Mistakes You Make In Your Content Marketing

The wrong content marketing strategy can really damage your business and bring sudden loss in your return of investment. Remember that the so-called content marketing is not as easy as putting your content in any place online, and you need to be really careful to manage your strategy if you want to suceed with it. Here are 5 mistakes that you can possibly make in your content marketing strategy that will crush your return of investment:

Mistakes in Content Marketing

Creating Content That Is Filled With Personal Opinion

Content marketing is about writing content that clicks with your audience, and then distributing it in places where they can read it. You need to connect with your audience in a way that will give more weight in them, instead of yourself. Unselfishness is essential in your marketing process, and it can help your business tremendously. When you are creating content that is full of personal opinion about your business, your market, or your audience, you will put your business at risk because your audience won’t be able to connect with your business through your content.

Creating Content That Is Not Centered Around Your Audience

A successful content marketing should carry the one necessary word throughout the campaign: “you”. “You” is the word that you need to use over and over again in your content, instead of “me” or “we”. If you want to connect with your audience and then build strong business relationship with them, it is necessary for you to build your content around your audience instead of your business. No matter how great your business and no matter how popular your brand, writing content for your audience will always be the number one rule to achieve success in content marketing.

Creating Content That Is Too Focused On Your Business Brand

You might already have well-known brand for your business, but is it so important for your audience? The answer is no. Your audience only cares about what they get from you, instead of how you flaunt about the greatness of your brand. Remember, creating content that is focused on your business brand needs to be done by anyone else other than yourself (for instance, review companies, audience feedbacks, and so on). When you are using content that is too focused on your business brand and using that content to spread the word about your business, it can significantly lower your ROI.

Creating Complicated Content That Delivers Nothing

Simple and minimalistic content is better than complicated content that delivers nothing of value. It is better for you to spread one simple message in your content marketing rather than to spread multiple messages that only confuse your audience. Content that is not delivering real value for your audience, as well as content that is giving too much information at the same time, will make your audience to click away from it. So, avoid complicating your content marketing strategy.

Creating Content That Is Not Compelling And Emotionally Persuasive

No matter what kind of media you are using and what kind of content you are creating, it is always important to make your content compelling and emotionally persuasive. Your real goal in spreading your content is to attract more audience to your business, and in so doing, convert your audience into customers. In order to do that, persuasion is important in your marketing strategy. Your return of investment will also depend on the degree of persuasion that you use in your content. So, if your content is not compelling and emotionally persuasive, it will tend to break your ROI and damage your success.

When you avoid the mistakes above, you will be able to avoid lowering your ROI in your content marketing campaign.

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