Charity Thursday – First Post

Hey guys this is a new blog post series on my blog . I have decided to pick up one charity organization every Thursday and post about it not only donate myself every week but also urge you guys too .  To help those in need , Amount does n`t matter at all here you can donate from $1 to as much as you can. We affiliates and internet marketers spend thousands of dollars on many other things it would be a great idea to motivate you guys and contribute and help out those who are in need , I would prefer focusing on those having  health and education issues. Propose of this post is to help out people as much as possible regardless of country and color and creed. This is not a publicity stunt or a new way to increase traffic the fact why i decided to do this is because i kind of felt today that people do read what i write , They do buy what i suggest , Than why not use this in some more productive way and try to server humanity (at least show some effort).

So i am here doing what i can do , being a blogger i can motivate you to do something good.

As they say Charity begins from home so i will start my series first post by posting about a Pakistani Organization Helping those who are fighting with deadly Cancer.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital     Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, USA Registered, tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS

You can read more about it on their About page This hospital was found by a famous cricketer (Now politician ) Imran Khan and it provides free cancer treatment to those patients who can`t afford to pay their treatment fees. A complete Detail of their Financial stats  can be seen here .

Charity Thursday

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