15th JULY 2013 the first virtual Traffic MeetUp

traffic meet up

On the 15th JULY 2013 the first virtual will be held, the event will bring different peoples form digital marketing community, the event will be place in online/virtual cool 2.5D world based on a new platform from

The uniqueness of this event is by showing the exhibitors and visitors as animated figures, each receive badges as they enter the ivirtual showrooms. The figures move around freely stopping at the various stands, chatting with other visitors and exhibitors and may exchange business cards for future reference.

Publishers and Advertisers can engage and take the opportunity to meet with each other face to face in a live chat.  The show will present companies  form  the zones of   Marketing , Affiliate, Platform/Tools and Service, each zone is located in a big  trade show hall where the  attendees will be able to enjoy a vast selection of exhibitors.

In the auditorium Key Speakers will talk about the future of online marketing and will show examples form case studies.

Attendees from the online marketing industry will participate, is the place to meet : Digital Marketers ,  Best Agencies for Global  , Performance and Marketing Agencies  ,  Publishers and Advertisers  ,  Decision Makers  ,  Marketing   Managers  , E-commerce Managers  , Affiliate Managers  , E-Mail Marketers ,  Bolger’s , Key Buyers  .

The great thing we found that is the essay of use and playful environment,   the fact we can meet our colleagues without the need for long distances traveling and meet more frequently, it is a unique experience and we enjoy the fun while in the same time learned about new products and services available.

expo hall booth

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For Exhibitors

Traffic MeetUp Expo is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition. It’s a marketplace for buying and selling, a community for networking, a forum for exchanging ideas and an opportunity for contributing to industry trends and initiatives.

Connect with people who face the same challenges and same business issues you do, understand what’s hot, what’s not, and what to pay attention to.

On the 15th JULY 2013 Traffic MeetUp is the place to be! See, join and engage in the action and in the intersection between advertising and technology, learn about the latest trends, emerging technologies and digital successes, and meet leaders of the digital community.

Traffic MeetUp is designed to give you a host of interactive, educational and networking elements all in one unique hotspot! If you are looking to grow in the digital marketing industry, just by being here means you’re surrounded by thousands of other people just like you who want to talk about the endless opportunities with online marketing, implement best practices, and showcase the best people and companies in vertical media and engagement advertising

Publishers and Advertisers can book appointments and take advantage of a unique opportunity to meet with some of the best global agencies face to face in a live chat.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to maximize your learning and ROI and come away with a host of new business relationships.

Attendee profile

Surround yourself with the right kind of people to do business with – an international variety audience from the online marketing industry:

• Digital Marketers

• Best Agencies for Global Performance and Marketing Agencies

• Publishers and Advertisers

• Decision Makers

• Marketing Managers

• Directors

• E-commerce Managers

• Affiliate Managers

• E-Mail Marketers

• Blog Owners

• Key Buyers

Targeted Networking involves personal commitment and enhances business opportunities. When carried out effectively it can offer a wider scope and simpler implementation than the more costly aspects of your marketing agenda.

All in all the minimal cost of free-form physical booths/flights/taxis/restaurants are time consuming and incur huge financial resources. Join the green trend and participate in this unique experience in the all-new virtual conference, and enjoy this fun and exciting event with us.

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