.


Lastly, you want a theme that offers you unlimited personalization options to make your blog uniquely yours. You want a theme that distinctly look different from others. You don’t want the same old theme that you see so often in many other blogs. So, even though the other blogs are using the same theme as you, your readers will not notice that. It is also a good idea to hire your own theme designer to make everything unique to your blog. That will be a plus.
When you are able to choose the right theme, you will be able to create better impression for your readers. It’s not only about how your blog look. It’s also about how people will perceive your blog, whether they will trust your blog or not. It’s very important for your blogging business.

We recommend Genesis , Optimize press to be used as word press themes ..
The next part of the series will deal about content creation. Don’t you feel excited?

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