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Charity Thursday! The big leap!!

So we haven’t done this in a while but charity Thursday is coming back! This is where we reach out to YOU GUYS our readers to do your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.. good deed! Whether its $1, £1, 10, 5 or even 100, we would be grateful if you get involved with our charity Thursday event!

This week we are supporting a younger generation of fundraisers! A group of youngsters at a Bar in Edinburgh are setting out to do a “Sponsored Jump”. They will be doing a series of events to raise money for particular charities close to their heart! Their first even is a BUNGEE JUMP Killiecrankie in Perthshire.


Killiecrankie is a Highland Fling Bungee Jump, which is a free-fall experience of 40 meters towards water, from a bridge! They are all in it together and are being very brave! So here at KjRocker, we thought we need to JUMP on board and help them reach their target!! ALL the money they make will go to their chosen charities!

We’re kicking them off with a donation from us all here… We now need your help!

So which charities are they raising money for? 

The three charities the team have chosen are;

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In order for you to fully understand where your money is going and how it is used, we will go through each charity and highlight it’s key points of charity.

Firstly, Alzheimers Scotland, this is a Scottish charity that offers specialist support for those suffering from dementia. They offer community activities, diagnostics, campaign for sufferers and their family, undertake research into how they can support dementia more, and peer support. This charity is certainly a cause to follow. Dementia sufferers can go through a lot of hardships, with themselves and people around them, this charity not only helps people with dementia, but  they also offer support to their family and friends around them.

Secondly, Macmillan Cancer support,  This is famous cancer charity that has my personal heart. Cancer is a life changing illness and must be treated with the upmost respect. This charity is known for the excellent work they do around the country, helping people from all over with practical, medical and financial support. They also do a great job in raising awareness of cancer and offering screaming sessions and information about cancer that is important for everyone to know, not only those who suffer from it.

The final charity the team are raising money for is the Scleroderma Society , this may be something not many people have heard about. I certainly hadn’t before this, but it is another great charity to support. Scleroderma is a devastating disease as any, it is a rare autoimmune condition which involves the overproduction of collagen. This is deposited in the body’s tissues causing hardening and scarring of the skin and internal organs. ‘Normal’ life can become struggle and the simplest of tasks can become impossible as the condition reduces normal function of affected areas. Scleroderma has no cure and can lead to physical disability or even death. (Taken from the official site). This charity also specialises in research into the disease, support for sufferers, and supporting families. They offer support from diagnostics right to through to supporting individuals who have been diagnosed.

Again, we would appreciate any donation for our Revolutions team fundraiser! The charities they are raising money for are all doing fantastic  jobs and you can help them do more!

  Click Here To Donate Today! 


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