Important Dating Lessons That You Can Apply To Your Blog

I know many of you at some point might have worked with dating niche, and now if you are running  any blog in any niche this post at www.kjrocker.com is for you. Attracting more traffic to your blog is more or less similar with the way you date a woman. If you do it wrong at first, you might lose the chance to date her further. That’s why you can always apply the lesson that you get from dating a woman to the way that you run your blogging business. Here are 5 important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog:


The Most Important Thing Is The First Impression

If you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you need to build a good rapport first. That’s true for your blog as well. If you want to make your readers fall in love with your blog, you need to build a good first impression for your blog. A good first impression can be built by adhering to two simple rules. First, your blog needs to have a good visual (Theme ). Second, your blog needs to have an interesting content. Those two fundamental rules should be adhered by any blogger who wish to have a likeable and popular blog. It’s a matter of first impression, and you only have few seconds to convince your readers that your blog is great. In other words, you only have very little time to create that positive first impression before your readers decide to leave your blog.

Your First Date Can Affect Your Relationship Further

If you ruin your first date, you shouldn’t expect for the second or third date. That’s a common truth in dating. It is also true for your blog as well. If you can’t catch your readers’ attention the first time they see your blog, you might not come back to your blog again. So, again, it is important for you to be able to engage your first-time blog visitors and to lower your bounce rate. You should at least provide enough guidance for the first-timers on your blog so that they are not lost within your blog conversation. Remember that if you already have lots of content posted on your blog, your first-time readers may have difficulty to know about where should they start reading your blog. As a blogger, you should point the right direction for your first-time visitors so that they don’t feel lost and disappointed with your blog.

Keeping Your Date Engaged With You

When you are dating a woman, it is important for you to keep her interested in your conversation. It is important for you to build really meaningful conversation with her. For your blog, it is also important for you to build meaningful conversation with your readers. So, your role as a blogger is not only to produce good content to read, but also to keep your readers engaged in your conversation. You shouldn’t only become a content producer, but you should also become a conversation starter as well. With your blog post, it is important for you to encourage your readers to discuss it further via the comment section within your blog. In this way, they will keep their engagement with your blog, and you will keep attracting new readers to your blog.

The Importance Of Grooming

Can you go to your date with dirty clothes and an ugly appearance? Of course, you can’t. You will ruin your date if you do so. It’s the same with your blog. What will happen when you use ugly template on your blog? Will people read your blog anyway? Most of the time, your readers will leave your blog if they see that your template is not clean enough. If you clutter your blog with ads all over the place, then who will want to read your blog? The answer is that most people will not want to read it, since it is so cluttered with ads and so uncomfortable to read. It is important for you to install a good template for your blog, as well as to avoid cluttering your blog with ads. Make your blog as clean-looking as possible. It will help you to build reputation and authority on your blog.

Nervousness And Other Things That May Ruin Your Date

Some things like nervousness, shyness, and fear can inevitably ruin your date. Why? That’s because those things will make you to act like someone who is not interesting and not desirable at all. That’s why if you want to keep your date interested in you, you have to learn to deal with your nervousness, shyness, and fear. It’s the same with your blog. If you are writing your blog content as if you are afraid of something, such as being afraid that your readers might not like your writing, then you will usually come up with a crappy piece of writing. Nobody will want to read it because it is full of unclear ideas and grammatical errors everywhere. You don’t want to ruin your readers’ satisfaction with low quality content. That’s why you have to fully express yourself and your ideas without fear while writing your blog content. This will create a great impression on your readers’ mind, and help your blog to be recognized as an authority blog simply because you have high quality content to offer.


Those are some important dating lessons that you can apply to your blog. The success of your blog will depend on the application of those dating lessons on your blogging business. So, the next question is: Can you do it? Let me know what are your thoughts and about blogging and dating going together by making comments below.

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