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How to create content that will keep going viral for years

What’s the secret to create a viral content? Creating viral content is not easy. You need a mix of good preparation, good luck, good strategy, and good timing. Ideally, the best type of viral content is the content that will keep gaining momentum day after day, years ahead. You don’t want to get some huge traffic this month and nothing the next month. So, here you’ll need a long-term strategy to make your content go viral for years to come. Here are some tips you can follow to create content that will keep going viral for years:

Create viral content for Viral Marketing

1.Inject your passion into your content

Passion is contagious, and passionate content will turn your audience into passionate readers. Content that is without passion will not impress your readers at all. It has lack of excitement, and of course, it won’t attract traffic. If you cannot create your content passionately, then you will not be able to attract passionate readers toward your content. It is such a necessary ingredient to create a popular content.

2. Be powerfully charming and persuasive

Still about passion, you need to also show your charm and persuasion in your writing. When you write, be true to yourself and write what you want to write without fearing anything. Persuade your audience with the way you tell your story, and don’t forget to add some humor into it as well. This will make your content even more appealing and shareable.

3. Go for high emotion

Whether positive or negative, high emotional content will always go viral more quickly as compared to the content with no emotion at all. So, you should always aim to arouse the emotion of your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Always go to inspire your readers and make them feel better. Remember, it is always better for you to create positive emotion rather than negative emotion for the sake of building good reputation for your brand.

4. Make it practical, helpful, and valuable

Practical, helpful, and valuable content will always win the traffic of the internet. Why? That’s because there are bunch of content that offers some tips about many things, and these tips are impractical, bogus, not helpful, and not valuable at all. People don’t go for these types of content. Instead, they go to the content that offers real practical help for their life situation.

5. Create the gem of the internet

Can you make your content the gem of the internet? The internet is full of content because it is the life and blood of the internet itself. Without content, the internet is nothing. There are lots of useful websites and interesting content to be found on the internet, but they are only on the minority. Most internet content are misleading and you can call it junk. That’s why the search engines are fighting against these types of junk content all the time to refine their search result. But, if you can create the kind of gem of the internet, your content will have higher chance to get viral for a long period of time.


So, if you want to make your content to go viral for years, you can take those tips with you and implement them into your content creation phase. It will help your online business tremendously.

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