Expert Blogger’s Tips To Work Less And Achieve More

Some people might say, “Blogging is too much work,” and yes, they are correct. Blogging can be a really daunting work for you. There are many things that you need to do beside writing new blog posts every day. You have to manage your blog by yourself, you have to ensure that you get the best visuals for your blog, you have to manage your mailing list, you have to write guest post, you have to keep your visitors happy with your blog, and much more work to do. Knowing the nature of blogging, can you make it simpler so that you can work less and still get better result? Here are 5 expert blogger’s tips to work less and achieve more:

Determine The Unnecessary Tasks That Only Waste Your Time

Most bloggers are bogged down by the tasks that they don’t need to do, but they do anyway. You might already be bombarded with lots of tasks to do every day. But, can you spot some tasks that you don’t really need to do? If you can’t do it, try to find a value behind each task that you do. If a task can contribute something beneficial for your business as a result of doing it, then you should continue to do it. But, if a task can’t give you any valuable result after certain period of time, you should kill the task and focus only on what gives you real value.

Create A Simple Blogging Plan That Will Always Work

If you haven’t done it before, it’s time for you to create a kind of blogging business model for yourself. Prepare a blank paper and write your own blogging blueprint there. You can draw a mind map in that piece of paper and make it your blogging blueprint. It is important for you to create a simple blogging plan that will always work for you. I mean, the plan that will never fail to produce income from your blog. You should formulate this kind of plan. Make it as simple as possible, and follow the plan.


Focus On Quality Instead Of Quantity

Many bloggers are wasting too much time because they are focusing on quantity instead of quality. For instance, many bloggers prefer to write 10 quick posts per day rather than one detailed post per day. Why? That’s because they think that the more they write for their blog, the more people will come to their blog. But, this is not completely true. While people will come to your blog when you have lots of content to offer, the quality of each content that you offer needs to be present as well. Quick posts don’t give enough value for your readers, and they will less likely keep people interested toward your blog. But, a detailed post will give more insights to your readers, allowing them to learn more from your blog and motivating them to come again later.

Designate The Time For Your Blogging Activities

You need a schedule for your blogging business. If you have a good schedule for your blogging business, then you will most likely accomplish your task on time. The most common obstacle that many bloggers are experiencing is procrastination. They keep on delaying their writing activities due to various reasons, mostly because of laziness or distraction. You can end this common problem. By creating a fixed schedule for your blogging activities, you will be able to keep your productivity intact for your blog, without having to face procrastination along the way. You have to designate the time that you will use for your blogging activities, as well as how long you will do each activity.

Simplify Your Goals Into A Single Goal

You might say, “My goal is to increase my subscribers, increase my blog traffic, earn more from my blog, make my blog popular, as well as dominate my niche.” Well, that’s a lot of goals that you have. It sounds too complicated, isn’t it? It is better for you to keep your goal simple in order to avoid stalling in the middle of your project. In blogging, you have to simplify your goal into one simple goal. For instance, instead of having lots of goals for your blog, make it to become a single goal, such as, “My goal is to give the best value to my readers.” In this way, you will do each of your blogging activity with a purpose, which is to give the best value to your readers. A single goal will give you a single purpose, and it will also help you to ease your work along the way.


Those are the expert blogger’s tips that you can apply in order to work less and achieve more. If you are a blogger with more than 10 hours of work time per day, you have to simplify your blogging business right now. You are working too hard. Those tips can help you to give you more peace of mind, while at the same time give you better result for your business. let me know your thoughts by making comments below…

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