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Content Marketing Strategies that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you want to boost your blog traffic, you have to focus on the quality of your blog post. Writing quality content for your blog is important to attract more readers to your blog. But, this is not the only way to do it. Writing content for your blog is only the one side of the traffic building coin for your blog. The other side is to write content to other blogs and websites in order to promote your blog. If you can do this right, you will have a perfect channel to drive massive traffic to your blog. Here are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic:

1. Keyword-optimized blog post

This is your main strategy to win more traffic to your blog. By writing keyword-optimized blog post, you will be able to enhance your search engine ranking and gain passive traffic from the search engines. Setting your blog for this kind of strategy requires you to do two steps. The first step is to write high quality blog post with keyword-optimized content and publish it in your blog. The second step is to write similar article optimized for related keywords and submit this article to article directory or other blog. This article should be linked to your blog post specifically, not to your blog home page.

2. Selective guest posting

There are hundreds of blogs that will accept your guest post. But, do you want to write a guest post for all of them? I guess not. You have to be selective in choosing your host blog. By choosing a really high quality host blog, you will be able to boost the power of your guest post manifold. Why should you write a high quality blog post in low traffic blog? It won’t give you any power up in the search engine. You should select only blogs that are popular as well as relevant with your niche. In this way, the link that you put in your guest post will be considered as authority link, and search engines will value this link highly.

3. Active video marketing

Be active on your favorite video-sharing websites. Yes, it can be YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, or other video websites that you like. However, most bloggers will choose YouTube for their video marketing plan because it is easier to use and it will apparently give them good result for their promotion. By being active in YouTube, for example, you can build a separate audience there. Not all of your viewers will visit your blog, but you have a new opportunity to promote your blog there. And of course, you will get more additional traffic coming to your blog via your videos.

4. Sharing infographics

This is what many bloggers have done recently. Sharing infographics is apparently becoming a trend in many popular blogs to attract more traffic to their blog. If you don’t know about infographics yet, it is an image which tells you a lot of information inside, all packed within one image. For instance, you can share information about a basic online marketing process in just one image. Not only it will be more interesting to learn about it, but also it will have a good potential to become viral on the internet. That’s why sharing infographics is considered a new way to share your content online, which has a big potential to become viral. Thus, it is also becoming an effective viral marketing strategy for your blog.

5. Blog content syndication

Blog content syndication is not the same as regular guest posting for your blog. When you write a guest post, you are writing for one blog only. But, when you write content for syndication, your content will be spread to many websites all at once. This is usually a good way to put many external links for your blog. However, you have to be sure not to write spam content for this purpose. Search engines will give you a great penalty if you do this.

Those are 5 effective content marketing strategies that will boost your blog traffic. Apply those strategies if you want to get more readers to your blog.

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