How fraudulent publishers are destroying CPA industry

The biggest problem CPA networks face is the fraudsters who try to get into CPA Networks and provide fake leads.  Which result into heavy loss for not only Network but also for the adverser and some times many legit publishers are affected too. A recent example is that an old and well reputed CPA Network is scammed to death , They have stopped all the payments and are currently filtering out all the fraudulent publisher`s. This is a dreadful situation for a publisher like me whose only source of income is CPA marketing.  No doubt about CPA network they are legit and will pay out their legit publisher`s but that takes time and a lot of time . For sure CPA marketers who drive paid traffic , they have to pay for traffic out of their pocket  and when they receive your payments late that will surely piss them off .

Today i have decided to research more on how these fraudsters work.

By googling for a bit i came to know a little information about them.

  • They hire freelancers to get mass approvals in CPA networks
  • Their payments vary from network to network.

There main targets are

MaxBounty : $50 per account

peerfly :        $50 per account

Azoogle:       $50

Hydra :          $100

never blue:   $ 100

EWA:            $150

Their main resources to get approval Services :

Before going into resources i would like to tell who are these people who are providing CPA approval services , Mainly there are two types

  • Call Centers

And mainly these call centers are based in India .

  • Individual freelancers

They are mainly from Pakistan, India , Bangladesh ,Philippines

They use mainly VPN`s

They mainly hire these people from O Desk, and A few Black Hack forums

Fradulent people looking for cpa approval service
Fraudulent people looking for cpa approval service

Ruck CEO of convert2media says in his blog post

think it would be safe to say that about 75% of the apps coming into Convert2Media are from publishers looking to fill in their own leads, create ghost leads, fire the pixels themselves


What happens when a hired freelancer calls CPA Networks and is caught you must watch it in video below

Very sad to say these fraudsters also create many problems for legit affiliates as well as for newbies who want to join CPA networks .

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