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5 Smart content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is something of the past for many but something that I consider the past, present AND future. It is a topic that never goes out of season. I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to give my readers something valuable for my “return”.

I have recently been working on a number of things from other blogs, to consultancy, various campaigns and my offline-online career, but something that I always push people to perfect is content. Now I don’t just mean what, how and why you write things, content isn’t just what is written, but it is also important to take care how you present it, support it, share it, your investment and frequency of publishing. So here are a few FRESH tips to Refresh the old saying of content is king!

Content Marketing


This is something that people have been doing for a while now, but it has been a hot strategy this year and is set to continue. Consumers love to read about the how a product was created, the who behind the product and the what makes this product better than the rest. It has always created a sense of trust within buyers and that is set to continue my friend! However, a little change I have noticed is that words can be replaced my pictures, captions, symbols and weird of all…emojis! A picture tells a thousand words has never been so relevant! So don’t feel you have to write out a long ass story in just words, use your creativity and imagination!

Know your audience

This is NOT stressed enough in todays content marketing; it is one thing to know WHO your audience are but to KNOW your audience is a completely different cattle of fish. Just having a target audience isn’t going to cut it, you need to stalk these people, find out what they want, what are they currently searching, browsing and buying? What influences them? What else do they like? These are the types of tests and preliminary research questions you should be asking and answering. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in their shoes and search like them, be your audience to know your audience.

Be needed, not needy

My next tip is something that should be common sense but need and needed can cross over SO EASILY… You want people to take action because THEY need to, you don’t need them… I once attended a seminar that used Maslows hierarchy of needs as a basis for this, you can heck out the theory HERE, but it basically suggests a pyramid hierarchy of a persons needs, it’s a famous theory in psychology, focus on the psychological needs of the theory.

Be bold

Something that will never get old fashioned is how brave you are about your content, don’t play it safe with your old tricks, mix things up a little and explore the wider world beyond your usual subject matter. For example, if your blog or site is a photography blog, showcasing your work and the work of others, move beyond photography. Maybe you could write about the news in a city you photographed, talk about the locals and the great places, without going crazy out, bend the rules a bit. If you are already mixing it up, be bold and STICK to one subject matter for a few months. It is a two-way road my friend

Budget, Budget, Budget

As more and more bloggers turn to blogging and the online world for an income or a passionate hobby, more and more bloggers are investing in their content, because ROI right? There has been an up-rise in SEO, although it has always been an up down market, this generation is definitely keeping it up. More and more bloggers are also using social media to promote their content, a few made the mistake of using social media as their sole content, but that phase soon died and the bloggers were back on the road baby. Social media and SEO are great ways to shoot your content out to people, even if you are not selling, traffic is good in the online world right? (Another post for another day)

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