5 Mistakes You Can Make When Launching New Clickbank Product

clickbankI always love to write about my personal  experiences no matter they are related to CPA , General marketing , affiliate marketing ,Product creation or Product  Launch Management ,  I have been helping people with their clickbank for a year now and i have seen even big guys making very small mistakes which do effect their sales.

It’s ridiculous. It’s frustrating. You’ve spent months after months creating a product that you thought would be a bestseller on Clickbank. You asked many people to become your joint venture partners during your launch time. But, then it cracks to you that your product is a dud. Sales come very slowly. It’s not according to your expectation. What’s the problem? Here are 5 mistakes you can make when launching new Clickbank product:

1. Bad launch strategy

One of the most common mistakes when you launch a new Clickbank product is a bad launch strategy. Certain types of products will sell better with particular launch strategy. If you are using the wrong strategy, then your audience might not be as responsive as they should be. For instance, you are launching a new weight loss product and decide to build a mailing list to attract first time customers. But, you do it wrong. You begin to build your list 2 weeks before launch date. This is definitely a wrong strategy, because 2 weeks is a very short time to build interest and expectation for your product launch. Ideally, you should start building your list 2 months before launch date.

2. Wrong target market

For instance, you have a product about “how to lose weight before wedding day”, but you market your product to people who couldn’t care less about their weight. This is another mistake in your product launch strategy. Targeting the wrong market can get you into trouble. You will waste your traffic and investment. Therefore, you have to make sure to target the right target market with your promotion. Make your promotion highly targeted to ensure maximum conversion for your product.

3. Too late in getting JV partners

Joint venture partners or affiliates should come to you several months before launch. This is important because if you’re planning to use JV partners in your product launch promotion, you need to give your JV partners enough time to make preparation for your product launch. Most inexperienced vendors will get their JV partners a week before the launch date. It makes the promotion of your product launch a bit of a hassle because your JV partners need to rush in preparing their promotion strategy. As a result, their promotion strategy is often ineffective.

4. Gearing your expectation too high

When people launch a new product on Clickbank, they’re dreaming that they will get tens of thousands of dollars overnight. They expect too high while only having very little effort in promotion. You can expect high result if you do your product launch promotion in a big way. In other words, if you’re a big company with unlimited advertising budget, you can expect your launch to bring you massive profit overnight. But, if you’re just an ordinary folk trying to make some money by becoming a Clickbank vendor, you have to lower your expectation. Let the result speaks for itself.

5. A “same old” product

Usually, a new product launch will be ruined by one simple mistake. You are offering a same old product. If you can’t give your audience a new method or new formula to solve their problem, don’t bother to create another product and put in on Clickbank. Usually, people won’t buy it. Unless you can come with something new, you should refrain from even launching your product. A same old product is getting dumped nowadays. You need a new product to offer.

Those are 5 mistakes you can make when launching new Clickbank product. If you want to become a successful Clickbank vendor, you can have successful product launch if you follow the tips above.

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