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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Attract Subscribers with Your Free Report

Now, you’ve created a free report in order to build a list of potential customers in your website. However, somehow your free report doesn’t attract any subscribers to your list. It’s been a month since you put your free report online and drive good traffic to your squeeze page, but the conversion rate that you’ll get is not that impressive. So, why doesn’t it create enough attraction toward your mailing list? Is there anything wrong with your report? Here are 5 reasons why you can’t attract subscribers with your free report:


1. Your Graphic Representation Is Bad


People’s first impression toward your free report will depend on how you present your free report to them. Before they become interested in reading your report, your readers will look at your graphic representation of it first. So, be sure to have excellent ebook cover image for your free report in order to attract your reader’s attention and interest toward it. If you have old-looking ebook cover that doesn’t have any appealing design at all, your readers will think twice before they give their email address to get that report.


2. It Doesn’t Have Any Appealing Aspect


Since your readers can’t read your report before actually downloading it, they will depend on your description about the report to judge the quality of it. So, whatever you put on your squeeze page will give either good or bad judgment toward your report. What you put into your squeeze page will have great effect in building your reader’s interest toward your report. If the description is not appealing enough, then they won’t have any interest in downloading it.


3. The Benefit Of Reading Your Report Is Not Interesting Enough


Your bullet points are important because they can raise your reader’s interest toward your free report. And if you can’t make it persuasive enough, your readers won’t be impressed at all. When they are not impressed, they will simply leave your squeeze page and all your effort will be wasted. Your conversion will plummet. That’s why you have to set your bullet points interesting enough so that your readers will actually want to read the full tips inside your report. It’s not about describing the content of your report. It’s about giving your readers the benefits of reading your report.


4. You Are Giving Too Much Description For Your Free Report


Squeeze page needs to be as simple as possible. Your readers shouldn’t need to scroll the page too much before they find your opt-in form. In other words, since what you’re giving is a free report, you don’t need to put detailed description about it. Give short and straightforward description about your report and avoid making your description too long. If you have a long description, your readers might not have any interest to scroll down the page and subscribe to your mailing list because before they do so, they’ll get bored with your copy.


5. Your Squeeze Page Headline Sucks


Your squeeze page headline is the attention-grabber of your report. If you can’t grab your reader’s attention with it, then you will have a bad luck with your squeeze page. If you have low conversion rate in your squeeze page, most of the time the problem is in the headline. Try tweaking your headline and see what happens. If you can improve your conversion, then your headline is the one at fault. You have to be sure that your headline can grab your reader’s attention right away and keep them reading.


Those are the reasons why your free report doesn’t attract subscribers to your list. Why is it important to understand the reasons above? That’s because when you understand the reasons above, you can do the necessary steps to fix the problem. So, if you cannot attract people’s interest with your free report, try presenting your free report differently.

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