Flappybird is gone but some smarty made money off it!!

So Flappybird is a part of history now as it was top news on internet and almost every blogger wrote about it in order to take benefit from this , How many of them succeeded this can be answered by bloggers themselves, How ever i can tell you about a smart guy with flippa user name jamieklaz easily made $6,760 by creating domain  According to his comments at his listing on Flippa he claims to have 30,000 visiting in last two days as his website was also featured in news websites like Fox news etc .

Flappybird on flippa
Flappybirds listing on flippa

Here is another screenshot domain owner telling about the traffic.




The most interesting thing is that this website was not even properly developed and domain was purchased on 2014-01-30 as per whois records  so $6,760 was the only price for the domain. Seller must be thanking Nguyen for providing him opportunity to make some easy money .

Update :

From Tshirts , Phones to drawings everyone is selling FlappyBird products. Ebay is gone crazy

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