charity thursday

Charity Thursday-Help Lara fight blindness

Hey guys, it’s that beautiful time of the week I like to call Charity Thursday. Today I have chosen a charity that morally grabbed my attention, a charity that is going to give a young lady the right of sight back, correctly.

Laura was diagnosed with cataracts which is a clouding in the lens of one’s eye, it is a serious eye disease that can lead to permanent blindness eventually. This is very rare for a lady of Laura’s age and she was told she would need surgery within about a year, or she may be considered legally blind. That was one year ago, so why didn’t she seek help from the government or organizations you may ask? she’s contacted insurance companies, but they wouldn’t cover her pre-existing condition; government health programs (Medical/Medicare/HWLA), but she didn’t meet the qualifications; non-profit organizations (Mission Cataract USA/Lions Eye), she’s still working on this but so far no luck and she does not have much time! This charity “Indiegogo” was set up so we can help Laura fund her surgery in the USA, the charity has committed to $14,000 so Laura can get surgery in the USA, your small donation could help, so please do not hesitate In donating and let’s be part of returning a young ladies sight

Act Now and Help Lara Fight Blindness

charity thursday

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